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Gender: Male
Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Home country: United States
Current location: Houston, TX
Member since: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 07:34 AM
Number of posts: 4,558

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Fox News, Ann Coulter, and Karl Rove.. oh my.

So, all of a sudden, Fox has gone all in on BS. Coulter is okay with BS, and ole Rove is shilling for him as well.

I guess medicare for all is now on the tRumpublicon platform? Democratic Socialism is just fiiiiine. They can all get behind BS!!!

You want to know why they are all in for BS?

See all those orange states? Those are the states that have open primary elections. Most of which none of the voters even have to do party registration.

Cheetolini isn't going to have any serious primary challenge. This frees them up to select the candidate that they think they can do their best with and load the deck.

So you can either believe that Fox News really did have interest in giving Bernie a great platform, and a "fair and balanced" coverage from it, and that Ann Coulter "really" believes that Bernie wouldn't be that bad, and Karl Rove really thinks that Bernie is going to be the hard one to beat because he has such great position.. OR

They are giving their nod to their voters that can vote in Democratic Party Primaries on just which candidate they should be going and vote for on those primary dates.

Has everyone lost their collective minds??

1. Sexual harrassment did not happen by any definition.
2. Sexual assault did not happen by any definition.
3. Biden does have a well recorded history of being a contact person. This does not equate to either of the conditions laid out in 1 or 2, but it is an opening for persons receiving said affection to be uncomfortable, and the person whose personal space is invaded does have the right to be or not be uncomfortable as a result.
4. Anyone who has been through any kind of LCEC, or workplace harassment course can tell you, there are behaviors that are not acceptable period (wanton staring/leering, groping, cornering in a threatening manner, conditioning career advancement in return for personal attentions) which does not warrant response to be in violation.
5. there are conditions where it is incumbent upon the person who is made uncomfortable to make an oral declaration of discomfort, such as complimenting ones attire, placing hands upon a person in any way that is not overtly sexual in nature, or making a verbal or non-verbal request of an intimate nature (such as asking to go out for drinks, or dinner).
6. Biden made the PERFECT response of acknowledging the complaint against him, validating the feelings of the person making the complaint, and issuing heartfelt remorse that any behavior of his may have made a person feel discomfort.
7. It does NOT matter that the person stating feelings of violation has a history of wearing any kind of clothing, or appearance. He/she/they give NO consent to ANY behavior based on their dress, appearance, or history.
8. It does NOT matter if the person stating the feelings of violation has a history of accepting the contact or discourse with others. He/she/they have stated an issue of feeling violation for this incident. It matters. It deserves to be addressed.

I really wish more would respect the person(Ďs) making complaints, because not doing so now distinctly sends the message that it isnít okay to come forward with more serious infractions, and I also wish that more would recognize that this isnít the same level of infraction, the accused has made a statement that completely respects the accusors, and promises atonement, which is standard and generally accepted recompense for the level of infraction that was committed.

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