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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

update on my porsche thread


I'll take it for $1400

Runs like a dream...have put about 600 miles on it now and it needed nothing but gas so far

It needs lots of TLC but a mechanically sound porsche 944 for $1400 cant be all bad

so I bought this Porsche 944

DAMN...I bought a 1983 (antique) porsche 944 that runs excellent and looks decent (definately restorable) for $1400.

Needs a dashboard and probably a dash...one dent on nose and right passenger fender has a shit bondo job that needs redone.

STILL..it's a porsche 944 that screams to be run and looks good for $1400

Does happy dance

go Tiger

nuff said

oh by the way

all you tourists stay away from summerville...damned tourists.And stay off the lawn..damnedyoungins

ALL OF YOU come to Summerville.we will have a party on the beach.

We need an official everyone come to summerville and party on with Backwoodsbob weekend.I'm so happy and want to spread the cheer.We can do the lobster bake,fish fry...party on the beach DU hookup

Weekend after the 4th of July?

gutkilling songs

post em..I'll start


home...jobs ..everything is perfect...adult drink in hand..we need one thing

party music!

I'll start

hopehoops..my hero


I got it all done in 24 hours for my move...ask me anything

wife did final interview for job...got job...BIG raise. I already have job waiting.

Found a home...signed lease...payed a few months ahead so money pressure off.


that isnt our exact unit but identical and only identical I could find online.

got new checking account.

got electric set up.

got water set up

got cable set up

ALL between 12 P.M. Thursday and 12 P.M. Friday

NOW we are back in Virginia drinking adult beverages and relaxing.


lord I just made a bet on this years FF league

shop league.

If our defending league champ wins again I have to drive to Virginia from SC and serve him breakfast and wait on him...including serving him coffee.

If I win this year he has to get on the PA system and announce that I am the greatest football mind he has ever met and he has to sing the Michigan fight song.

Funny bet

ok so serious question

who wants the budster?

I will deliver him anywhere on the eastern side of the usa that I know he will be well taken care of.

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