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Gender: Male
Hometown: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Home country: United States
Current location: Houston, TX
Member since: Tue Jul 3, 2007, 07:34 AM
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Beto Kick off rally today 11:30 central time

Watching the crowds right now on the live stream:


The Liberal case against Bernie

The Liberal case against Bernie


Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential candidacy poses a conundrum for progressives. Not since 1936, when Franklin Roosevelt said that he “welcomed” the hatred of corporate interests, has a serious presidential candidate offered so aggressive a challenge to the conservative powers that be. At the same time, however, a dangerous lunatic is president of the United States, and Sanders, of all the major Democratic contenders, is the one who will make Donald Trump’s reelection most likely. Eight years of a Trump presidency could mean the end of meaningful democracy in the United States, along with many of the rights that women, minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and others now take for granted.

Let me clarify: I’ve been a fan and supporter of Sanders ever since he was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981. I was honored to be asked to testify before him in Congress years ago, and I voted for him in the New York presidential primary in 2016. I did so, however, not because I imagined he might win the nomination, but because I hoped that a strong showing by Sanders would help wake up Hillary Clinton to the importance of addressing economic inequality, and also to honor his brave criticism of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

I was wrong. Sanders turned so negative toward Clinton that it hurt her in the general election. Even though he campaigned for her after he lost the nomination, roughly 12 percent of Sanders’s supporters switched to Trump, and enough of the rest supported Jill Stein’s kamikaze candidacy that it helped tip key states to Trump.

My sentiments exactly. He was a toxic variable that played a crucial part in Cheetolini’s rise to power, and I suspected from beginning of this season, and completely reinforced with all of the attacks we are seeing from his surrogates that a repeat is in play.

This election is too important for his purity games.

Beto, Social Security, lies and smears.

So, let's address this latest desperate lie, slander, smear, and old dug up crap by our independent "allies".

1. Beto is rated 100% by the Alliance for Retired Americans. That doesn't come from someone who is for raising the age of SS, or increasing the cost.

2. Beto opposed the Republican led call for converting SS into personal retirement accounts, and privatizing.

2. Pretty telling that one camp has to dig back 7 years to an obscure campaign speech, that was given to address specific concerns of a small constituency, and is NOT at all reflective of what a Senator Beto, and especially a President Beto would look like.

3. Do not be fooled by this crap. A President Beto, or President Biden, or President Warren, or President Harris, or President Buttigieg, or President Inslee, or President Klobacher, or President Hickenlooper, etc.. NONE of them, as a Democratic Party President of the US is going to refuse to sign, or refuse to support ANY Democratic Party Senate or House legislation that pushes to protect Social Security, or expand Social Security. Any of our candidates as POTUS would likewise VETO any Republican congress bill that does weaken our Social Security system.. period. anyone who thinks otherwise is a damn fool. There is NO Democratic Party version of a potential congress that will pass any bill that raises the retirement age, or increases costs of SS (other than possibly raising the tax cap)

They gave you 7 years old information as a representative of a pretty red district, Here's 4 months ago from a red-going purple state:


And coming up, I don't have a doubt in my mind, that as a national candidate, his stance and support will likewise be reinforced to support the needs and desires of a national, and not just Texas audience.

Beto has not had the benefit of being a muppet, up in the balcony section, watching and heckling all the real players, while being shored up from a small, homogenous, fully sympathetic constituency. So yes, some of his stances while running as a Representative of El Passo Texas house 76 disctrict aren't going to mesh well with a national message.

But, what's been implied from that 7 year old video.. that he won't support Social Security expansion and protections should we be lucky enough to get a full congress that will pass it, and put that bill on his desk?? Bullshit.. pure, unadulterated, and shameful bullshit.

Earth artist creates 2-acre likeness of Beto O'Rourke outside ABIA


AUSTIN, Texas — A Kansas artist renowned for his crop art around the world is making a political statement in Austin with his latest piece.

Stan Herd, who works with soil, grass, and rock, worked two weeks to create a portrait of presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. Herd states he wanted to show his support for the former U.S. Senate candidate through an artistic medium.

