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Those babies (under 2) will never be re-united with their families IMHO

They have no way of tracking (ugh that's a horrible term - like an Amazon package) those little babies. They will get adopted out to white families. Their birth parents are seen as something less than human so of course they will be better off with white families.

It is disgusting, but that is what my fear is. Those babies have no voice, no way of saying "hey that's not my mom or dad"

Think of how many children will grow up believing their parents abandoned them? Didn't love them?

This has happened before in our country

The Orphan Trains of the late 1800's and 1900's - literally grabbed kids (whether they had parents or not) off the streets of large cities like New York and shipped them off to homes in the midwest.

In Arizona - this scene met horrific consequences all the way to the Supreme Court

In 1904, New York nuns brought forty Irish orphans to a remote Arizona mining camp, to be placed with Catholic families. The Catholic families were Mexican, as was the majority of the population. Soon the town's Anglos, furious at this "interracial" transgression, formed a vigilante squad that kidnapped the children and nearly lynched the nuns and the local priest. The Catholic Church sued to get its wards back, but all the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled in favor of the vigilantes.

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