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Third Way Democrats are neoliberals.

Neoliberalism in a nutshell:

Anti-democratic in that politics are based on $ rather than votes
Maximized profits for the few over maximized utility for society
Labor arbitrage and loss of power by labor
Upward redistribution of wealth, income, and political power.
State and corporate violence to spread and maintain the status quo of neoliberal policy.

Unfortunately in the USA, the leadership of both Democratic Party and GOP are are dominated by neoliberals.

Think Friedman.

Klein's Shock Doctrine is a good primer.

All 20 volumes of the Curtis Collection online

All 20 volumes of the Curtis Collection online

including photos and text and a search function


Civil liberties (but have been registered D and voted D for 40 yrs as of 2012).

Held my nose a few times and I have voted Green in county elections in several cases where I was aware of back stories and agendas, primarily financial and land use.

Loss of civil liberties and real democracy part of the neoliberal economic pattern that has been replayed again and again since WWII.

The neoconservatives and New Democrats share the ideology of neoliberalism (Milton Friedmanism or Chicago School or Austrian even).

Principals of neoliberals are "free" trade, deregulation, and (pathological) privatization of the public commons.

Results of neoliberalism are a redistribution of wealth upward, short term profit at long term cost, senseless environmental damage, war, and ruined lives of peaceful people.

Neoliberalism doesn't work except for those at the top of the pyramid, and for them only short term. Neoliberalism is not based upon sound economic theory in model or by empirical studies.

Keynesian economics, a mixed social democratic capitalist economy, is the basis of the New Deal and Great Society and for most of my life the line that should not be crossed by the Democratic Party - to build a secure social democracy with liberty and entrepreneurship and free education.

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