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Member since: Thu May 10, 2007, 09:08 PM
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NPR is very establishment

They have a definitely right wing, corporate, nationalistic view of the world. They focus much of their "news" on the Middle East, which makes me feel they are an arm of AIPAC perhaps. We should have the right to know this.

Little Britain: why the UK is no longer a superpower

Economic crisis apart, the United Kingdom is still a major player on the world stage, right? Wrong


It is not just a question of adopting a different system of taxation or limiting the ability of the commercial banks to create credit – however commendable those individual ideas may be in themselves. One hundred years of pretending to be a "big beast" have to end now. There has to be an acceptance, like that in Germany, France and Japan in 1945, that the country has hit rock bottom and needs to change. In football, this happens all the time: a new manager goes to a struggling club and proceeds to clear out the dead wood. This has never happened to the UK, and even now the country does not seem ready for the sort of cathartic moment that the defeated Axis powers had at the end of the second world war. Even now there is a belief that all will be well, that something will turn up, that Britain will muddle through. The temptation, as ever, will be to look at the events of the past decade as another occasion where disaster was averted by a whisker. The reality is different: this is the moment when the UK has to face the truth about its diminished status in the world.

• Extracted from Going South: Why Britain Will Have A Third World Economy By 2014


We already have a candidate

Meet George Martinez, Occupy’s Rapping Brooklynite Congressional Candidate


But this over rated bozo thinks he's a leader. He must have read about Martinez recently. We need thousands more like him.

RT, MSNBC and Progressive Ideas

RT puts people like Alex Jones, a rw lunatic, on their news, what a disgrace. The Alyona Show has libertarians on constantly, and she claims to be a liberal. They are obviously part of her target audience, a big disappointment. I exclude one person Thom Hartman, he is the sole consistent patriotic American progressive I have seen on RT. I thought RT was liberal and slightly socialist. I have not seen this, MSNBC is more liberal for sure, with O'Donnell not afraid to say he is a socialist with a small s, but he comes on late at night when I'm nearly asleep. MSNBC in the mornings is a whole different animal, with republican talking points and framing/spin coming from their obnoxious morning hosts. Why the weird political game on that network, and why is RT leaning ultraconservative? I don't know about Current, but I'm not too impressed with what I've seen. Progressives get small bones tossed on MSNBC, and it seems not much else, except Current but Cenk Uygur is the only one left there and he is a bit too business friendly for my taste. Some sad observations on the meager offerings we progressives get on television here in 2012. The internet, as it has been for years, is still the only major way for us to spread our message and change the nation effectively.

May Day - Noam Chomsky

People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it began, here in the United States of America. That's because those in power have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. For example, Ronald Reagan designated what he called "Law Day" -- a day of jingoist fanaticism, like an extra twist of the knife in the labor movement. Today, there is a renewed awareness, energized by the Occupy movement's organizing, around May Day, and its relevance for reform and perhaps eventual revolution.

If you're a serious revolutionary, then you are not looking for an autocratic revolution, but a popular one which will move towards freedom and democracy. That can take place only if a mass of the population is implementing it, carrying it out, and solving problems. They're not going to undertake that commitment, understandably, unless they have discovered for themselves that there are limits to reform.

A sensible revolutionary will try to push reform to the limits, for two good reasons. First, because the reforms can be valuable in themselves. People should have an eight-hour day rather than a twelve-hour day. And in general, we should want to act in accord with decent ethical values.


Imagine doing all that voting on the internet

Then we could have the direct democracy so many dream about.

MSM: Summit of the Americas

We have a One Percent Media!

They sound like they care about us but it's an act! They serve and protect the one percent, never forget that!

Poor whites still act racist

They must stop doing that. We must have full equality. To God we are all equal, no color is His favorite. In fact Jesus was a neutral Mediterranean brown. We all must be neutral too, if we believe in God.

We suck at imperialism

It's time to save money and close all the bases we like parasites infest the world with.
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