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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

here goes the 500 boys and girls

we get to see what Trevor really has....and that girl

Clean...safe...good racing....good luck all

going down to sc Thursday to look at places

am( ferinners...prices are high..stay away)surprised about how cheap houses are.

we have our hearts set on a place in goose creek for 725..possibly a place in Hugar for 775 ....soon

I'm old...I'm in shape...and I'm proud...lets see some pics

let's show these youngsters a thing or two

I'll start

Yes I'M proud to be in that shape at 47...155 lbs of muscle

Lets see some 40+ pics

laptopwith headphones vs laptop hooked to stereo with eq with preamp with headphones


what headphones do you guys use?

Cheap sony mdr v900hd's here

south carolina




I'M IN LOVE with sc...

love you world but sc is now my home

so what hookups are here in the Charleston area?



tribute to the town I love so much

I'm moving to Charleston SC in a few weeks....have lived 8 years in Bluefield Va and never felt at home here.. always called myself a Detroiter....I will always have a special love for Motown..the city I love so much.I hate seeing her suffering...she WILL be back.Lived there for 21 yeaRS and will think so much of My Beloved Detroit.

I'm sure I'll love Charleston SC...it's beautiful...but I will always have a love for Detroit.

Guess I'm just saying goodbye to my beloved city finally..8 years in Va and I still called myself a Detroiter...now I'm a charleston lover.It's hard to let go.Hello Charleston...GOOD BYE BABY

Love you Detroit...goodbye.Now it's time to party


bon scott pre acdc rofl


one of my favorite hair band songs

green day appreciation thread

I'll start

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