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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

I'm starting to see the difference between north and south now

I'm without a car right now and see in my problem the difference between north and south.

Here I have half the shop offering me rides for free until I get a car...in Detroit everyone would tell me life sucks and leave me standing.

Here I am waiting on my ride early so we can check on some fencing for him...in the north you would get told to fuck yourself by your neighbors if you asked for help even if you planned to help him with his fenceing

I LOVE the south

oh my..from me of all people..the MJ appreciation thread

The dude had serious talent whatever you think of his lifestyle.

Here's my favorite

the Cali Peggy appreciation thread

LOVES me some CP

send her some love

so what's the problem with our healthcare?

as some know I was in a bad accident...I was in icu for four days and got out Friday.

My bill so far?..$1,400

Tell me again how much my healthcare sucks.

We NEED TO HAVE EVERY American on such good care.I Nearly died and 8 days later I am posting here.Tell's you a lot about our awful system.

We have an awesome system but we need to make it available to everyone

so I'm supposed to be asleep now?

I've taken four adavan's and four hydrocodones...nothing.

Think I'm gonna have to talk to my doc

changed from time warner to [email protected] today...love it

FUCK time Warner...they have the WORST customer service ever...LOVE [email protected]'s service....and having a 20 something pleasing to the eye service rep didn't hurt

I HURT...I get a pass on oglying because I'm injured

I hurt

damn I hurt.

Want to crawl in a hole and die hurt.

It will get better.

I've never felt such pain.

pure southern rock love and happiness...love you guys...jacked up on pain meds and cant sleep

Healing update and thanks for all the vibes

have two ruptured discs but no spinal injury. In a boatload of pain but can deal with that

Thanks all for the vibes and well wishes.

Company let me come back to work Thursday...pushing a broom and cleaning windows

I'm in a shitload of pain but at least I have my job and they are willing to work with me.Percasets and aderal are amazing

Thank you all for the vibes

I hurt guys

hi...need vibes please

got out of the hospital today...in a shitload of pain.

Got in a wreck...dude hit me head on at like 45 mph and I was doing 20 or so....really bad shit...lucky I'm alive.

All 8 air bags deployed....cops said they found me walking behind gas station.....don't remember.I don't even remember the wreck.I was passing blood fast I guess.I hurt bad.was in ICU for 4 days.

Kind of funny...the cops said they had to chase me down and tackle me...to take me to the hospital

I'm fucked up...need some vibes.
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