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Voice for Peace

Voice for Peace's Journal
Voice for Peace's Journal
May 31, 2016

ok but it doesn't work unless Bernie wins. But don't despair, because don't forget that facts don't exist as future entities..

They have to exist in real time in order to be actual facts.
Some do, but most, although cited, don't actually exist.
The ones that don't exist, aren't facts yet. They may never be.
Now, that IS a fact in current time.

May 31, 2016

OK I will appoint you Supreme Commander of the Universe, but maybe only on one condition...

Bernie's in the White House, AND he gives me the job to appoint Supreme Commanders of the Universe.

In case there are more than one supreme commander to be appointed, I'll be very busy appointing them.
However I can guarantee you the below-described appointment, to be bestowed in plenty of time for his re-election:

• Most Honorable & Supreme Commander of the Universe, Voting Division •.

MISSION: You shall bring forth One (1) Uniformly Honest & Verifiable National Voting System.

You herewith have my fully anonymous, virtuous, and virtual vow which I have herewith and heretoforewhich signed in virtual blood and virtually sealed for posterity with virtual sealing wax, from the ceiling.

Should such a system be so hard to order into existence? I think not. Not with the right appointments.
And with hope? almost anything is possible.

May 31, 2016

I saw this on FB and was going to share it there but when I read it

got the impression there was an agenda to show these Bernie supporters in a ridiculous light -- aren't they kinda quirky and cute -- to make more conservative, or less new-agey, people re-think their affiliation with Bernie & his supporters.

I'm a passionate Bernie supporter, but I have a distinct allergy to most things spiritually or otherwise "trippy&quot despite being myself accused of New-Agey-ness). The article seems unnecessarily descriptive of the hippietrippie stuff, which I don't relate to nor do many other old hippies who grew up and learned to think for themselves, rather than follow a new set of rites rituals or people who tell you how to think and what sort of candles you ought to light.

This article paints a goofy picture of such a person, my opinion, ergo not beneficial to Bernie's campaign but aaaaaaaaaah ... probably doesn't MATTER ffs .. need coffee I think..... <--- thas me trying to think for myself at 5am pls forgive me if I totally misread and misinterpreted the writer.

May 31, 2016

You can't even pose the question & expect a rational answer from R's in power. It's like.. huh??

But in a way, it's beside the point. They defend their own, they are blind. Some sort of patriotism-colored rationalization kicks in; people allow themselves to be deceived.

The investigation into her email practices was initiated by John Kerry. It hasn't been the same thing as the Benghazi hearings, not by far.

There do appear to have been actual laws broken, although many say this isn't so -- the facts speak otherwise, if you read the relevant statutes about handling classified material. Then there is her lying about it, and the destruction of emails.

James Comey has a reputation for being nonpartisan. You probably recall his intervention when Ashcroft was ill. They say he will not tolerate partisan bending of law. Her actions risked desperately secret information being carelessly made available to anybody with hacking talents, such as foreign governments. Including putting the lives of overseas operatives at risk with the use of names and references that aren't hard to decipher. I can't see this "scandal" as a RW obsession -- it's a serious investigation, I believe of criminality on more than one front but time will tell. Most of all -- her carelessness added to arrogance = a phenomenally good reason she should never be given the nuclear codes, or even know where they are kept.

May 31, 2016

I think it says a great deal about her self-awareness

She is not disliked for no reason. But it has become her badge
of honor, as if she is the noble one hated by all bad people.
But y'know alot of good people profoundly dislike her and her
values, her methods, her peeps, and her way of torturing truth.

The Clintons may have taken on one too many hustles this time,
only my personal opinion; but they have been masterful, I mean
in the sense of prodigally-clever-kids-rise-out-of-the-sticks and
become the absurdly rich international Power Couple that gets away
with all sorts of travesties because of their masterful talents, until..
they played one too many hands, that one little one-too-many..
trying to be president twice, and lying to get there.

May 31, 2016

AUGH this needs a disclaimer, it is a horrible photo to see for people who love animals and

that pig doesn't look too happy either.. sorry don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm

but that pig was somebody's baby.. pigs are smarter than dogs too.. and loving and cute and they cry when their mothers are taken away for bacon and they have to live in a tiny box till it's their turn

May 31, 2016

Democrats tend to let things slide.. for example, prosecution of war crimes...

... whereas Republicans let nothing slide, if involving a Democrat,
even if it is imaginary, (which this server business is not, unfortunately).

They don't mind warmongering profits; but they DO mind careless handling
of state secrets by Democrats, lying by Democrats, infidelity by Democrats.

They HATE Important Rules Breaking by Democrats. They don't like violating
oaths of office when done by Democrats/ They virulently oppose deception
and/or disenfranchisement of voters when it is done by Democrats.

Above and beyond, this phenomenon is most outstanding when the Democrat
is a Clinton. For right or wrong, it is so.
Although most are unable to see themselves or their own tribe clearly.
But yeah.. no doubt they've already got impeachment papers, related to
whichever parts they don't like, ready to file if the FBI neglects to
recommend indictment and she somehow gets in the WH.

May 31, 2016

I was deeply touched by the photo of Bernie dozing off and grateful to see he does doze.

This came to mind:

sometimes the heart makes us restless; and sometimes the heart makes us rest.

He has been running running running running. I want him resting too.

May 31, 2016

I wonder if we took a collection to match the salary Brock pays people, plus a bonus, if they would

still post for Hillary.. cos I don't see a lot of heart in many of their posts.

May 31, 2016

My betting conditions are: the other person has to be even more sure than I, so much so that they are

willing to pay me when they lose; but in case I lose, which I won't,
I don't have to pay. So it's a good bet! No takers yet.. doubt anyone
is confident enough. I would be, if I had the money, and that is a fact.

It will astonish me if there isn't an indictment recommendation
from FBI -- an actual indictment or trial or ha ha ha conviction seems
less likely -- but a highly FBI-recommended opportunity for her to withdraw
with a shred of dignity to private life, in private, for good.
And him too. All of them. sheesh.

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