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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

so I'm supposed to be asleep now?

I've taken four adavan's and four hydrocodones...nothing.

Think I'm gonna have to talk to my doc

changed from time warner to at@t today...love it

FUCK time Warner...they have the WORST customer service ever...LOVE AT@T's service....and having a 20 something pleasing to the eye service rep didn't hurt

I HURT...I get a pass on oglying because I'm injured

I hurt

damn I hurt.

Want to crawl in a hole and die hurt.

It will get better.

I've never felt such pain.

pure southern rock love and happiness...love you guys...jacked up on pain meds and cant sleep

Healing update and thanks for all the vibes

have two ruptured discs but no spinal injury. In a boatload of pain but can deal with that

Thanks all for the vibes and well wishes.

Company let me come back to work Thursday...pushing a broom and cleaning windows

I'm in a shitload of pain but at least I have my job and they are willing to work with me.Percasets and aderal are amazing

Thank you all for the vibes

I hurt guys

hi...need vibes please

got out of the hospital today...in a shitload of pain.

Got in a wreck...dude hit me head on at like 45 mph and I was doing 20 or so....really bad shit...lucky I'm alive.

All 8 air bags deployed....cops said they found me walking behind gas station.....don't remember.I don't even remember the wreck.I was passing blood fast I guess.I hurt bad.was in ICU for 4 days.

Kind of funny...the cops said they had to chase me down and tackle me...to take me to the hospital

I'm fucked up...need some vibes.

I hate to ask this of you horse

lovers...I am one...hate to ask

anyone have eight belles last race?
Posted by backwoodsbob | Sun Apr 7, 2013, 04:17 PM (8 replies)

post your greatest single sports moment ever

for me it was simple...we grew up with horses...so it was simple...secretariat at the Belmont

Post yours...IF you can beat secretariat

all I can tell you about Detroit is those complaining have never worked there

I could give you dozens...hell..HUNDREDS of instances of what a nightmare Detroit was to deal with.
NO company wanted to deal with that city.
The home inprovement company I worked for would have to pay 5 times as much to do work in that city if we were lucky enough that they either didnt lose the application or couldn't come up with the paperwork to issue a work permit.

We were lucky if 50% of the work permits we applied for got issued and if they did it just meant we had a good chance that we would be visited by an inspector who had to be bribed to allow us to keep working.

My fathers company went through the same and both companies eventually decided on a strict no work in detroit policy.

NO ONE but detroit can be blamed for detroits problems

puppies puppies puppies...update on junior

the bernard puppy didnt come home to me...he was adopted and that is a good thing.ANY adopted dog makes me smile.

Junior is still in stupid puppy mode.Katie works him over.She takes an old sock and presents it to him then when he grabs it for the tug of war she just wears him out...she's smart.She will jump over him and force his head up untill he cant win.

Katie has been a trooper training the new pup.she has taken a liking to him...she worries over him like he is her own.HOWEVER..she lets him know who is boss.She lays between us on the pillows and if she allows it he lays at the foot of the bed...poor fellow.

He will be big enough soon enough...will be interesting to watch how they interact once he gets big
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