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Gender: Male
Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Home country: United States
Current location: Houston, TX
Member since: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 07:34 AM
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State of the battleground!

My stated support from the beginning was for the candidate that I believe to be most likely to win in 2020. I also state regularly that I'm putting no stock in national matchups since it's painfully obvious we cannot count on these as they reflect the popular vote more than the Electoral college vote. Below is a look at each of the battleground states, and how the most recent matchup polls in those states are looking.

The below is ordered by the number of EC votes given.

Florida - 29 electoral votes - Quinnipiac from June 2019
Biden: +9 win
Warren: +4 win
Sanders: +6 win

Pennsylvania - 20 Electoral votes - Quinnipiac from May 2019
Biden: +11 win
Warren: +3 win
Sanders: +7 win

Ohio - 18 electoral votes - Quinnipiac from July 2019
Biden: +8 win
Warren: -1 loss
Sanders: -1 loss

Michigan - 16 Electoral votes - EPIC-MRA August 2019
Biden: +10 win
Warren: +6 win
Sanders: +4 win

Arizona - 11 electoral votes - OH Predictive insights from August 2019
Biden: +2 win
Warren: -1 loss
Sanders: -10 loss

Wisconsin: 10 Electoral votes - Marquette from August 2019
Biden: +9 win
Warren: 0 tie
Sanders: +4 win

The above are all of the most recent polls, that covered matchups between all 3 candidates and Trump at the RCP site.

Below is what the matchup results above would look like on the 270 to win map. If within the margin of error, color remains battleground, if a narrow win light blue, if a solid win (6 points or more) dark blue.

Joe Biden map

Elizabeth Warren map

Bernie Sanders map

Very pleased that when it does come down to the critical states (as of latest matchup polls) all 3 of our front running candidates have the ability to take on Cheetolini!


ROFL, goodbye "cheetolini" and hello "PABUS" - Pussy Ass Bitch of the United States.


President Donald Trumpís Sunday night attack on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen backfired when it led to an insulting new nickname for the president.
But there was just one problem with the scathing presidential put-down cooked up by Teigen: Itís likely too dirty for Twitter trends ― so the presidentís critics had to devise another way to get it onto the list.

Trump attacked Legend on Sunday night after the musician appeared on an MSNBC special about criminal justice reform. He also insulted model and cookbook author Teigen but without mentioning her name.

Instead, the president referred to her only as Legendís ďfilthy mouthed wife.Ē

Trump tagged Legend and NBCís Lester Holt, but not Teigen ― and she fired back by taunting him with a new nickname:


Much more good reading at the Huffpo link.

Never thought I'd be reduced to using a word like that on any president (or anyone for that matter).. even Republican ones. I don't think I've used that descriptor for anyone since high school, if then, but with all the foul things he and his surrogates throw at us, and since this is something that elicits reaction from them.. I'm okay.
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