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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 06:36 AM
Number of posts: 7,804

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How can the view count on my self-deleted message be increasing?!


Arrrrgh! raaage! gr gr gr gr gr gr

Anger, frustration, annoyance!

That is all.

Thank you for listening, a good evening to you and may your lives be fruitful and blessed.


Hello, I'm sibelian

Really, I probably shouldn't even be here... I'm not American and I've lost a lot of my original interest in politics...

I made a nice picture for you all to look at.

March left me in the mood for hares.

Tell me to stop doing this if I'm spamming! I have a habit of posting my pictures on all the boards I frequent.

As a newly converted member of the "word police"...

I suspect that many of the arguments resulting from the use of certain terms are arising from the *capacity* to have these arguments rather than any strong emotional investment in using said terms.

I don't think there would be anywhere near as much complaint from the "I'll say what I like" crowd if there were admins actually hiding such posts. I think it's the fact that there's a jury system that's causing the row, not the importance of the subject of the row. I can't really get behind the idea that it's very important we're allowed to use words that are used solely to cause bad feeling. I can't really believe that someone really, really *needs* to use the word "bitch", or "tranny", or any of the other terms that have caused so much discussion lately.

So, to those who would prefer to carry on using terms that others may find offensive, I'd like to suggest this - maybe you could say the same thing in other ways?

"Go ye forth..."

"Go ye forth and refutest thou the offending post and clicketh not the alert link more than thrice per lord's day."

Thank you, juror#6
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