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Member since: Sun Apr 29, 2007, 07:33 AM
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The problem with "veiled" insults at Trump

Is that he won't get that they are about him.

So many headlines have been about how Meghan McCain insulted 45 without mentioning his name...which is why he won't get that they were directed at him.

This is the idiot who has to have his name sprinkle several times through his one page briefings in order to hold his attention. If he doesn't hear his name at least once an hour by the news, he goes insane.

Plus he is too stupid to understand subtlety and the same goes his for his cult of deplorables.

Granted he wasn't the target audience...it was the rest of us watching. He would be more upset that he wasn't mentioned by name than any of the digs and criticisms that were directed towards him.

The man is a narcissistic moron.
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