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Voice for Peace

Voice for Peace's Journal
Voice for Peace's Journal
July 1, 2012

no, I'm not off base, please don't do that.

I'm a medical mj patient myself; I went to many doctors, for years,
who said this is wrong with you, that's wrong with you.

I had many different diagnoses, and was prescribed all sorts
of things that either made my conditions worse or did nothing.

Not only physically/psychologically chaotic, but it contributed to
a sense of hopelessness that I'd ever feel well again. Nobody
in the medical profession seemed able to help, or even seemed
to know what they were talking about.

Through those years I had a strong craving for mj at times, which
was, to me, peculiar, as it felt physiological, the way hunger
or thirst does. Rather than see this as a drug problem, or a
sign of being some kind of addict, I started looking at the craving
as information, something my body was telling me it needed.

I'm still exploring what works for me, using it medicinally --
not as a cure-all, but part of a whole picture, as I keep learning.
There are many like me, and as you know, tons of research re
medical benefits.

The man in the OP is self-medicating for something. A good
"pot doctor" (as I called it) would not simply prescribe pot --
but would be able to help the guy discern what his pot use was
about, & whether there were other underlying medical problems --
and guide him toward using pot in a beneficial way (if he continued
using it) -- and in addition help him educate his wife. I don't
think most doctors would look at or understand the whole

Locally someone told me he knows a probation officer who
helps his clients get signed up for medical pot. His reasoning
is that the person who keeps getting dirty urine is probably
going to keep smoking and shouldn't keep getting busted
for it, because there appears to be a legitimate need for
the pot as medication.

I hope this clarifies what I meant -- if you still think I'm
off base, let's just drop it, as I don't want to debate. I do feel
strongly on the subject for personal reasons. I know people
can and do misuse mj, and some people are better off without it.
But if people have a big urge in their life for it, as this guy does,
it's worth looking at why?

June 29, 2012

Colorado fires


Photos of the heartbreaking devastation of the wildfires that have ravaged Colorado in the last several days have revealed piles of rubble where houses once stood before the flames engulfed the region, leaving more than 30,000 people homeless.

The photos revealed the Mountain Shadows area of Colorado Springs, where dozens of homes can be seen decimated by the fast-moving fire.

The raging wildfire that has encroached on the state's second-largest city and threatened the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Mayor Steve Bach said a more accurate account will be available later in the day of the damage from a blaze that has burned out of control for much of the week and forced more than 30,000 evacuees to frantically pack up belongings and flee.

June 28, 2012

thanks very much for this post

I had a bit of a rough day on DU and it's great to get
positive feedback. I just wanted to add that there is
that same hopefulness in everybody. You see it in a baby.
We are born with it. It never goes away. It just gets
covered up with all the crap we acquire as we grow up.

Have you see those Russian nesting dolls? They are
like us. One self inside another, inside another.

Inside the adult is the young man or woman, and the
child, and the baby, and all the selves in between,
one inside the next. All those selves are still there in

The tiniest doll at the very center of the doll is
like our original self. It is not empty inside, it's solid.
That's where the perpetual hopefulness is, in that
part of us.

And you see it in nature, every spring, no matter
what, so much life comes up out of the earth,
with no judgement whatsoever of us wrecking the earth,
bringing us color, oxygen, fragrance, food. Nature is
the most hopeful of all.

June 27, 2012

Unimportant in one sense - mortal, brief, forgotten

Your perspective is your own, but I wouldn't call it the "proper"
one. It's entirely different from mine, and therefore not proper
at all.

If you recognize the capacity of your own heart and intelligence,
surely you can see that we are more than "a minute little

Can you marvel at the amazing complexity of your own body,
not to mention your consciousness? This life, and each of us
in it, is constantly changing, constantly unfolding, & wondrous.

It's about while we are here, not whether we'll be here forever.
We know we won't. Even if our descendents survive we'll be
gone. But while we're here: we are not nothing, not by a
long shot.

June 24, 2012

Live and let live is well and good

as long as nobody
offends me in any way;
for if I'm offended and disturbed,
unsettled and unhappy,
nervous and uncomfortable,
fearful and bewildered,
angry and outraged,
it's certainly not my fault, but theirs
for having so affected me.

People just want to feel happy and safe, but their
operating system software is very messed up.

It's not a matter of insufficient brain cells, but
that the cells are in the wrong arrangement,
working at cross-purpose to the host organism.

The upside is such people tend to go extinct, eventually.

When a brain/mind is turned against its own host:
- directing it to eat shit food
- directing it to hate and cheat and lie
- directing it to be cruel, and to hate
- directing it not to care about life
- directing it to ingest poisons daily
- directing it to ignore its innate instincts and conscience
- directing it to believe in Fear, and disdain wisdom
it tends to kill it off; and both mind and body die.

The offspring are also unhealthy, naturally, and don't
reproduce well. They are poisoning themselves to death,
body and mind.

At this point, human survival in large part may depend on
love, joy, peace, and organic food. The effect of those things
on the body and mind.

Evolution may take care of many of today's evils... I'm hopeful.

June 24, 2012

Instead of assuming the worst about where I'm at, please try and understand.

There is no defense of this situation. I see an unspeakable
crime upon an innocent life, for which there is no good
explanation. Somehow the young mother had become
very ill; it's only a sick or starving creature who will do this
to its own offspring.

How does this happen? If we don't try to understand --
and with an effort at compassion even in the face of
an unforgivable crime -- there is less chance of breaking
the cycle of insanity.

Without help, and probably even with help, the abused
child will be an abuser, of herself or others. She will only
feel like *herself* when she is alone, starving, and locked
away in darkness. As horrible as it is, it's her most familiar
safe place, it's what she knows best. One way or another
she'll repeat it as an adult, if she survives to adulthood.

It's bleak and sad, but it happens all the time to so many,
in so many different ways. I wonder what somebody
had done to that young mother when she was a child.
And I wonder what somebody did to that somebody,
on and on -- all the somebodies, who re-enact what they
know best, damaging one generation after another.

My way of thinking isn't about excusing the crime, it's about
breaking the cycle.

Much of my life's work has been about understanding the
human psyche -- in particular, how one gets from utter
beauty and innocence at birth, to point B: for example,
a newborn baby with infinite promise grows in 29 years
into a creature who can torture her own offspring.

When does the damage begin? How can it be stopped?

Every human is born innocent. If you disagree with me
that's ok, but please don't distort my meaning, thank you!

June 21, 2012

The awesome potential of solar


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