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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

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omg I'm so sorry..I promised pics of happy

I posted a thread like ten days ago and promised pics of our latest rescue and forgot all about it....I'm so sorry

Back story...there was a puppy mill in SC that was just horrible to it's dogs...the females were in cages so tight they couldn't move so they couldnt fight when mounted........Happy was one of the 53 taken when they were raided.She is an Australian terrier...a newly recocnized breed that is a mix between an Aussie sheep dog and a Parson Russel Terrier.

She was so matted up when we got her we had to shave her bald.....she was so scared the first month we were scared she would starve because she was so scared to have anything to do with humans.

This is happy 9 months later

the FULL Reba and Kelly crossroads video

best crossroads episode ever IMO

Reba and Kelly Clarkston...Fancy

ok how many got windows 8.1 this morning or is my comp just slow?

took far too long but it seems to be stable and running fine.

Anyone else?

how about everyone on the male/female debate grow up?

do we really need eighty god damn threads on a male/female debate right now?Really?

How BOUT EVERY GOD DAMNED ONE OF YOU fighting in every one of these threads GROW THE FUCK UP.

BOTH sides are parsing every letter of every word of every sentence looking for a reason to be offended right now.

I'll offend both sides....BOTH SIDES GROW THE FUCK UP

We have the treaty to worry about...and mid terms...and fraud...and the banksters....and this is what we have over 50 threads worrying about? GOD DAMNIT!!!!!

We have elections to worry about so take your fucking bullshit to yahoo where it belongs and let the fucking grownups figure out how to win elections

my loved Detroit rock

I think I started a firestorm on yahoo over DD

I made the mistake of posting on one of the rightwing jerkoff threads...this is what I posted:

am getting a kick out of watching all the right wing evangelical Christians getting bent into pretzals over this.They claim this is a freedom of speech and expressing beliefs issue but they have no problem with denying other religions there free speech.
Christians act like they are being persecuted if they cant preach in schools and hang there whatever stuff in government areas but they will be the first to try to stop any other religion from getting the same rights they demand from everyone.
The same people who demand they be given free reign over our children in the name of freedom will protest every synagague or temple being built.They stopped a temple being built in tennessee but will turn around and cry a river about being persecuted if they can't preach to captive children in a school.


Aparrently they dont like hearing the truth

it's DU Fantasizers fantasy football semifinals week and it's a tight race

It's been a wild year in DU fantisizers football.The regular season ended with the two best teams in the league in the same division(division one)the well deserved #1 going to Touchdown There with a regular season best record of9-4 and second in the division Callahan's Crew posting a very respectable 8-5 record and a number three overall playoff seed.
In division two my team(Backwoodsbobs lions)ran off a 4 game winning streak to sneak into the top spot in a wild three team 7-6 tie for the division title with War Pigs and Lunar Landers posting the same records to push all three into the playoffs.

Week one saw Touchdown there and Backwoodsbobs lions get bye weeks
War Pigs advanced to the second round with a convincing 151 to 120 win over Lunar Landers to get the right....or the dubious distinction to fight overall number one Touchdown there this week for the right to advance to the finals.After Thursdays game the current projections have TT ahead 135 to 124.A close game where anyone can win.TT brings a team loaded at the WR slot with Andre Johnson,Brandon Marshall,Jeffrey and Jordey Nelson bringing the score against a well balanced War Pigs team lead by QB Drew Breese.

in the other semi Callahan's Crew gained the right to face overall lowest scoring Backwoodsbob with a solid 152 to 121 win over South Philly slayers.Callahan features the pickup of the year in Nick Foles with a well balanced team including the unstoppable Megatron backing a strong lineup of double digit scorers.Callahan could be the team to beat right now.Backwoodsbob finished the regular season on a roll but has lost several key players with the benching of RG3 and the loss of feature back MJD.Bob isn't out of it though after a key 18.8 points Thursday night from san Diego RB Ryan Mathews.as of this morning the projections have CC ahead by a slim 4.6 points in what could be the best matchup of the week.

Good Luck all and lets have fun

9 months after getting our rescue Bengie(Happy) she is

a trip.

Have some GREAT pics I'm gonna post in the morning.

When we got her she was so matted up she could barely walk.We thought she was a male.She was so matted up you couldn't tell.She couldnt move her back legs more than an inch she was so matted up.She was in bad shape

She was possibly the worst rescue I ever had.

We at first named her Benjie because she was so matted up we thought she was a boy.She has since been renamed happy.

She has become a handful of spoiled love.

Love me some Junior but Happy rules this house

martina mcbride and Kelly Clarkston does he love you live

song starts at 2:45

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