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Who still trusts msnbc?

I just saw Chris Matthews ask how the republican power structure in the senate is going to be. I turned it off.

They are corporate media, and all corporate media has been bought out thanks to all the media deregulation, you know the story well, citizens united, and I see a pathetic landslide from the naive and gullible online following like sheep to the slaughter.

They won't even tolerate an opinion left of the approved corporate left.

It's a joke. I monitor them and over and over they silence the left, and promote the right in their sophisticated way. It's a real joke, and insult to our intelligence.

I post this in hope that their effect on next weeks elections will somehow be cut, along with CNN and Faux of course too.

Today an entire segment was cut on Huff Post live with Howard Fineman, was it because I said we won't know the real poll until Tuesday night? Maybe, I don't trust any establishment media. We the people will have last word, we did with President Obama, we will next week.
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