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Exxon's Pegasus oil pipe spills crude into Missouri yard

Source: South Bend Tribune

(Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp's near 70-year-old Pegasus oil pipeline spilled a small amount of crude on Tuesday into a residential yard in Ripley County, Missouri, a month after the same pipe spewed thousands of barrels of crude in Arkansas.

A resident notified the company of the spill after spotting a patch of oil and dead vegetation seven miles south of Doniphan in the southeast of the state, Exxon and state officials said on Wednesday.

About one barrel of crude leaked and the cleanup is "close to completion", an Exxon spokeswoman said.

Tuesday's spill occurred 200 miles north of Mayflower, Arkansas, where about 5,000 barrels of crude spilled from the Pegasus pipe into a residential area on March 29, prompting a giant clean-up operation that is still ongoing.

The Mayflower spill stoked a fractious national debate about the effect of shipping increasing amounts of tarry Canadian crude across the United States, including through residential areas and in aging pipelines.

The Pegasus line, which can carry more than 90,000 barrels a day of crude from Illinois to Texas, was built in the late 1940s. It was shut after the Arkansas spill and was not in operation when the Missouri spill occurred.

Exxon has not offered a timeline for when Pegasus will restart.


Read more: http://www.southbendtribune.com/sns-rt-us-exxon-pipeline-spillbre9400mm-20130501,0,3830873.story

"I'm an 80 year old white guitar player and I get stoned" (Happy Birthday Willie!)

Every day.

Two of my favorites right here: Just Breathe, the Pearl Jam song with his son Lukas (Who is amazing in his own way)

Was Jesus a stoner?

Patients for Medical Cannabis
The Economist: "If (Marijuana) were unknown, it's discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise it's potential for treating everything from pain to cancer and marvel at it's rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body."

Jesus healed using cannabis, study shows

Editor’s note: To some, this information will seem blasphemous. Please note that Cannabis is an ancient herbal remedy and has only recently been considered a street drug. Cannabis was included in the US Pharmacopoeia until 1942, . We are not saying Jesus depended on herbs to heal, but the facts seem to show that He did indeed utilize them.

Updated 01.18.10

Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published [in 2003].

The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings. The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett [reprinted here].

The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims. “There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion,” Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said. Referring to the existence of cannabis in anointing oils used in ceremonies, he added: “Obviously the easy availability and long-established tradition of cannabis in early Judaism would inevitably have included it in the [Christian] mixtures.”


Article Massive explosion rocks Detroit tar sands refinery

Source: Digital Journal

Detroit - A massive explosion has been reported at a tar sands oil refinery in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday afternoon, prompting a mandatory evacuation order for parts of a nearby city.
CBS Detroit reports that the blast occurred at the Marathon Detroit Refinery on South Fort Street. A thick cloud of black smoke rose into the clear afternoon sky and was visible for miles around
An evacuation order is in effect for parts of the neighboring suburb of Melvindale.
It is not currently known what caused the explosion or if anyone was hurt in the blast or resulting fire. Detroit Senior Fire Chief Carl Smith is at the site of the incident and is expected to release details when they become available.
The Detroit Free Press reports that the fire is located in one of the refinery's smaller tanks.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/348967#ixzz2Rs8agNr0

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/348967

"Who Bombed judi Bari?" needs your help.....

One of the more powerful movies I have seen in quite a while, needs your help to develop. Seriously if you have not seen this movie you must. if you care about the environment you must watch this movie. Distrust the Gov't and the Corporatocracy? you MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE.

Who Bombed Judi Bari? is broke & has $5000 of upcoming expenses--music licensing, closed captioning, etc. in prep for digital and netflix. DVD's are out and you can buy a signed one for $20 or a t-shirt or just make a nice donation through our paypal or via regular mail. Thanks for your support. To help visit: http://whobombedjudibari.com/merchandise.htm

Rick Perry responds to Sac Bee politcal cartoon (West Texas)

Re "Business is booming in Texas" (Editorial cartoon, April 25): It was with extreme disgust and disappointment I viewed your recent cartoon. While I will always welcome healthy policy debate, I won't stand for someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans.

Additionally, publishing this on the very day our state and nation paused to honor and mourn those who died only compounds the pain and suffering of the many Texans who lost family and friends in this disaster. The Bee owes the community of West, Texas an immediate apology for your detestable attempt at satire.

-- Gov. Rick Perry, Austin, Tex.

Response from Stuart Leavenworth, editorial page editor, The Sacramento Bee: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/04/26/5375185/gov-perry-weighs-in-on-texas-explosion.html#storylink=omni_popular

I met Neil Young today in Mayflower Ark (site of the spill)


hen an accident like Exxon-Mobil's oil spill in Mayflower happens, you expect some environmentalists to come to get their own eyeballs on how the situation is handled by the responsible party. I was delighted about who I did see while I was in Mayflower today, looking for photos. This guy is an environmentalist for sure, but he's also a megafamous rock star. Here's the story.

