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Member since: Sun Jun 10, 2007, 12:07 AM
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What Drugs have you done and why?

Let’s have an honest conversation about our personal drug use, why we use drugs, and how the war on drugs impacts us, our families and society. Please answer the questions below and reflect with me in the "comments" section.

What drugs do you use on a daily, weekly or annual basis?

While you may not consider yourself a “drug user”, virtually all of us use drugs on a daily basis. Our society is swimming in drugs. Coffee, soda, cigarettes, Prozac, weed, Ritalin, alcohol, cocaine, and sleeping pills are just a sample of the drugs that we take to get through the day and night.

Which drugs do you use?

Why do you use the drugs you do?

Most people use drugs for joy and for pain. Enjoy having some drinks at the end of the day? Enjoy a little smoke or shot of espresso after a nice dinner with friends? Many people bond with others or find inspiration alone while on drugs.

On the flip side, many people self-medicate to try to ease the pain in their lives. Ever had too much to drink to drown your sorrows over a breakup or some other painful event? Smoke cigarettes to deal with anxiety or stress? What are the reasons you use drugs?

Which drugs have you become dependent on or addicted to?

Some people associate drug use with addiction or dependence. Dependence is not necessarily a bad thing – think of a person with diabetes who needs insulin, an office worker who needs a cup of coffee to start the day, or a person with debilitating pain who uses marijuana to get through the day. But when someone’s dependence on a drug becomes problematic, that’s when it turns into an addiction.

People may also assume that trying certain drugs, like meth or heroin, will guarantee an addiction. The truth is, only about 10 percent of people who ever try “hard” drugs like cocaine or meth become addicted. I know this may be hard to believe, but even the governement’s own numbers show this.

Do you know people that have tried illicit drugs? Did they develop a problem? Which drugs have you tried and have become addicted to them?

What image and who comes to mind when you think of a person who uses drugs?

MORE AT LINK: http://www.alternet.org/drugs/what-drugs-have-you-done-and-why

Pot growers imprison girls, Mark Williams blames it on feminism....



This is what happens when pot is illegal and attracts criminals

the following comments followed:

Mark Williams No - this is what happens when The Women's Movement celebrate rapists like this guy and. Muslims in Iran and reduce snetencing for violent crImes like rape.

ANOTHER POSTER (ANON) Can you point me to basis of your statement that this is the fault of "The Women's Movement" and/or that "The Women's Movement" is celebrating rapists? Articles, statements, anything? Because I'm pretty sure "The Women's Movement" was instrumental in little things like a rape victim's sexual history not be admiseable in court and the criminalizing of marital rape.

Mark Williams Name a single feminist who has publicly condemned this specific crime

Fed Cannabis raids, Washington, California but not Colorado... Why not?

Big raids yesterday in Washington State by the Feds. As you know they have been pretty busy here in CA since October 2010.

But they haven't done anything to CO dispensaries. Or storefronts now that it is legal. Some cities, (a lot of cities in fact) have banned retail cannabis shops altogether, but that is not a federal thing.

So why not? CA is non profit or collective, a selling point when the law was written and passed. (Prop 215) and CO's law, even with medical is a for profit model, which by it's nature, makes profiteering more prevalent than a non profit or collective....

Happy 70th Birthday, Mick Jagger

70 years young. Dude still brings it too...

I wrote this a couple of years ago aobut a Mick birthday show I was.

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger!
July 26, 2010 at 11:57am

I had a milk truck at the time. Gurstenslager body for you milk van aficionados.
I had converted it to a nice camper, and a huge stereo system. We loaded it up with a ton of friends and headed off to the show at about midnight. We got to Fairfield and the fucking van broke down. Right there at the exit west of the Nut Tree where Murrillos restaurant is. I had no idea what was wrong I knew whatever it was, I couldn’t fix it and go to the show. So I decided to go the show and fix it on the return.

My wife decided to stay and get a ride home from her sister, who she called and was going to pick her up. So the rest of us went to the restaurants in the area and find some folks going to the show. We all found a ride in the back of a pickup truck. So off we went.

We got the show and we were among the first couple of hundred lined up along the fence lining the parking lots. So we were going to get a good spot. We had to run about 150 yards though to get to the doors. This used to be such a party.

The bill was, The Rolling Stones, Santana and Peter Tosh, Mick’s birthday. Some Girls Tour. Day ON the Green, general admission. HOLY SHIT.