“I believe Beto has a unique voice. I think he has a unique populist message,” Herd says. “I decided to come down and add my voice to that.”

Wow! Beautiful work!

Beto campaign accepts going union. Aiming for highest wages and benefits.

Was rather buried in the headliner of him breaking the 1st day fundraising record (without PAC, corporate, or special interests $$).

Beto O'Rourke raised massive $6.1 million his first day in the 2020 race, campaign says


The former Texas congressman raised $6,136,763 in online donations from all 50 states in the first day, his campaign said. That tops the $5.9 million one-day total Sen. Bernie Sanders announced after he launched his campaign. The closest other 2020 Democratic candidate to publicize their first-day fundraising total was California Sen. Kamala Harris at $1.5 million.
Still, a sign that his campaign had began with a massive fundraising haul came Saturday night when O'Rourke -- who is playing catch-up in hiring staffers as one of the last major Democratic candidates to launch -- told reporters in Dubuque, Iowa, that he would support his campaign unionizing, as Sanders had, and hoped to pay the highest wages and benefits of any presidential contender.

Beto explains his reasoning on every bill he supported or was against.

Yet another thing I really love about him. Good or bad, agree or not, he lays it bare.


Edit: Alrighty, removing the @ this time didn’t work. Just makes it a broken link..

Will have to copy and paste. Apologies.

Editedit: Thank you “myNameGoesHere” for helping me make the link work!

New Texas 2-step may put Texas even more in play!!

”Joaquin Castro “All But Certain” to Challenge John Cornyn for U.S. Senate, Source Says”


Joaquin Castro, the Democratic congressman from San Antonio, “is all but certain” to enter next year’s race for U.S. Senate and take on incumbent Republican John Cornyn, a source familiar with Castro’s thinking said Thursday.

The move would profoundly change the dynamics of the 2020 campaign and put Texas squarely on center stage, with two Texans already in the Democratic primary race and Joaquin taking on a longtime Republican senator who many see as vulnerable, especially during a presidential election year.

“We’ll be making an announcement in the very near future,” said Matthew Jones, Castro’s campaign adviser.

This could be great news! Joaquin for Senate combined with a Beto for President could REALLY energize the Democratic Party vote for Texas this cycle. Each would feed the energy of the other.

A reminder, if Texas flips, it’s over for the Republicans. Beto on the National ticket put’s it in play. Now, with Castro throwing in to go against Cornyn, it’s even more so.

Beto, 1 day in, already is building up those endorsements!

One day into the race, Beto already has 4x house members endorsing him:
Rep. Veronica Escobar, Texas
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, New York
Rep. Kathleen Rice, New York
Rep. Stephanie Murphy, Florida

Go Beto 2020!

Beto's Schedule

Great facebook link that I followed when he was on his 2018 campaign trail.


Just look at that out the starting gate run!

Take a look at his history.. Will give you an idea how much of a campaigning machine this man is for us!

Bernie Sanders in the 1970s urged nationalization of most major industries


(CNN)Bernie Sanders advocated for the nationalization of most major industries, including energy companies, factories, and banks, when he was a leading member of a self-described "radical political party" in the 1970s, a CNN KFile review of his record reveals.

Sanders' past views shed light on a formative period of his political career that could become relevant as he advances in the 2020 Democratic primary.
Many of the positions he held at the time are more extreme compared to the more tempered democratic socialism the Vermont senator espouses today and could provide fodder for moderate Democrats and Republicans looking to cast the Democratic presidential candidate and his beliefs as a fringe form of socialism that would be harmful to the country.
Aspects of Sanders' plans and time in the Liberty Union have been reported before, but the material taken together, including hundreds of newly digitalized newspapers and files from the Liberty Union Party archived at the University of Vermont, paint a fuller portrait of Sanders' views on state and public-controlled industry at the time.

Much more at the link.

He’s not someone I will support, but I do agree that some of the industries listed NEED a HELL of a lot more regulation at the very minimum, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the people of the US if they were nationalized. This one makes me despise him a bit less, but I can also see how this release could be further weaponized against us from 45’s side.
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