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Voice for Peace

Voice for Peace's Journal
Voice for Peace's Journal
September 25, 2014

Update starving kitten, needs love and good vibes through the ethers

I haven't read anyone's comments yet but Sylvester has
moved on from that broken sick starving body to a
sweeter place.

Little boy stray, probably 8 months old.

I took him to the emergency vet last night and they turned
us away because I couldn't pay the whole amount up front.

He weighs about two pounds, if that. He is all bones. Until
a couple of days ago he was coming and going .. he would
show up inside the house, eat and drink a little, and be
gone. He was very hissy and growly despite being so small
that all the other cats were afraid of him, and he didn't
want to be touched or picked up by me.

The people from PACA picked him up and checked for a
chip, because he was already neutered, and they gave
him a few shots but that's all they can do. A couple of
days ago I decided I would keep him in the house if he
showed up again and he did. He is getting progressively
weaker and almost completely stopped eating and
drinking. I am force feeding with a dropper for now.
I will be very surprised if he makes it, even if he gets
to a vet. There is probably more than starvation going
on but he is only skin and bones, and scruffy fur, he is
a long hair tuxedo with a tiny little white hitler moustache.
Please send your good wishes or prayers or whatever
works. I don't have a picture

EDIT I DO have a picture but seem unable
to post it here. From when he was still eating and walking.
Thanks everyone
September 24, 2014

I think it's fear-based, and starts in childhood.

This is a vast generalization, but kids of authoritarian
parents never learn to think for themselves. From a
young age they are taught to obey, not to explore.

They are taught to trust authority figures, but not
their own feelings.

They are taught that if they disobey, they will be
punished, and they will suffer. Nobody wants that.

Now they're all grown up, and don't know what to
do, what to think, whom to believe.. and it is too
darn scary to figure it out for themselves.

So they gravitate to what is most familiar: someone
or something to obey.
Authoritarians. People who tell them what to believe,
what to think, and so on. Politics, religion, you name

And at home with the kids, they mimic those same
authorities. They pretend to know the stuff they have
been told. They teach their kids to be like them, and
to obey. Authorities know best.

It is all pretense, based on fear.

A lot of those authorities were/are nasty cruel people.
I knew a bunch when I was a kid and they left bad
scars in my psyche.

September 21, 2014

TODAY! International Day of Peace People's Climate March 21 September

Can you feel it?

Check out this special 48 hour webcast: http://www.peacecast.tv/


LOS ANGELES. Most days the media is filled with an endless stream of news and entertainment based on war, crime, disaster and apparently insoluble problems. This weekend, one peace group, presents an answer on PeaceCast.tv. On September 21st the world celebrates the United Nations International Day of Peace with a 48 hour video marathon featuring some of the planet’s leading peacemakers, activists and entertainers, along with hundreds of videos submitted by people all over the globe. Individuals and more than 60 peace-loving organizations around the globe have joined forces to provide the world with a positive message: Peace is Possible. Peace is Real. Peace is worth it. You are worth it. This is the third annual global webcast for PeaceCast and it can be seen starting Saturday morning, September 20 at 8 am EDT, online at PeaceCast.tv

During the webcast, former Ambassador John W. McDonald shares the inside story of the historic events that led to Peace Day’s creation in 1981 by the UN’s first unanimous resolution. http://www.peacecast.tv/previews.html Later, we hear from British actor and filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, the founder of PeaceOneDay. In 2001, he concluded a successful campaign to have the United Nations declare Peace Day a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. During PEACECAST 2014, Gilley holds a provocative conversation on the nature of peace with distinguished peacemaker Prem Rawat, who has traveled the globe for the last fifty years with the message that peace begins with each human being.

One highlight of PEACECAST 2014 is a remarkable and inspiring interview with endurance swimmer Diana Nyad. At age 64 and on her fifth attempt, Nyad became the first person to swim from Havana to Florida without a shark cage. She completed the almost 111-mile record breaking swim in 52 hours and 54 minutes.​ To view her video, please visit http://www.peacecast.tv/previews.html

In another probing interview, Edward James Olmos discloses the secrets of making peace in a life of acting and activism. Throughout PEACECAST 2014, Latin music artists Fonseca, Diana Fuentes, Marta Gomez, Juanes, Periko and Jessi Leon, Adriana Lucia and Rosana speak out about what peace means to them.