Peter Tosh opened the show. At the time, he was the darling of the Rock Royalty, especially the Rolling Stones.

Window pane.

As Peter’s set ended, he started throwing out spliffs to the crowd. I was pretty close to the front so I was within range. I jumped up (Channeling my inner Wilt Chamberlain) and grabbed one. Everyone around me that grabbed one sparked the spliff up, but I stuck mine in my pocket for later.

I was getting kind of high and the crowd was crushing up front so decided to go up the very top and chill up there and watch Santana. And puff down that spliff.

By the time the set was over, I was fucking flying. The windowpane had settled into a great trip, the spliff putting everything just right. Now I needed to make my way back to my friends. Somehow, I got whiff of some hash oil and thought, my friends are smoking it! And I have got be there! (we had a ton of hash and hash oil then). So to the front I head, all the time sniffing that hash oil.

When I got to the field from the top deck, they had installed a wire between the scoreboards. I looked up and there was guy about to walk across it, he had one of the big poles and was just waiting. IT WAS A WINDY DAY TOO!. He started off, and I was freaking out. I didn’t want to watch but couldn’t take my eyes off of him either. I kept making my way towards the front and that still pungent aroma of hash oil.

As the guy (a Wallenda I believe) made his way across the wire (did I mention that IT WAS WINDY AS SHIT?) five big passenger helicopters landed in the backstage area parking lot. We all figured that was the Stones flying in. As the guy got farther along those helicopters arose from the backstage area and started circling the stadium. The guy on wire was just about to reach the other side and the copters were circling and then…

I was inching my way through the crowd. It was packed but the smell of the hash oil spurred me on. Packed as shit, tough slog. Just as I reached my friends, (and I was right, they WERE Smoking hash oil!)

The Wallenda guy had reached the other side! The crowd went completely insane, trapeze rigs and artists dropped out of the stage’s proscenium and all of the helicopter’s doors opened and down rained millions of multi-colored ping pong balls on the coliseum as a million multi-colored balloons rose from the crowd. THE SINGLE MOST INTENSE MOMENT EVER!

Fuck. The perfect trip, the perfect moment and Mick Jagger close enough that his sweat dripped on me. The band was fire. “Just My Imagination” was incredible. “When the Whip Comes Down” and all the great songs from “Some Girls” were incredible. This was the last time the Stones sets were more about the new albums than the greatest hits (there were plenty of those however in the show). Our minds were blown totally.

We got a ride back to the van, which was still right where we left it. I got in and put the key in the ignition. I turned the key and it started right up. No problem. Drove it home too. Ran perfect. never broke down like that again too. Weird as hell. Most people attribute it to vapor-lock (Everyone blamed everything on vapor-lock though in those days).

Happy birthday Mick Jagger!

6 Occupy Minneapolis protesters have filed suit against the state for using them as guinea pigs by

BREAKING: 6 Occupy Minneapolis protesters have filed suit against the state for using them as guinea pigs by taking them to an airport warehouse and giving them powerful drugs.

This is the result of some brave citizen journalism to hold the police accountable:
These are the police whose salaries WE PAY.

These are the same racist, corrupt police that would rather protect the property (and profits) of the 1% than the people of the 99%.

Read more: http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2013/07/24/state-accused-of-using-occupy-protesters-as-guinea-pigs/

The Department of Homeland Security says it is illegal to freely play music in The United States.

July 20, 2013 Posted by Michael Martin under Music Vs. Dept. Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security (An agency enacted through the Patriot Act) is now demanding through enforcement from The State Fire Marshalls that ALL LIVE MUSIC PLAYED IN THE UNITED STATES MUST HAVE A PERMIT FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.

This is an outrage to freedom and the ideals of The American people and our quickly evaporating rights.

This is just the start to the reality of what The Department of Homeland Security is going to do to the American citizens. The DHS is actually saying it is illegal to play music or operate a business where music is played for any reason without paying The Department of Homeland Security, and giving them much personal and private information. If The DHS can regulate the performance of a song where do you think they will stop? The fact is they won’t!

The Department of Homeland Security does not have the jurisdiction to enforce laws in The United States. They have purposefully and misleadingly attached themselves to The Fire Marshall to circumvent American constitutional rights and automatically give themselves jurisdiction in every business in The United States. This is enforced through the Fire Marshall’s inspection of commercial public businesses.

