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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

go go go Michigan

looking good

update on my work friend

looks like he is only gonna lose two fingers.He got lucky...could have lost his hand.

He got lucky...now lets see what they do to the company.....I will put in the first guess...a 1k fine

yet another friend got hurt at work tonight

In the 9 years I've been with this company between Virginia and SC I've seen it all.I've had two broken bones...have seen fingers lost..hands lost...one friend in Virginia got cut in half.Tonight another friend got hurt.He lost two fingers for sure and may lose his hand.

God I hate this shit.They pay and give benefits just high enough that you can't afford to walk away.Seen so many people get hurt.

Just had to vent.

the 2014 vette STINGRAY

awesome awesome awesome

Katie the wonder terrier

She lets us all know who is the real boss...love me some katie.Junior already figured out Katie makes the rules and she may change the rules at her discretion.What she allows and doesn't allow may change without prior notice

Katie the wonder terrier rules all who dare enter her world

On a side note...she loves to ride but....she has developed a hatred for blue cars...she barks at every blue car she sees...she's weird


the greatest athlete to ever live

I found another Bernard :)

am in discussions with the wife on what I'll have to buy her to do this..A newfie pup and a bernard pup together..Lord help me.
I REALLY want this bernard pup.He's gorgeous.The wife is going to kill me but we will stay warm in the cold months

a weird cool kind of sad southern rock story from years ago

danny Joe brown..the singer for molley hatchet was dying of complications of diabetes among other things and the entire southern rock community was doing a fundraiser for him.

ANYWHO...Danny Joe's son was brought onstage to sing and he was scared to death and wide eyed like a doe in the headlights....and 30 seconds later he was a rockstar.

After he cleared the pipes he belted it for dad.I always felt proud for him that he got over his obvious fear and did it for dad.

Just wanted to share

probably the greatest rock and roll feel good story ever


we charleston SC folk have fun

we get to claim southern,creole,southern rock,country,rockabilly,blues,soul,,,I love charleston and wont apologize anymore for living in the south.
We went fishing today and caught between us over 50 brim that weighed 2+....I caught a 26 pound channel cat....we caught several keeper(5+pound) bass...and we had a blast doing it.

I've decided to just put on ignore anyone who claimes the entire south is nothing but redneck racists and make my DU experience less stressful
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