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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 7,025

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I am Progressive, white male, Nancy Pelosi is not progressive enough for me

And she should be the next Speaker of the House. She earned it. She can have it for two years, she can take it and transition it.

To add, you do not start off conceding to Repukes and that is exactly how the media and Repukes will categorize anyone else other than Pelosi becomes Speaker.

Remember all of those investigate journalist stories on how Orange County voted D in 2016?

For the first time since 1936, The OC actually went for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016. "Behind the Orange Curtain," "Where Republicans go to die." The friggen county went blue. FFS, that is like San Francisco going red! Surely you all saw the media focus on The OC!

You remember all of those stories right? CNN had a town hall with disaffected Republican voters. Hell, MSNBC practically camped out in Irvine. Reminded everyone how Clinton won the popular vote and how tRump MUST reach out to everyone, because there clearly wasn't a mandate.

Oh wait, that didn't happen, the camped out in West Virginia, Kentucky, and other red states and sold tRump. They found every anti-Clinton person and gave them air time.

So now we are have the potential of ALL of OC going blue in House districts. A clean damn sweep from 3/4 of the house seats being red, to ALL House seats being blue.

Two points:

1. The MSM doesn't report the news, they try to create a reality.

2. For those DU family members who claim the media is interested in a horse race, contests sell, etc. I offer you the latest example to refute the claim, The OC! If the media was focused on horse races/competitions, they would have driven less an hour down the road from the 2nd largest media market in the States and focused on what was happening in OC. There would have been Town Halls with OC Republicans who voted for Hillary and the constant point that tRump lost by over 3 million votes. Furthermore, the next month would include a saturation of media stories on what happened in the OC! tRump has lost The OC!

I doubt there will be more than passing comments on what happened behind the Orange Curtain. A County of over 3 million people flipped. Consider that the next time you see stories from states focusing on tRump supporters. States that are less than or basically equal to the size of The OC get the focus. Hell, I can't recall the last time I saw focus on what a New Yorker, Los Angeleno, Chicagoan was thinking.

The MSM is biased, and it has nothing to do with horse races/competitions.


I have never seen such sunshine pump up the ass bullshit. Anyone who has posted in the last day with negative thoughts about the election gets shouted down, called a Debbie Downer.

Seriously. Look and the last mother fucking two weeks and pull your head out.

1. Every major Democratic official (National level) was part of an assassination attempt.
2. A Jewish Synagogue was shot up and harmless elderly people were killed.

Yet the mother fucking majority of white MALE AND FEMALE voters supported the party that brought this on this great Nation.



Buy hey, we got the House so we are going to subpoena them and make them understand that they were wrong. FUCKING SERIOUSLY?!

You seriously are trying to argue that the racist fucks are going to see the error in their ways, you seriously are going to argue that the National media are going to shine the light on the cock roaches? THEY JUST FUCKING DID! You think they will continue or will they go back to their old ways.

So now the shit stain just gives a big FU to Democracy, you really think a subpoena from the House is going to stop him?

WOW - Historic night

1. Party with President having high disapproval numbers
2. What appears to be increased youth turnout
3. Huge turnout for a mid term
4. Polls had broken for challenging party

Yet somehow all the Republicans seem to be over performing.

Go figure.

One down - VA 10

Dem Pick up

Prediction time!!!!

House +50

Senate is tough +2

Although I think plus 50 could happen and we have a loss of two.

p.s. F OFF Moore!

The Media, particularly MSNBC are despicable - Including Hallie Jackson

So to follow up on the bullshit misleading article today they add a new little factoid to drive the narrative. Wait FUCKING LIE.

The meme is Trump is motivating the base with his Hitler rallies, she then dutifully posts a graphic to support the race is tightening meme. It shows Dems up 50 to 47...... in 69 competitive battleground races.

See what they did there? De ms up, so let's lead people to believe that the races are tightening buy taking a subset using only battleground races, races that would mostly be Dem pick ups.

This is just some straight out fucking bullshit lies. The same straight out bullshit that got tRump elected. Ms. Jackson should be disgusted with herself.

Get ready for the right and media moving the goal post as we get closer to election

Losing the House will become a given, Anything short of 64 House seats will be defined as a tRump success because he went out and rallied the base.

Remember that MSNBC story last week about college students not voting.

Take a look at the link below. Turns out Asian millennials are one of the the least likely groups to vote. (Sad)

So MSNBC decides to go to UCI, (University of California Irvine) A school with one of the highest percentage of Asians in the country, to make a point about college kids voting.

I know the UCI area well, have lived and worked in the area my entire post college life, and one thing I found interesting (prior to knowing that Asian millennials have low voter turn out) was the location of the video shoot. It wasn't in the middle of campus but right on the edge of campus, where buses drop kids off. UCI is not a commuter school, the location of the shoot was below a foot bridge where any kid living in the area would walk over the bridge, and mid block, so the only students in the area would be those getting off a bus.

So they focused on a group with low voter turn out, then fine tuned it to Asian millennials who bus to school. Now these kids are likely working jobs to help cover their 30k yearly tuition. (The majority are likely first generation citizens) These kids are also competing with kids that all had a 4.4 GPA to get into UCI.

So MSNBC innocently focused on one of the least likely groups to vote, but that wasn't enough, they further went down to a subset of the group and focused on those students that were most likely to be working their asses just to pay for school. MSNBC could have gone to Cal State Fullerton, a location that would have provided a much better cross section of OC College students. MSNBC could have gone 100 yards on campus to the front of the library to capture a cross section of UCI students rather than focusing on those who only ride the bus to get to school. Instead they decided to park themselves in front of a bus stop, where first generation U.S. citizens who are working their asses off to stay above water are asked to comment on an election. Now these kids parents are likely not focused on politics and have limited knowledge of U.S. politics, as they are working their asses off to get their kids through school.

Could be a big coincidence, but I think not.


I see posts almost daily stating the Dems don't do enough to get the message across

The assumption is that the media actually attempts to get the message out.

The answer is a resounding no. On October 31, 2016 the NY Times had info (verified) that tRump campaign was under investigation by the FBI. Go look at what they published. (Hint anti-Clinton)

The standard process on CNN and MSNBC is to let tRump/Repuke spew lies for 2 plus minutes, discuss the statement for 2 plus limits, this provide a minute for a Dem to respond. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

Now, think back to Obama and Clinton terms and imagine if a major auto mfg stated something anywhere near to "Ford to layoff as impact of Obama/Clinton policy which cost them 1 billion. It would be covered almost exclusively with only Republicans on to claim how Obama/Clinton was single handily ruining the nation.


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