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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 06:36 AM
Number of posts: 7,804

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I no longer use antidepressants.

I very much doubt I ever will again.

Wrestling with my dark feelings made them worse. I have come to the conclusion that, for me, I do not suffer from depression but benefit from seriousness. I do not have a sick mind, but a mind that wishes to take things seriously.

I have benefitted enormously from allowing myself to accept emotional pain, sometimes long term, and let it sink into me and alter my personality, rather than wrangle with it in the hope that I can maintain a youthful outlook. I no longer want a youthful outlook. I want MY outlook, and I no longer believe that sadness is an illness, not even if it lasts for years.

In 2012 I learned to accept that the world around me can be dark and terrible but that does not mean that it is off-kilter, upset or out of balance at all and in fact is functioning perfectly normally.

The result of all this is that for the first time in years, particularly over the past few months, I have been able to accept an increasingly giving world, have stopped taking the love of my friends for granted and have been rewarded with acts of forgiveness and kindness (that in fact were always there but I had been ignoring them through a strong desire to influence them and bring them about myself), acts I had long since stopped paying any attention to because I had fallen into the habit of believing that feelings were inherently suspect.

I have thrown away the desire for happiness, and finally it has reappeared.

So, in a slightly counter-intuitive sense, the Mayans were right.

How do you feel about victims of brainwashing?

Are they responsible for their thoughts?

Maybe they'll grow up a bit.

Wouldn't that be nice?

What if we gave up going up against them symmetrically and just encouraged them to grow up a bit?

What if we stopped arguing with them on a point by point basis and side-stepped that and started helping them get over the emotional problems that lie at the centre of their damaged, painful, self-defeating and soul-crushing belief structures? What if, instead of telling them that they are mis-informed, with the maximum possible contempt, we actually fill the gaps in their knowledge, reassuring them that their reactions to the information they've been given are pretty normal under the brainwashing circumstances and their personalities, whilst needing some work and requiring some real information to grow around, could probably do pretty well if they gave an honest, grown-up try instead of supporting their self-image by constantly trying to feel like they're better than other people?

Or am I just being too nice, as usual?

"HA libruls, your re-education camps never MATERIALISED you have FAILED..."


No-one's said it, but I can smell it coming within a few short years.

So they're all cutting off contact with liberal family members and friends. Personally...

I'm in two minds.

... It's not as much fun as I thought it would be. It's going to be even more difficult to get anything through to them (like it ever would).

But... how nice not to have to listen to all that ubelievable bullshit

Which form of bigotry will the RW ditch first? (assuming they ditch any of them....)

Bear in mind I'm assuming that something akin to partially-sane strategy will materialise after this election. They really can't carry on like this...

I find the scale of the victory somewhat astonishing.

I'm amazed.

What can we attribute it to, DU?

Are republicans actually capable of believing things that don't necessarily make them feel good?

As far as I can see everything they believe is believed to aid them in emotional comfort.

They might not be able to come back.

They may have gone too far. I wonder what they'll do....

Good show, chaps! Well done!

Yours, a Brit.
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