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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

so I WILL breed

Sir Charles Bailey

Never had a dog I had as a paid breed dog but whatever...he is a rare pup.He is among the smallest ever poodles and if I can get some money for the shelter breeding him so be it...I'm gonna breed him..

never bred a dog for money before....he is worth a fortune.

I feel like a pimp but gonna do it

hey Jude

do you believe?
Do you Believe this is what our parents wanted for us?24/7 surveillance? Is this what we our parents and in some cases us what we fought for?
Did we go through all this so some right wingers could tell us 24/7 surveillance is ok ?
Did our parents go through all they went through so we could have the government spy on us 24/7?


Sir Charles Bailey is SO SMALL it scares me

Poor old Charles is a midget in a land of giants in his eyes but he is a trip.He is ten weeks old and has that Look at me I figured out how to run thing going on.He chases the other dogs relentlessly and they all have patience I could never have.I think Junior could swallow him whole if he got mad enough but he just lays still and lets the pup chew his feet and tail without a word...just the occasional look at me saying*really*?
All the dogs have adopted him well.They think he's a toy.He's ten weeks and MIGHT weigh two pounds.He's so small I'm scared I'll not see him and step on him When my shepperd princess had pups back in the day her pups were born as big as this thing is at ten weeks.

Alls well in Bob world.Back to being surrounded by dogs and loving it.

How's everyone elses day going

the newest member of the brood....introducing Charles Bailey

it's only metadata and our e-mail...who cares

if it was such a non issue like the partisans claim then why don't we quit the program?
It doesn't really gather anything beyond what corporations gather anyways so why didn't we have this shut down?

lord help me..she brought home a forth dog

a registered dog with papers and all that crap.I hate papers

A toy miniature poodle.

Pics soon

would it bother you to find out Government employees

are paid to go to message boards with the intent to direct public opinion about current events?Yes or no

is it time to take it to the streets

bought a minivan...thinking about rednecking it

Got a mercury villager minivan.It needs a motor mount and a cv joint but other than that it runs like a dream.Motor is solid and trans shifts great.No rust or any body damage.Got it for 700

Thinking about rednecking it...265 mags in the back...235's in the front...pnc rims...sidepipes...blaupunckt new Yorker stereo with a tight set of infinities with a Clear 1000 amp

This should make for a fun project "P

been getting into bass lately...really liking it..need advice on bass

thinking about bidding on this rick


I'm not strong on what is and isn't a good rick....any help would be appreciated

on edit...OOPS...left one I was looking at on copy...this is the proper one
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