This years partners include Pathways to Peace, the Culture of Peace Initiative, Peace One Day, the National Peace Academy, the Institute for Multi-track Diplomacy, PeaceNow.org, the Global Peace Film Festival, O.A.R., PeaceBeats, PeaceDay.tv, Playing for Change, 350.org, The Prem Rawat Foundation, Words of Peace Global and Jeff Bridges’ No Kid Hungry Campaign. For more partners visit http://www.peacecast.tv/partners.html

PEACECAST 2014 features moving performances by Beyonce, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Wonder, O.A.R. and Emmanuel Jal, and the international street musicians of the non-profit Playing for Change organization. The webcast features Somali/Canadian rapper K’naan, and British rapper/poet Mr. Gee with a poem that tells the truth about hip-hop, the art he loves. A special feature is the release of a new song, Fight for Love, written and performed especially for PeaceCast by Meuku, Kait Olson, and Yung of the Callie Swag District. http://www.peacecast.tv/about-us.html

Filmmaker Lekha Singh is executive producer of PEACECAST 2014, and presents excerpts of her extraordinary film Beyond Right & Wrong, documenting the triumph of forgiveness in the face of war and atrocity. . http://www.peacecast.tv/about-us.html Debra Deanne Olson, co-executive producer of PeaceCast and director of PeaceNow.com is also interviewed.

PEACECAST.TV is hosted by activist actor Edward James Olmos, Latin music figure Kike Posada and Premlata Rawat Hudson, senior creative producer for Words of Peace Global, which includes 11,000 volunteers throughout the world, working to make peace possible one person at a time. Premlata takes viewers on a virtual world tour, visiting Peace Day celebrations in such locations as Abidjan, Benin, Sri Lanka, France, Australia, Ecuador and Florida.

Peace advocate Michael Nouri has been a spokesman for PeaceCast for the last two years. “Most days, we’re bombarded by news of war, conflict and disaster, but to celebrate Peace Day, we’re focusing on news of peace,” Nouri explains. “You know peace is so much more than the absence of war,” Nouri continues. “It’s a feeling each of us can experience inside, and people around the globe are putting it into action in their own lives. That’s what PeaceCast is all about.”

For more information, please visit the website PeaceCast.TV. PeaceCast is supported entirely by voluntary contributions through the website Inspire More.

September 20, 2014

what is your neighbor's set up?

I've got at least 5, maybe more. There are at least 9
cats (including my own) eating dinner here every night.
Three of them are under a year old. I know at least 5
are homeless. I'm amazed how my own cats seem to
be very content having the night time cat community
come for dinner and stay all night.

Anyway, I am trying to think of some kind of extra
shelter for all these guys.

September 19, 2014

The case you have laid has nothing to do with being enamored,

being in love with, infatuated or besotted; nothing to
do with being smitten, captivated or enchanted by
violence and killing; neither fascinated nor bewitched,
nor beguiled by it.

September 19, 2014

"no organization" -- this is changing. Take a look. Peace is possible. Not only that

but Peace, itself, is already present inside of every human being.

This one has a few moments of (former) Mayor Julian Castro who has
been supportive of this program after seeing what happened in the
Texas prison.



September 19, 2014

"he is enamored with the use of violence"

he is enamored with the use of violence

He is enamored? With the use of violence? Really?

Can you point me to a video? Or are you confusing
him with McCain, Palin, and Sean Hannity?
September 14, 2014

Thank you, this is an excellent post.

I've been thinking of a woman in Iraq, whose child was killed by
an American soldier.

Now the Americans are saying to her, and to the rest of her
extended family: we are here to help you, please let us keep you
safe. And these are sincere soldiers. But you can understand why
the family will decline their help, even though they might lose
another child.

September 14, 2014

I think if a zillion people post this on Facebook and Twitter, the mainstream press will eventually

get around to reporting it. This is one reason I really
love the internet -- really we have more of an impact
I think than we realize, simply by sharing truthful
and important information, sharing it far and wide, as
social media is wont to do.

I think all the major news outlets these days are
looking to social media for stories.

September 14, 2014

not here to debate your point of view, or defend Dr. Oz, who has always given me the creeps

but I don't watch him. Yes indeedy I come from a long
line of scientists of every persuasion. My post wasn't
intended to disprove anything; only your point about the
FDA struck me as peculiar since I don't trust them. I'm
sorry I didn't investigate thoroughly what all this is about
before adding in my point of view.

But too many so called science afficianados do not recognize
that much of what was once considered science has been
disproven; that there is much not yet studied, and therefore
not yet proven, which doesn't mean it's not true; that the
instruments of science are still very limited, and so on.

Also, this is my personal belief: a real lover of science
doesn't throw insults at those less educated, or engage
in one upmanship. * Rather, a real lover of science will want,
from the depths of his or her heart, to share that wonder,
to help others understand our amazing universe.

There is so much beauty, and wonder, fascination and
adventure in the world of science. Of course this has not
been proven, and is only my subjective point of view.

* edit to add this behavior is not meant to be ascribed to

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