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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 03:22 PM
Number of posts: 9,995

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so many BAD posts in thread.... Arkansas Senate passes bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

the whole thread should be deleted.

please do it.... so many bad notes, people yelling, calling names.
abortion is a heart wrenching decision. please get rid of this now. thank you for your consideration and action

i just did my 5000 posts!!!! can we have a party?

this is really cool.

wow... WOW!!! 5 MORE NOTES and i have 5,000!!!

(4,992 posts)

i can't remember how long i've been here. long time. had an id before this one.
i post in different forums. not so much now. have ulnar nerve damage in left arm & hand and it hurts to type.
had elbow surgery and it still hurts like hell-o.



valentine's day is over but this is still a sweet picture. YOU GOT SOME RED CONSTRUCTION PAPER???

GO AHEAD........... make some hearts.

Cats Are Valentines

hope this picture gives you a smile.
happy friday.

GIVE hearts and GET hearts. self included??

well this is nice. i can give out 20 hearts. can I give one to myself? i have been through much this year and is only FEB

injury at my LEFT elbow and LEFT hand. it is ulnar nerve damage. i type 1 handed now. i pray everyday that my upper neck/ back (t7-c1) doesn't hurt again.
my 89 year old Aunt is failing, in and out of hospital. failing kidneys and has severe dementia. my cousin is her caregiver and is having heart problems now.

house problems: house is 38-40 years old. we have bad plumbing problems. pipes are bad, hot water heater is going out. toilet, bathtub and kitchen sink need replace.
need to replace entire deck on our houseboat. Arrrrrrrrrgh and our 12 year old truck (only transportation) is falling apart.
No money right now

Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world. interesting video and article

"average people without crisis training" can NOT react effectively. THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING VIDEO. even very experienced people freeze when confronted they feel stress, fright and these emotions freeze your actions. even cops who don't train for even 1 month, have problems reacting. when confronted with violent situation, assess. don't panic, use your head. sometimes "playing dead" will save your life and the life of those people around you.


The controlled study with 6 people documented in these videos show that concealed carry permit holders are fooling themselves if they think they will be able to react effectively to armed aggressors. Most CCW holders won’t even be able to un-holster their gun. They will more likely be killed themselves or kill innocent bystanders than stop the aggressor.




my GOP nephew is all mad. says his boss is going to fire him. OBAMACARE!!!!! OH NOES



my hubby, myself and OUR 4 CAT GIRLS ALL VOTED OBAMA.

YES, OUR 4 CAT GIRLS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE. They all voted for President Obama. They don't care that he has a dog. They like him, First Lady Michelle and the 2 girls alot!!! LOL, FRIENDS, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE TODAY.

MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. If you have to use Voting machine.... double check to make sure it went for PRESIDENT OBAMA

Posted by trueblue2007 | Tue Nov 6, 2012, 06:08 PM (1 replies)

one woman's account of ROMNEY AS GOVERNOR (from Facebook page)

Go Left

This needs to go viral. Please pass it along.

Marsha Mirkin, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Lasell College in Massachusetts.

Romney in Mass. October 15, 2012

Wanted to share with you the column I sent to the Denver Post
(Colorado is a swing state and virtually tied),

Here I am, a resident of Massachusetts listening to my former Governor
speak convincingly and with seeming conviction at the Denver debate.
I was startled by my Déjà vu experience and by the assumptions held by
my out-of-town friends about Mr. Romney's governorship. So, as an
editor and author of articles and texts about social and political
contexts, I wanted to reach out to my distant neighbors in Colorado
and share my understanding of Mr. Romney's governorship and the
implications for the Presidency. Massachusetts is known as a liberal
state, but we often vote for Republican governors, and the three
governors who immediately preceded Mr. Romney were Republicans. Mr.
Romney was a one term governor who left office with a 31% approval
rating, the 3rd lowest in the entire country. What does our
experience in Massachusetts say to the country?

Mr. Romney claims to have experience reaching across the aisle. Maybe
he did do some reaching, but not much of it went toward the Democrats.
In his first two years of office, he vetoed legislation at more than
twice the rate of Republican predecessor Governor Weld. Governor
Romney had a record 800 vetoes (most of which were overturned,
sometimes unanimously). One example is when the legislature provided
a budget amendment to stop contracting with companies that outsource
state work to other countries. Governor Romney vetoed the provision.
This meant that he supported outsourcing jobs at the expense of U.S.
workers. He also started a huge campaign to unseat Democratic
legislators, but failed and ended up with even fewer Republican seats
than before he took office.

Governor Romney correctly claims that Massachusetts rose to #1 in
education-but it was based on former Governor Weld's education reform
plan. Governor Romney moved in the opposite direction--he vetoed bills
that would have strengthened preschool education.

However, the issue is not so much how he voted, but that Mr. Romney
won the governorship by presenting himself in one way, as a social and
fiscal moderate (some saw him as a social progressive), and by the end
of his single term, he had acted in an entirely different way. He said
during his campaign that he favored stem cell research and then vetoed
a bill to fund it. He argued for a lower minimum wage than the state
legislature ended up passing (over his veto). He vetoed a bill funding
hate crimes prevention, and took back money approved by a former
Republican governor for a bullying prevention program. He denied all
requests for commutations and pardons, including one from a soldier
serving in Iraq whose was convicted at age 13 for a BB gun incident.
He vetoed emergency contraception. He raised many fees in my
state-even quadrupling the gasoline delivery fees.

Governor Romney certainly approved some pieces of legislation that I
did support but that does not change a major problem: Mr. Romney
re-created himself and changed his positions during the first
Presidential debate in your city because he must sound more moderate
in order to win the independent vote. After that, all bets are off. We
in Massachusetts know all about that. We elected a governor expecting
him to be one thing and then he did something totally different and
got on the national stage. He entered the governorship with a 61%
approval rating and left with an abysmal 31% and with many of us
scratching our heads and wondering whom we elected. The difference
between then and now is that you have Mr. Romney's speeches and
positions from this past year and the contradictions during the
debate. You can get nonpartisan information from factcheck.org <http://factcheck.org/> . And,
you now know what he was like in Massachusetts. So, I hope the country
doesn't have to go through what Massachusetts went through. Regardless
of your political beliefs, this constant turning into something we
didn't vote for is no way to run a state, never mind a country.

Marsha Mirkin,
Wellesley, MA

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