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backwoodsbob's Journal
backwoodsbob's Journal
July 23, 2014

so I met someone today

we are going out Friday night...movie and dinner stuff.

Moving on is hard...still talk to the wife but I guess I have to move on.

I haven't been on a *date* in twenty five years...should be fun

On edit: Shouldn't use the term met today..we have talked before...more like first time we have shown interest in each other openly

July 22, 2014

anyone remember the Heidelburg(sp) project?

Possibly the worst case of folk art suppression I have ever seen.

To the Detroiters...is anything left of it?

July 15, 2014

so me and the wife are talking

She sent me an e-mail this morning saying she loves me and misses me...I sent her a corny love poem back...she says she cried for an hour reading it over and over....blah blah blah.

Lets see where this leads...she still is ignoring the 800 lb gorilla throwing a wrench in our relationship....her son.

25 years old...wont work....hasn't looked for a job in 8 months....lays in bed till 2 or 3 in the afternoon then goes to his friends house and smokes dope till 2 am....wont even clean his own room...she cleans it for him....we pay his car payment of 430 bucks and his insurance and his two credit cards while he lays in bed all day...while I drive a 1995 car and she drives something that barely runs.

Lets see how long she supports him and his boyfriend...neither of which work..on her 750 every two weeks pay....before she says enough and figures out who loves her and who is using her

July 12, 2014

this is wierd...wife stuff

we seperated two weeks ago...we both have our own places...I love her and she loves me but we just werent getting along.

She wants us to commute...she will spend one night a week here and me one night a week there.

Basically she wants us to be friends with benefits.

I'm not sure how I feel about this....yeah the friends with benefits is cool....but it just drags it out.

This is complicated

July 6, 2014

I have Junior and Katie...what have I got myself into?

I LOVE my babies but DAYUM...it's like watching two 5 year olds.

They are going nuts chasing each other for their squeakie toys...Katie cant lose.....she is fast...Junior just beats up the floor chasing her....he hasn't figured out a 25 pound terrier with attitude will out maneuver a 150 pound cow

Having fun for the first time in years

July 4, 2014

so now I have two female friends....this is getting weird

last night the girl below my stayed most of the night....just now I met the literal girl next door......she wants to come over later

This is interesting....i am getting more action in two days than i got in my last year of marriage

July 4, 2014

how soon is too soon?

last week my and misses backwoods broke up.

Last night I spent the evening with my new neighbor.....she is MUCH younger than me....19 years younger......we...shall we say enjoyed each other

I really like her....is this too fast and are these feelings just me trying to replace her?

June 22, 2014

the breakup..part two :)

I posted a week or whatever ago that the wife and I are breaking up.Next Sunday will be the day we go our separate ways and both move into our new places.

I helped her move some boxes and stuff into her new place yesterday she is moving into a 40 year old trailer in the back of a trailer park where the average trailer is about 40 years old.Her next door neighbor has 4 pit bulls that run loose....her neighbors across the street are two males of about age 70 that are already hitting on her....she found out there have been two shootings there this year....all in all a lovely neighborhood

Then we took some boxes to my new apartment....4 1400 square foot apartments all alone on a hill...they are built from an old mansion....4 30 foot tall granite pillars at the entrance...oak floors...heat pump...dishwasher...literally living in one forth of an old mansion...amazing place.Island kitchen...just an absolutely amazing apartment.

We pay the same rent

She walked into my place...looked around...and said i hate you and laughed.

I give it 60 days before the pampered drama queen calls me crying wanting to talk.

IF we get back together it will be on terms that are more equitable

June 17, 2014

I only get to take one dog to my new home

she gets the other three....and I take.........

I can't decide

I love the gump...Junior is a baby on steroids...but happy is the one who curls up next to me when the day is done and we settle in.

All of them will be cared for for life so that isn't a worry...it's just that I can only have one at my new place.The wife is being cool and says take my choice

I can only take one and this is a hard choice

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