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Voice for Peace

Voice for Peace's Journal
Voice for Peace's Journal
September 27, 2013

sweet timeless story from 2012


A formerly homeless dog not only found six kittens in a trash heap, but he painstakingly carried them home.

Banzé, or Scamp, heard the cries of the kittens
coming from a box on a trash pile
in a neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil.

He gingerly tore the box apart,
and like a true mother,
carried them one by one to his new home.

As a dog that once fended for himself on the streets,
Banzé knew how it felt to have no one care about him.

He heard their cries and knew what they were feeling.
Talk about empathy. Got to find my hankie..
September 20, 2013

48 hour Livecast of PeaceBeats 2013 - now through tomorrow midnight


Hosted by international film and television personality Michael Nouri, the 48 hours of streaming will be filled with world wide submissions and feature a very special interview of Peace Ambassador Prem Rawat by Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley.

The webcast begins and ends at the International Dateline starting at the stroke of midnight in Auckland, New Zealand and ending at the last stroke of Peace Day at midnight in Honolulu (8am ET on 9/20/13 to 6 am ET on 9/22/13), making the webcast available to you wherever it is Peace Day anywhere in the world at any time!

September 19, 2013

60% of the spam is porn.

And 40% of the porn is spam.
The rest is cats.

September 18, 2013

I'm not an expert except with this one particular cat.

If both of you can be consistent and committed to
helping the cat, I think it's great. Having just one
person be in charge is good too. You guys will figure
it out.

Just be consistent in how you both respond to him.

My guy is still a little jekyll & hyde -- so I am always
careful if I sense he's grouchy. Like the change in
his meow you hear -- sometimes it's just a look or
tail twitching that tells me it's not a great time to
initiate anything.

However no matter the timing, and no matter what
his personality of the moment may be, I always responded
the same way if he scratched or bit. Even if it was
"my own fault" for trying to pet a cranky cat. NOT OK
EVER> he knows this now. He's a lovebaby now. with
an occasional relapse.

I go out of my way when he is NOT in attack
mode to pick him up and hold him and give him
pretty much the same treatment. A lot of stimulation
of the somatosensory system.

If you start getting comfortable with this approach
and he's responding, I would even challenge his
threatening attitude if it comes up -- even without
the biting -- if he is growling at me or acting threating,
I'm like: you silly little bad baby boy and now I'm
going to smother you with love too bad for you
buster and I grab his scruff and do the whole
thing. It's not exactly a system, it's just as much
love as possible as often as possible, and never
accept hostility.

He will blow you off regularly but mark my words
he'll come back for more love.

Remember also their lives are kind of boring, in many
ways, and when there is some excitement -- like
having their authority challenged -- it gets their
adrenaline going, it gets their blood flowing, and
so in a peculiar way, it is often helpful and healthy
for them to be provoked a bit, as long as you follow
My hands and arms are scarred from my first year
with this cat. it has been really rewarding to see
him soften up.

September 18, 2013

I've been working for the past two years with an aggressive cat. The transformation is phenomenal.

The secret has been a lot of strong physical dominance
combined with VERY physical affection.. strong massage,
immobilizing him with one hand as a mother cat would
do, firmly massaging petting loving all over the body.

There's a biology behind why this works. I understand
only the gist. It has to do with the somatosensory

The psychology of it is: he did not get the mothering
physical and emotional that would give him a sense that
the world is a safe place. He was born on high alert,
immediately stressed, and soon abandoned.

Without the mother nursing, and stimulating the body,
mammals' brains don't fully develop. They are highly
prone to depression, hostility, aggression, illness, etc.
It is hardly different for a cat than for a human, in
that sense.

I made it very clear with this cat that biting and
scratching me was a VERY BAD IDEA. As soon as it
would happen, or starts to happen, I grabbed him
by the scruff of the neck, and made it impossible
for him to do any further damage.

But then I held him close to my body and kept him
there, as long as it took for him to calm down and
(more or less) surrender.

When I am holding him (against his will) I massage
and pet him all over, especially around the face and
ears. I speak lovingly to him and explain in simple
terms that I am not his enemy.
I massage him and give him a ton of love.

Then I put him down firmly, and release him
with firm touch all the way to his tail. I don't
allow a hasty departure. Next time he is aggressive,
same thing. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I never punished him and rarely scolded, though I have
screamed in pain (in the beginning, not any more)
& he got the message.

He has no choice in any of this. Since I am feeding
him I require his cooperation. He sees I am more
powerful than he is, and indispensible not only
because of food -- but he has learned there is a great
deal of pleasure and fun to be had, if he is on
my good side.

A loving but DOMINATING response to aggressiveness
works, has worked. He has become so affectionate,
and playful. He still slips once in a while, but he
always stops himself before he hurts me. It's a
knee jerk reaction from when he didn't have a
person and he had to always be on high alert.

Now he must submit to me. I am his momma cat
and his person... I don't take no shit. I love him to

Whenever there is a difficult creature of any kind,
human or not, my first assumption is this: they
need more love. More holding. More patience.
So many damaged creatures on the earth at this

good luck!!! don't give up!!
It's a project and a commitment but inside every
mean aggressive cat is a little kitten who only wants
his momma, and to have fun.

My advice is either you or wife take charge of this cat
and don't let up. Be proactive about it. Seek the cat out
for interaction. Every time he responds aggressively
do the love thing. Hold him a lot. Massage him
firmly a lot. Be his, but seriously be the boss. Scruff of the neck
is a wonderful secret. Not only for holding and
immobilizing, but deep gentle rhymic massage in that
area. An aggressive cat is afraid. Make him feel safe.
Pleasurable physical stimulation all over his body
is key. It has long-term effect, not just immediate.

September 15, 2013

Derek - Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais' new show on Netflix.. I love it.
Heartwarming & more.

Not especially well reviewed but I recommend it.

"Set in a financially struggling old folks home, "Derek" is an ode to those whose lives are given over to others and an unapologetic treatise on the importance of being kind. "

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