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Voice for Peace

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Member since: Mon Jul 16, 2007, 09:08 AM
Number of posts: 13,141

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I am the poor....

But I don't feel poor. I've got people who love me, funny cats
and tons of sunflowers out back, sunshine three hundred days a year.
I've got internet a roof and water and enough food
to share with a hungry person.
I have a feeling heart and life is kind to me.

Now I also have health insurance. Thanks Obama!
Posted by Voice for Peace | Fri Sep 12, 2014, 01:47 AM (1 replies)

Because we've tried to do it backwards.

Fighting to end war, killing to bring peace, trying to change
the people and the world around us.

But peace is already inside of every single human being.
It's a real thing. So we just have to remind people to look
at that, and draw upon that.

Like a well of water within the human heart: one bucket
at a time, one thought, one gesture, one kindness, one
generosity, one forgiveness, it all adds up, and it spreads,
and that is the only way it can happen.

Our true strength lies in peace. War makes you weak.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Fri Sep 12, 2014, 01:20 AM (1 replies)

International Day of Peace • People's Climate March • 21 September

“The time has come that every citizen of planet earth
needs to take responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.”

People's Climate March, NYC http://peoplesclimate.org/march/

Peace for People http://tprf.org/pfp2014/

International Day of Peace
To make Peace a practical and sustainable reality in the 21st century. http://internationaldayofpeace.org/actions/

Posted by Voice for Peace | Fri Sep 12, 2014, 01:11 AM (3 replies)

I predict Obama will be remembered for his dignity and his intelligence.

Among other things. How well loved he was, around
the world. How he steered a gigantic ship away from
certain self destruction, after them who shall not be named
left office. They didn't even clean up after themselves.
This seems to be a common Republican quirk.
The party of personal responsibility never learned
to clean up after themselves.

Down the history road Obama will be likened to Lincoln and
Kennedy, and other great figures in world history. His
speeches will be studied and many of his words will
be memorized, thought about, discussed. Hope will
continue to resonate.

For those who choose to complain and be disappointed,
it's understandable but a shame. This is a beautiful and
amazing time to be alive. We have an exceptional chance
to make it good.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Thu Sep 11, 2014, 11:54 PM (9 replies)

An inborn yearning for love and wholeness.

In my experience, watching a heartwarming video
brings up the tears that occasionally sit on top of
my heart like a lead weight.

I think the lonelier a person has been from earliest
childhood and onward may be related to how one is
affected. It's not in our nature to be lonely or even
alone. But we live in terribly lonely times.

The yearning sits there, in the human heart. An ache.
Heartwarming videos cause us to feel our own heart,
the love and longing therein. Or sometimes sadness
and emptiness there.

There's the longing to be free; and for many there
is a load of sorrow and doubt sitting heavily upon
their hearts, suffocating the hope. Then you see a
video like this and it gets into your heart, and hope
gets stirred up again. Tears come up, maybe, and
and so does gratitude, disbelief, relief, sorrow,
gladness. Often all at once. Sometimes just a tiny
bit, and sometimes the dam breaks.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Thu Sep 11, 2014, 11:38 PM (2 replies)

Again, the problem posed in my previous post. The riddle of multiple realities.

Multiple so-called realities, at odds with one another.

Is it possible that your perspective is subjective, rather
than universally true?

I don't see him, the man himself, his time in office,
his efforts and successes while there, the same way as
you do.

I am not claiming to be right. I am firm in trusting my
perceptions, generally, but I've been wrong. If time
proves me wrong I have no problem with that.

You are unhappy about Obama, he hasn't even tried, you
say; he has deserted his supporters, you say; he has
broken his promises. This is a sad perspective and I
do not share it. But I also don't want to argue with it
as you're entitled to your own opinion. I don't know
what you mean by "...why are you blaming us?"

I think this president is a great man, and I rarely say
that of anyone. I am sad he has had such a shitty
congress, and so many obstructions to what he himself
hoped to do in office.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Thu Sep 11, 2014, 12:48 PM (0 replies)

His integrity.

His intelligence, his thoughtfulness; his warmth and sense of
humor. His sincerety and relentless efforts in the face of
unprecedented obstruction.

Oh not just obstruction. Cruel, nasty people, going on
television, forming committees, so much ugliness, so many

Have you noticed they can't work with him? Do you know why?

It's the same reason that Chuck Todd was reduced to
a pathetic little man in the course of ten minutes of that

It's because the president is an honest man, a brilliant man,
with a clear conscience, and dignity unmatched by anyone
I've ever seen in that office.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Wed Sep 10, 2014, 07:57 PM (0 replies)

Riddle me this:

If the president had campaigned honestly in 2008, many people wouldn't feel abandoned.

Many people see no dishonesty in this man. None of them
feel disappointed in him, or abandoned. I'm one of them,
I think there are many others here on DU. How is this
possible? Do you think your point of view is objective?

Do you think this is a healthy approach to politics, and
life in general -- ie, for people who consider themselves
activists -- pinning hope on somebody else fixing their
life for them?

People complain so much, but don't even try to find
workable solutions.
Posted by Voice for Peace | Wed Sep 10, 2014, 07:48 PM (1 replies)

I think many of us would love this whole nation to go much farther to the left

if it meant that a big majority of the people would follow
happily in that direction.

Growing up through the sixties & seventies, my perspective
is that when you pull hard to the left, too fast, there's an
equal and opposite effect; I'm sure it has something to
do with physics; it gives fuel to the opposing powers;
misunderstanding and rancor flourish; the center can not hold.

Many good honest and well-meaning people still associate the
"left" with the bomb-building activists and tripping hippies of
the sixties (I was one), the dissing of American soldiers who
had gone to Vietnam, vilification of the military in general, I
did that, I moved to Canada, I said fuck you to my parents'
values and their world, with absolutely no love or respect for
them, or what they'd been through. I'm pretty sure I wasn't
an exception; and there were wounds on both sides that
still haven't healed.

There was a vast ocean of misunderstanding between generations
and cultures. The South was vilified, maybe rightfully politically, but
socially it was so wrong, it turned a whole culture conservative, is
(ONLY) my opinion.

Obama's point of view, I am very sure (because he's said it outright),
is that we are all American citizens, we all deserve a voice and for
our point of view to be heard, for there to be healthy debate between
cultures and political rivals. He seeks stability and balance, wisdom
and progress. He has a hopeful view of humanity. He is working as
hard as he can. How do you think any one of us would be doing in his

If the far left is disappointed, then what do you think would
please them? and how will you help make that happen?
Posted by Voice for Peace | Wed Sep 10, 2014, 07:40 PM (0 replies)

I am fine with your suggestion, if it were to turn out that way, and not incarceration.

Better even that the punishment should fit the crime, ie
the perpetrators have to undergo what they made the
victim undergo, in addition to community service.

Except tenfold. Ten buckets on each of their heads of
the foulest sewage available. Public humiliation of some
kind, such that their crime is visible to all. I agree
that a stern talking to or wag of the finger is pointless.

But how do you make someone understand what they
have done? Such that they truly understand, and feel
authentic regret?

Punishment rarely is effective in that regard. It just makes
people better at hiding their crimes. Liars become better
liars. The potential for rehabilitation has to compete with
the natural urge to retaliate against the one who punishes,
or authority in general.

The punished don't usually learn how it feels to be their
victim. That's what's needed, for them to know how it
Posted by Voice for Peace | Wed Sep 10, 2014, 04:42 PM (0 replies)
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