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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 7,157

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Rams in, yes aided by bad calls, but can we all agree on one thing?

Go Chiefs!

I really can't hate the Rams as a 49er Fan, nor the Seahawks. I can hate the Cowboys, because they are the fucking Cowboys.

But I have grown to hate Belichick and Brady as much as Landry and Staubach.

Holy Shit! Andrea is practicing journalism

Sat down and turned up the volume on the Andrea Mitchell show. She has an new Dem Rep speaking about the shut down and she wasn't cutting him off. Then she played a portion of the tRump rant to the Pentagon and without prompting, immediately said the pResident wasn't being truthful. Then she went back to the Congressman, then played the AOC clip "in search of Mitch," then didn't make any disparaging comment about AOC and went back to the Congressman. (who got in a good dig about Mitch being over on K Street)

Seems as if some of the money motivated are tiring of tRump.

Sen Hirono on MSNBC just did it correctly, Re: Govt Shutdown

Clearly called out the process when asked by Kasie Hunt (what are Dems doing to end shutdown?), Hirono clearly explained that the bill from the House ALREADY is a compromise, and is what the Repubs approved in December. When queried about a Veto override she said Repubs need to act like a coequal branch of Govt. She then added in this little nice nugget.

Seems like everyone knows the process except for one person. A FUCKING GENIUS LINE! Again, everyone with basic civics knowledge knows this. tRump, the Repukes, and the media are ignoring 250 years of successful history and the Constitution. So what the hell could Kasie say? Hirono set up the response as a slam at tRump AND dared anyone to show their ignorance and take his position. BTW, Kasie moved on to an unrelated question.

Some days (most) this shit really wears me down.

The media constantly saying 'maybe the only way out is to declare a state of emergency.' Americans polled saying it is the Presidents fault, and then Democrats fault.

I am truly shocked by the collective ignorance of the media and the voting public. This is basic 7th grade Civics knowledge.

Congress sends a bill to President, he signs it or vetoes the bill. Congress overrides veto or not.

That is the only way to resolve this issue, it has been a process used for almost 250 years, successfully. The media is obviously complicit in chipping away at these processes. But I would expect some reporters to constantly bring up the fact that the House is passing bills. The process in the Senate is currently breaking down and cameras should be parked outside of Mitch's office and home until he explains why he is not doing the job he has sworn to perform.

Mexico was to pay for the wall - FULL MOTHER FUCKING STOP!!!!

Ignoring the fact the Donnie Dipshit and the Repubs didn't push through the wall in the two years they were in full control. Ignoring the fact that the Dems just won a landslide election where the Wall and Caravan were front and center. Ignoring the fact that the wall does nothing for national security. Ignoring the fact that Donnie is having his way with the diversion and Repukes are trying to blame this on Dems.

Can we all just please focus that the Donnie said Mexico was going to pay for it. The end, don't ask for a fucking dime!

Yet I see many posts recommending Pelosi do this or that. (Reminder, she didn't run the House for the last two years) It would be interesting to see a venn diagram of those who complain that Dems don't fight hard enough and also suggest solutions for Donnie Dipshit and the Repukes to get out of the shit hole they are in. A shit hole they dug, and filled with their own shit.

Are innocent people being hurt, yes, that is why it is such a huge story. But give in and it will be more people hurt later.

Am I the only one that wished Schumer or Pelosi referred to him as Mother Fucker?

Uncouth, below their office, but it would have been the best ever!

To anyone watching this Cluster FUCK of a press conference

And also offended by a Freshman Rep saying we need to impeach this Mother Fucker, please feel free to comment.

We have an insane MOTHER FUCKER defying the rule of law.

Mother Fucker ain't offensive, Republicans are.

Today's cluster - The Wall

So, who has heard anyone on media call out Repubs for the following:

1. The pResdent claimed the wall would be paid for by Mexico, why is this coming down to a Govt shutdown?
2. You lost 40 seats in the House, you lost the total vote for the House and Senate by millions, the people have spoken, why is this coming down to a Govt shutdown?
3. The Repubs had control of the House and the Senate for two years, why is this coming down to a Govt shutdown after two years?
4. The Senate passed a resolution yesterday, how is your leadership, including the pResdent, so inept as to not clearly defining your objectives and working together to get them through both the House and Senate?

What we do hear, OVER AND OVER AND OVER, is "this was a campaign promise." (As if the pResident deserves to have his side heard)

Again time to be blunt. I don't give a shit what the corrupt, under multi investigations, resident in the White House promised, he lost and he lost BIGLY!

It is truly amazing how the MSM frames every issue for Repukes. If the Dems and Obama would have pulled this type of cluster fuck in December 2010 the media would be framing things much differently.

1. Obama is in over his head.
2. Obama is not listening to the will of the people.
3. Democrats are in disarray and can't govern.
4. This shows why the voting public threw the Dems to the curb.

From WP and reported on Rachel, why would Mueller be requesting the Stone testimony to the House?

Rachel brought up that an official transcript is required for the Grand Jury. Fair enough, but why now, why not wait for a couple of weeks and request it from Adam Schiff? Are they going to be working on things that hard over the Holidays? It seems like they have plenty enough in the pipeline to keep them going?

Unless they are making a point of requesting it while Devon Nunes (T) is in charge.

This is how you win folks, you don't wait for the easy path, you can always double back and take that path. You hit the traitorous MOTHER FUCKERS IN THE TEETH! You ruin traitor Devon's Christmas, you make it clear that you are going to knock this Mother Fucker out. And you don't give two shits over the pressure exerted on Nunes, his family, and his party.


Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III asked the House Intelligence Committee on Friday for an official transcript of Trump adviser Roger Stone’s testimony, according to people familiar with the request, a sign that prosecutors could be moving to charge him with a crime.

It is the first time Mueller has formally asked the committee to turn over material the panel has gathered in its investigation of Russian interference of the 2016 campaign, according to the people.

The move suggests that the special counsel is moving to finalize his months-long investigation of Stone — a key part of Mueller’s inquiry into whether anyone in President Trump’s orbit coordinated with the Russians.

Stone, who has advised Trump on and off for decades and was in contact with the candidate during the 2016 campaign, has been a focus of the special counsel as Mueller probes whether the Trump campaign had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’s release of Democratic emails allegedly hacked by Russian operatives.

"It is like a manhood thing for him"

The as if manhood.... statement will be the fuse that lit up tRump.

“It’s like a manhood thing for him,” she said of the wall, according to an aide who was present. “As if manhood could ever be associated with him. This wall thing.”

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