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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 06:36 AM
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....brings in a mouse, drops it on the floor in the kitchen, it stares at cat, cat stares back unconcerned, mouse runs under the fridge, cat goes MEW MEW some more, paws at the fridge a bit then forgets about the mouse and goes outside. This happens constantly.

My cat is INCREASING my house's mouse population. Soon the mice will march out with signs made of toothpicks and discarded cigarette packets demanding voting rights and better living conditions under the fridge.

"We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited"...

When Julian Assange was first arrested, we were struck by the unusual zeal with which he was being pursued for rape allegations.

It seems even clearer now, that the allegations against him are a smokescreen behind which a number of governments are trying to clamp down on WikiLeaks for having audaciously revealed to the public their secret planning of wars and occupations with their attendant rape, murder and destruction.

More here:


Any chance of a culture of labelling satire clearly developing here?


I wish there was a clearer way of pointing this out, several people in-thread are talking about dissemination via facebook. NOT sensible.

Presumably rape victims should report directly to "fetus protection" clinics, then?

To make sure they DON'T spontaneously terminate? After all, the life of an unborn child is God's gift. So their wicked bodies mustn't be allowed to destroy the magic angel gift of innocence. What if the fetus was the second coming of Jesus? Satan would laugh and it would be SO ironic.

If it's okay for the body to perform an automatic abortion why is it wrong for a brain to choose it?

I know. I know it's a stupid question. I shouldn't be asking. And the answer is probably not entirely fathomable.

But I just ... can't... quite... see how they can think these things.... thoughts aren't accidents, they are caused by other thoughts...

By Akin's logic.... the "legitimately raped" woman's magic ladybody is performing... an abortion....


Why did my brain point that out to me? I didn't want to know that that level of stupidity was possible in this world. Why does my brain do these things?

And... would it also mean, in Akinland, that if the magic ladybody didn't perform the abortion (and we still don't know whether that's okay in Akinland, sports fans) that the ...rape ...wasn't ... legitimate? So, if she doesn't spontaneously terminate she wasn't actually raped?

So my earlier fears that they were deliberately throwing the election were obviously garbage.

There is no way that Akin thing is planned theatre. It's just totally destructive for the entire party.

They are complete losers, without a single even vaguely competent politician among them.

Oh, GOP. Where did it all go wrong, hm?

"if you're not doing anything bad you have no reason to fear..."

Lots of troubling things about Obama's campaign. Lots. They're worrying things.

They give pause for thought. They are... unsettling. They are disturbing and might cause difficulty.

Personally I am troubled. I am gripped with a mood of ... disquiet.

Except when the Romney campaign does things - it pisses me off when the Romney campaign does things! Yes! It makes me annoyed when the Romney campaign does things! It really annoys me and pisses me off! It makes me angry when they say things! It's irritating and makes me angry! My emotions are regularly and violently disturbed by the Romney campaign!

And Obama's campaign is.... worrying. Yes. There are troubling developments afoot. It's problematic. It's difficult to know what to do. Things are difficult. It's a troublesome thing.

And it makes me really angry when the Romney campaign does stufff! It pisses me off! Yes.! It's off-pissing! It makes me mad and angry! I hate it when those guys do stuff!

And Obama's campaign is.... a difficult thing. Yes. It's troubling. It's worrying. It's going to run into difficulty. It's awkward and a problem. It's not going to go well. Things will go badly.

And I hate Romney guy and it makes me really angry when the Romney campaign does stuff! I hate it when they say things! I hate it when they do things! It pisses me off! It makes me angry! I don't like it when the Romney campaign does things!

And the Obama campaign is.....


Beginning to think that Romney genuinely isn't very bright.

He obviously doesn't have the nonce to run a campaign. That bit where he asked Obama to stop talking about taxes was just laughable...
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