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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

so the mutts have settled in

Katie the wonder terrier sleeps between our pillows and Bud sleeps at the foot of the bed.

Katie hears a fly flying and runs downstairs to eat the offending creature...Bud moves between pillows.Two minutes later Katie comes to bed and kicks Bud until he moves.

Two minutes later Katie hears an ant walking and tears downstairs to eat offending creature...bud moves between pillows.Two minutes later Katie come back to bed and kicks Bud until he moves.

Two minutes later Katie hears air moving downstairs and tears off to eat the offending air...Bud moves between pillows...two minutes later Katie kicks him until he moves.

Remind me again why I love dogs so much.

If they step on my laptop Katie is gonna eat something all right

so I have a HUGE bet on Miami

was spotted 4 to 1....let them win.

I bet 1k on Miami to win it all at 4 to 1

so fatass has mugged me all day

ever have a 200 loser dog try to mug you?

Budster wont leave me alone..he is trying to pick my pockets i think.

Me and him are making up for lost time by him mugging me

Him and Katie are happy...I;m happy...life is good

Brad Paisley..best of the best today in country?



so I bring home a hyper terrier and a 200lb fatass bernard with storm issues

Back from getting the Budster and Katie.
The Budster has always had thunderstorm issues and is in a new environment.....and

Tonight we have a tropical storm moving in

This should get fun


I'm off to get the Budster

won't be back till Sunday Evening.

Love you all and play nice while I'm gone or I'll turn the Budster on you when i get back.

so SC has worked beyond my wildest dreams

we love it here and have some of the most amazing beaches on the east coast and such,,,Folley Island...Isle of Palms...a beautiful town in Summerville..amazing weather...we are so happy......AND


I'm not gonna say i don't mean to brag because I do mean to...I've never been in this position.

We both get paid every two weeks...both got payed today plus she got her monthly commission check today...

Between us after taxes we banked over $4700 in two weeks .

We have both been poor our whole lives...it feels good to not worry for once.

AND I'm getting the budster back...and I found a local PAWS chapter so I can get back to rescue work

All in all I'm having a good time

woohoo...a great day

today i had my first day in total control of my machine in my new shop..I solved two problems they have pondered on for 11 years..NAILED both problems and have my machine humming




I'm getting ready to heaD BACK TO vIRGINIA FOR THE WEEKEND AND...

I'm getting Katie and ...THE BUDSTER...this weekend.

I'm getting the budster back this weekend

I LOVE my Budster so much.

I'm getting my baby back this weekend

holiday weekend..havent posted this song for a while

Weed with Willie

ok I'm in a great mood...give me some love songs

I'll start...Ronny Milsap

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