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Profile Information

Name: Andy Fertal
Gender: Male
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Home country: USA
Current location: Home
Member since: Thu Aug 2, 2007, 10:28 AM
Number of posts: 148

About Me

Retired, lifelong liberal Dem.

Journal Archives

Is anybody focused on improving the primary election process?

In this cycle, many voters (self-included) are learning about just how screwed up and UN-democratic the primary election process is. Is there anyone focused on this that is not a party hack?

It is, IMHO, quite possibly the area where we need to begin, since many folks incorrectly view it as a government driven process and mistakenly feel it is inherently 'democratic'.

There's still more than 40 different ways to get involved in determining who the candidates will be!

We're in the third quarter, but the game ain't over!

David Crosby on Politics and Peace - 3-27-2016

I had a chance to see David Crosby in an 800 seat theater this past Sunday.

It was a dream show for an aging hippie like me and I managed to capture some video of his political comments...

Many of those who are just getting BY, don't realize how badly they are getting IT!

I would like to try to get through to many of those who are struggling to get by and are simply not engaged or aware of how and by whom they are being screwed! Maybe I'm an elitist.... Maybe I just don't understand how one can be 'apolitical' in today's environment. I don't want to offend anyone but I'm very concerned that many of us spend way too much time talking to ourselves rather than to those who are unconcerned, unengaged, or on the other side.

I put this animation together to make what is obvious to us (that citizens votes and dollars are being marginalized) more obvious, threatening, and sarcastically humorous and to highlight the fact that only one candidate is directly addressing the political process issue. The 2-minute animation features the Donald, Hillary, the Koch boys, a few PACs, a black Republican(!) and and numerous lobbyists.

I hope you'll enjoy and share with anyone in the upcoming primary states if you agree. As a 'Warning' to Hillary supporters, the video depicts Hillary as part of the problem rather than as the solution.

Go Bernie!

Together we Win!

Please share with Friends in Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina

Andy Fertal

SantaFe4Bernie Flash Mob

SantaFe4Bernie conducted a flash mob at the Santa Fe Wellness Fair on 3/12/2016.

Here's a short video.....

Go Bernie!

Andy Fertal
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