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Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2007, 07:16 PM
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Have heard nothing-zip-nada about any forensic investigation of the Las Vegas shooter.

I have found it strange that in all the discussions about motives about the shooter I have heard nothing about any drug testing or autopsies being performed. Nothing. It has been nearly a week and nothing has been reported or even said about this in anything of regular reporting. They all keep up the lack of motive thing. Why?

The closest I have seen is something (I think I read on CNN) about the Texas Tower shooter having a brain tumor that was putting pressure on his amygdala that may have contributed to the event and an oblique comment that the reporter wondered if the shooters brain was damaged with his "suicide". That's it.

Can anyone point me towards something that may explain this lack of focus on something so basic in forensic's ?

The framing of this Republican Deathcare Travesty needs to change.

The discussions around how this abomination of a healthcare bill will throw people off of insurance or eliminate their access to Medicaid or deny them essential coverage or even decimate Women's healthcare seem to have little effect on moving those who don't really seem to care, for whatever reasons. We need to approach this with something else.

I think we as Democrats and those that oppose this legislation (which only makes most peoples lives more and more untenable or fraught with concerns for their loved ones) need to make an assumption that this thing will pass and then what do we do?

I propose at least 3 things that we need to start advocating for. Stay with me on why this may influence those who now seem to be oblivious to why this Republican Deathcare Plan is so bad (they really don't empathize well, now do they?)

1- Assisted Suicide must be become a right for all. It only makes sense for those who can not afford the healthcare that they no longer can afford and it would be something for them to consider to protect their family from having to go into debt because the family is pretty much the ones that now would have to take care of them.

2- Bankruptcy Laws need to change to prevent the impact of the increases that we will see when people can no longer afford to stay alive. When yearly and/or lifetime caps are removed again, these numbers will increase. We need to respond to that with changes that protect those that would suffer for the debts, like the family again. See Number 1 to help mitigate this.

3- We need to remove all restrictions on the availability and use of drugs that will alleviate the pain of illnesses that this legislation will indeed increase. This means more opioids. If people have no access to medical care to help them through their illness then they should at least have access to those things that will help them either through their problem or to the end of it.

The connection to why we must advocate for these is that it puts the effects of the Republicans plan into somewhat of a real response for everyone, including those who may not be thinking of effects- most Republicans I must say.

It moves the discussion. Move it to real legislation requests-like amendments or whatever. Bring it forward as a real response.

Have those who object to Assisted Suicide thought this through?--Many in the Evangelical movement need to balance this with what they have been taught about Christian compassion.

Do those who may be concerned about their financial well being thought this through? This may or may not influence the Republican base but if it is emphasized with the discussion around Medicaid loss and their elders late life healthcare then maybe they will get it.

The Opioid thing is front and center in many Republican areas. If it is advocated as a response to this Republican monstrosity then maybe they will have to rethink their support of more drugs in their world.

A long proposal, but a different approach. Make laws (or at least try to) in response to this and maybe people will think a little more about what they really support.

Only an unusual connection.

Not to be considered something super important or even relevant but did anyone else wonder about Trumps quote on Conflict with North Korea as being "Major, Major".

For those who may remember. A main character in Joseph Heller's book Catch22 was named Major Major- sort of a joke character.
Could Trump be channeling this guy?

Only a connection concern about Healthcare

When there was extensive discussion on this forum and the country in general about a Health care solution in 2008/9 and we ended up with a Health care plan that was a "Republican" plan (that was from an early Heritage Foundation proposal), why does anyone think that the Republican's can fix this issue with any proposal? Didn't they fail on this from the start? Isn't is time to really consider something more radical, like "signal payer"? Bottom line is that Republican's can't fix anything can they?

Where's DemoTex?

Haven't seen anything in GD Greatest Threads in forever. Stuck in some FireLookout without internet access?

Cheney's Logic

The Dick, Cheney has been up in arms about how this new agreement with Iran (that Obama and the world have arranged), is tied to the idea that nobody or anything should agree to or be involved with something as bad as Iran getting anything like nuclear energy (not bombs, mind you, but energy) or anything that helps Iran. That anything that helps them along these lines is the worst thing that can happen. Everything should be brought to bear to prevent or punish that.

Well, I would suggest that anyone or anything that was involved in heart transplants that helped continue this plague upon the earth should be held to the same standard that he advocates.


Never posted in this Forum before, so please indulge.

We have a greenhouse to grow things here because we live in the mountains of New Mexico and anything we try to grow outside are consumed by our furry neighbors.

This year we discovered that the worms we had added to our raised beds the year before were still alive after our hard winter, so we decided to help them along with some "food". We saved our organic discards, ground them up in a blender and added to the beds, stirred, and hoped for good fertilizer. Well, after a few additions we got lots of volunteers. This first round was frozen out, but something returned a few weeks later.

We thought that these things were cantaloupes, since we had lots of that in the mix. We nursed them along and hand fertilized, like our cuc's, and we have lots of "fruit". We were expecting melons but we think we ended up with Acorn Squash. Can't remember having any in that time frame, but what the heck. We got some tomato's and some Jalapeno's too. A bumper crop of things we didn't expect. Pretty Cool.

Just thought we'd shared our bounty with the DU crowd.....

need help in posting pix to this forum.

i have 3 pix in Photobucket I would like to share but don't know how to link them up to a message...
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