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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

x games is cool

The hot wheels double loop dare?

That was fucking awesome.

so I had to post about life going great

I LOVE Charleston but was worried the wife wouldnt like it.Just got word she told her sister she LOVES SC .

I am so happy.looks like I have a home for the rest of my life and I love it.I couldnt ask for a better outcome to moving out of virginia

so I am 400 miles from home training a guy who doesnt want to learn

Part of my deal to transfer to SC was that I would come back for a week when they had orders for a new part to train a guy on an old injection molding machine.What a mistake.

The guy I am training is a friend who has VERY limited prior exp. on these machines but he was their best option.After two days it's already obvious he isn't a mold tech.He is nonchalant about the whole thing which surprises me.He looks at problems with the machine as a chance to walk away and talk to friends which is the WORST thing you can do with a barrel loaded molding machine.

Now I have the choice of pissing my friend off,probably losing him...or leaving at the end of the week knowing i'm leaving this machine with someone VERY ill suited to this job.It also doesn't help that if I start a new guy from scratch I'm probably here for 6 or so weeks.

I know the right thing to do but it isn't easy

THIS is why you want your company to think you're a dumnass...you don't get put in these spots

here's some guitar




Got 4 to 1 in the regular season...put 1k on it...I just won 4K!!!!!!

Damn it feels good to win for once

so how to celebrate

I won a HUGE amount on Miami..was given 4 to 1 during regular season...put more than I should on it.


Think it's time to take mom to a 5 star evening.

Go HEAT!!!

my plant can slit some steel

At my plant we have two *stamko* slitter machines...they take 60k pound master coils of steel and slit them into coils of whatever width our customer needs.

If the orders call for a long run without changes we can run between the two machines over two MILLION pounds of steel in 8 hours.

It's amazing to watch

picture I took at the shop last night

Wonder how they tastes

wtf has happened to the DU I Loved?!?

we are entering the end run of a presidential campaign and what is the front page of GD covered with?..Porn threads.


DAMNIT lets get some focus people.The asshat rMoney is gonna make this a race and we have 50 fucking threads about porn?


WTF has happened to this place?

family of redheaded woodpeckers moved into our backyard

Please tell me these things don't get noisy
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