I was headed to the logistics office to check in with them before taking pictures. That's what the foreman told me to do as I approached the spill site to begin with. I was waiting to make a right onto Highway 89. Just then, I saw a gigantic old white convertible topping the hill over the railroad tracks on 89 and it made a right onto N. Main Street where I sat.

I knew two things:

No one from around here owned a car like that, and
The guy driving looked exactly like a very famous rock star.

I whipped a U-ey in the street and bumped into a telephone pole trying to get turned around. Yes, I'm a big dork, but you already knew that so shush and let me tell the story.

I followed the huge car - a 1959 Lincoln, come to find out - down the road back to the Northwoods subdivision, where the pipeline had burst about a month ago, spill oil and driving residents from their homes. I thought perhaps the obvious out-of-towner driver of the Lincoln would turn into the neighborhood to get their look at the work there. Nope. They kept driving past. I followed. They kept on going! The road turned to gravel. They kept going. I


GEEZeeeeee Products.

$ according to this http://www.dof.ca.gov/HTML/FS_DATA/STAT-ABS/documents/D23.pdf 2 dollars an hour. I thought it was $1.65 but I could be wrong there.

May of 1974 I worked for family off and on after High School (June of 73 grad) and didn't really have a job like before that...

They made fiberglass products, mostly grommets for bombs. Baja Buggie bodies and the very beginning of the hot tub industry.

My friends all worked there so I applied. fresh out of school and deciding i gotta have a job.

I was in my interview and a foreman told the boss that (Whateverhisnamewasdidn'tcare) quit. the boss turns to me as says "can you drive a forklift?" I had driven plenty of them working as teenager for my Dad's shop so I relied "yeah" and he hired me on the spot. "take these to here, these to here, come back and do it all over again" was what he said and off I went. Stacks of boxes of finished grommets. from the line to the loading dock. Every trip I made there was a guy giving me the evil eye,the evilest of evil eyes. His job was to wipe the grommets, fresh from being glassed, and hanging from a rack. The absolute shittiest job ever IMO (that assumption would prove to be incorrect a week or so later).

I did that for a week and everyone of us went to Reno to see the Grateful Dead. Everyone at the plant and all of the Fair Oaks hippie crew. (that story is right here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ben-baity/reno-1974/383356354123)

When I came back on Monday (the show was Sunday) I saw the guy that I thought had the shittiest job ever in the boss's office. I clocked in, (still kinda high from the show after sleeping in the lot with everyone that night so we wouldn't miss work) and the Boss called me over and told me that do0o0o0d, was gonna start driving the forklift (he had been there for 11 years, wiping grommets). He told me to go over to the OD machine. the aptly named OD machine.

The big slab of grommets that the guy wiped for 11 years moved down the line,got cut into ten pieces, put on a conveyor and I put them on this wheel, pushed a button, and the Outer Diameter was sanded (OD). I took it off and put it on the line to go the next stop (and you already know this right) was the ID machine which did the same thing. (yes, inside diameter).

Sounds easy huh? Well it was like Lucy in the candy shop. They kept coming, and try as I might, i could not possibly keep up. No fucking way. the other OD operator couldn't either and we kept stopping the line, but that didn't stop nothing......

I worked until lunch and my friends were all "The OD machine, that's too bad" and saying that was the worst job ever (and right they were... I was thinking "grommet wiper" was looking pretty good to me then).. I go back to the OD machine after lunch and here they come again, more freaking grommets. All of a sudden I notice the station across from me is vacant. The other guy, without telling me anything, just up and goes to the bathroom. I gotta cover his grommets and I can't keep up with my own. I am freaking out thinking the entire shop is going to collapse because of the huge stack of grommets I have backlogged. I was Freaking out.

The guy came back, I dropped my gloves and walked out. That'll show em, fuck this.

Went to get my check on payday and they didn't even know I left.

The last week is THE ARGUMENT against Republicanism.....

Union thugs saving lives. Saving a city. CITIZENS helping out and gathering together and using information to help with the investigations.

The fact the guy who lost his legs and then identified the terrorist, ahving to hold a bake sale to pay for it is also a great argument against their policies on health care. How many of those hurt will also now be bankrupt due to the higher medical costs, no insurance, is certainly a case against for profit Healthcare.

Then there is Texas. The republican mantra of de regulate and strangle the Gov't killed 15 people. No inspections since 85. Illegal storage of explosive chemicals. Corner cut,a nd a town wiped off the map. And the Rick Perry, who hates government is asking for federal dollars to rebuild the town.

I've been trying to do this to people when discussing the weeks events. And they are all going yeah you are right...... I think eyes are opening.

Are they gonna hunt down the guys who killed 15 people in Texas this week?

Adair Grain, doing business as West Fertilizer Co.......The operators, and shareholders of the company that owned and operated the texas fertilizer plant that killed 15 and injured dozens of others....

Criminal actions lead to more deaths than Boston, and entire town destroyed. http://openchannel.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/19/17818046-texas-fertilizer-plant-also-stored-explosive-chemical-used-in-oklahoma-city-bomb?lite

the best argument ever against Republicanism this one is. deregulate. Deregulate and starve the gov't so they cannot do their job and inspect, then ask the Gov't for money to rebuild.
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