Please stand with me, American Citizens everywhere, and business owners in demanding that we will not allow The Department of Homeland Security in our businesses and homes. We need all US Citizens and our elected officials to stand united against the unlawful abuses of The Department of Homeland Security and this increasingly fascist government. The Patriot Act is the only reason The Department of Homeland Security has any jurisdiction. This is intentional. This is the first bold and aggressive move by them. Please stand with us! Our children and grandchildren need us!

I and my business Folly Moon (a restaurant in downtown Muncie, IN) have a hearing with The Department of Homeland Security at The Indiana State House on Friday Aug. 2nd at 10a.m.

more; http://iamnotanonymousblog.com/?p=216

Rush Limbaugh Says Fox News Makes People Crazy, Tells Listeners Not To Watch It


imbaugh told Tony and the rest of his listeners to stop watching Fox News because it makes people go insane. In the course of this stunning outburst, Limbaugh also admitted that the rich really love Republicans.

LIMBAUGH: “You know, you need to stop watching these people, because they’re not gonna change, Tony, and I really care about you. You’ve gotta stop watching these people. All these names you mentioned, they’re not gonna change, and you’re exactly right: If all of this were happening with a Republican president — which it wouldn’t. It couldn’t, by definition. We don’t believe in these policies. But if it were, you’re right: They’d be raising holy hell about it and they’d be calling the president cold-hearted, mean, extremist, exclusionary, rich.

They’d be all over a Republican president. But that isn’t gonna change. So your blood pressure is gonna suffer if you keep watching these people. I mean, they’re designed to get you ticked off. They’re designed to make sure you question your sanity. You’re gonna watch these people and say, “How in the world can we have such idiotic people?” and you’re gonna think maybe they’re not crazy and you are.

And I assure you, Tony, you’re not.

Trust me on that.”


Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/09/rush-limbaugh-says-fox-news-makes-people-crazy-tells-listeners-not-to-watch-it/#ixzz2a4l6LM34

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/09/rush-limbaugh-says-fox-news-makes-people-crazy-tells-listeners-not-to-watch-it/#ixzz2a4kjsPsL

Is the term "gal" offensive to women?

I have an friend who uses the term continuously. I told him that most women find the term offensive and he told me I was crazy. So whaddayathink?



My dad came to my defense online, but for the first time I am outing myself publicly. I'm 14. Please stop calling me a whore.

Tuesday Cain

I'm a 14-year-old girl who has lived in Austin, Texas, my whole life. I like art, music and talking on the phone with my friends. When I grow up, I'd like to become a science teacher.

I also believe in the right to choose and the separation of church and state. Or to put it another way -- to put it the way I wrote it when I was protesting at the Capitol last week:

"Jesus isn't a dick so keep him out of my vagina."

Yes, that's my sign.

I came up with it last week when my friend and I were trying to think of ideas for what would get people's attention to protest the scary restrictions that are happening in my state trying to take away a woman's right to safe and accessible abortions.

more: http://www.xojane.com/issues/billy-cain-tuesday-cain-jesus-isnt-a-dick-so-keep-him-out-of-my-vagina

Pope Criminalizes the Reporting of Sex Crimes

VATICAN CITY — Few eyebrows were raised last week when Pope Francis brought the Vatican’s legal system up to date by criminalizing leaks of official information and formalizing laws against sex crimes. But now that the laws have been made public, a closer look revealed that the pope has made it illegal to report sex crimes against children.
According to the new laws, revealing or receiving confidential Vatican information is now punishable by up to two years in prison, while newly defined sex crimes against children carry a sentence of up to twelve years. Because all sex crimes are kept confidential, there is no longer a legal way for Vatican officials to report sex crimes.
“We didn’t mean for this to happen, obviously,” lamented Vatican foreign minister Monsignor Dominique Mamberti. “It’s quite the papal pickle that His Holiness has placed upon our heads. Sex crimes are more illegal than ever, but technically it’s illegal to report them.” Mamberti said that the simultaneous passing of each law is merely a coincidence and insisted that the Church is not trying to protect itself against further embarrassment, but critics outside the Vatican are skeptical.
- See more at: http://www.newslo.com/pope-criminalizes-the-reporting-of-sex-crimes/#sthash.VIEL8VP6.dpuf
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