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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

so IF you had won..what is your dream car you would buy?

me?...no question...a Hennesey Venom

update on Bengie

Bengie is a SHE...oopsie...she seems to like the name so Bengie it is.Props to The Wiley Boy Cat Named Ginger

Starting to get the back story on her.She was one of over 50 dogs rescued from a farm where a guy just had them all in cages in the back yard where they had to be forcibly removed due to neglect.She is matted up pretty bad on the back and backside but nothing a grooming can't take care of.Wife has given her a bath but she still doesn't exactly smell like a rose

Tonight after work was my first chance to really interact with her.She seems amazingly well adjusted under the circumstances.She was in bed with the wife when I got home with Katie and Junior the CowGod so I introduced myself for a few then took her for a walk.She doesn't fight the leash but tries to walk me.Under the circumstances I wasn't going to argue the point with her and let her lead.Besides..I just did ten hours of hard labor so I aint arguing with her.

She blended right in with the other two food disposals and seems to have already figured out that outside only for bathroom is the rule.She seems to have self housetrained simply by walking with the other two for one evening.She seems smart as hell.

She is definitely a momma's girl.Junior is here with me as I'm typing,Katie is doing the whole wonder terrier thing acting crazy wherever....but Bengie made a beeline for the bed and Momma when I brought her in and has been there ever since.

Under the circumstances she seems like a pretty calm,well adjusted dog.

here is the newest member of the clan...Bengie

This pic is while he is still at the rescue....wife is picking him up after work

ok this is embarressing..Bengie is NOT a shelti

saw the pics but misunderstood the description.

He's HALF Parson Russel Terrier and Half sheepdog...interesting mix

so I got junior a herding partner :)

lord the wonder terrier is in trouble

The wife is picking up a rescue on the way home that we both fell in love with....it's a Shetland Sheepdog.

They describe it as 500 lbs of energy in a 50 pound dog

This is gonna be fun...a newfie...a Shetland Shep...and the wonder terrier who rules all

I've gotta stop going to the rescues...gonna be over run soon

Only bad part I read about the breed is they like to herd...they REALLY like to herd...like they will herd humans given the chance

Will post a pic soon as I can...he looks like an overgrown Bengie

and people wonder why so many activists quit posting here

it's plain

I am a gun owner who believes

we should have 100% background checks...no exceptions.That includes giving guns to the kids or whatever

We should register every gun in the country...no exceptions.Ballistics testing of every single gun in the country and a national database of the rifling of every gun in the publics hands

We should force every gun owner to get a license just like a drivers license showing at least rudimentary understanding of guns...no exceptions.It should include at the least a rudimental psych test

We should make a law that forces all guns to be kept in safes unless they are being used...my own pistols are in a safe where I can access in about one second but no one else can touch them

How is that for a compromise?

Hibbert is a beast

he may go 20/20 tonight

i love basketball but the flopping is out of control

watching the Knicks//pacers game and every play someone somewhere on the floor is flopping.

it's sad what the nba has become

So I'm still alive after my wreck :)

doing better.Back to work and they have a crane operator and a bander who can do my job who give me breaks as needed.All in all I can't complain with how my shop is handling this situation.They have been VERY accommodating.I can work about an hour then need to sit for a few and they have had someone there for me.Have to give my shop props as much as I have criticized them.

No more cane for me woohoo...can walk and such without pain now so that's a plus.Doc says I should fully recover and be the same pain in the ass I have always been

On a high note we have LOTS of new friends here in Charleston...going on an all day tubing float next Saturday and then going to a benefit for a friend of my wife Saturday Night.She is starting a non profit to teach adults how to better manage money and such.You would be amazed how many adults who can't manage a checking account or figure simple interest and personal loans.She is having a benefit concert next Saturday for all you Charleston area folk....come support us.

All in all can't complain too much...how are the rest of you doing?
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