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Joy did what her RW counterparts are incapable of

She didn't make it about her...she made it about how what she did hurt others. And how to use that as teaching point to heal...not divide.

I understand her not wanting to believe she wrote those things 10 years ago, or how they can seem so foreign to her....when I think of things I've said and views I had years ago, I cringe.
And frankly, given the RWNJ habit of dirty tricks, she wouldn't be doing her due diligence if she didn't have her blog investigated for hacking.

But she didn't play the victim, she didn't make it about her and how dare people try to bring her down. She didn't rail against enemies or do the "what about when person X said this"

She didn't back down or give in either.

She used her platform (and knowing as Mr. Capeheart correctly called it...people wanting to see her eviscerated) to talk about others, how words can hurt and the importance of evolving.

We cannot pretend our actions haven't hurt others even as we continue to grow and learn, nor can we judge people solely on their past. We are imperfect...the beauty is we can help and heal each other.

We cannot continue to tear down those on the left, searching for purity..because we will never find it. We need to stand together and help each other when we stumble.

My husband bought us tickets to see the Gipsy Kings!

Sept 13 - day after my birthday. Oh please don't let world explode until after.

I'm so excited my squeal made my dog flee...he's a shepherd and all around baby anyway.


Should teachers stop spending their own personal funds on classroom supplies?

I am not a teacher. I am not a parent. Just want to make sure that my opinions are based as someone without a personal stake (other than the mutual benefit of living in a society with well educated children who grow up to be productive members of society).

A common comment I have heard throughout all the teacher strikes and comes up every time ther is talk of public school funding is how much personal money teachers spend on classroom supplies.

And it's almost always teachers who can't really afford to do this and almost always in schools that are (imo) negligently underfunded.

I get the reasoning: teachers, for the vast majority, are caring compassionate people who aren't in the profession for fame and fortune. They see a need and want kids ... who through no fault of their own cannot afford basics..to have the tools necessary to learn.

Hearing that some schools ration paper...ffs..is crazy.

But the problem is, once you start spending your own money 1) you are in essence lessening your take home pay 2) setting a precedent to continue spending your own money 3) putting other teachers in an awkward position of being expected to do the same.

If every teacher says fuck this rationing paper bullshit, I'm bringing my own cuz Costco has a sale..then pretty soon the lawmakers are gonna say...see we don't need to put that in the budget.

GOP has no problem holding kids, basic necessities like supplies, school lunch, etc hostage and threatening to defund because they know progressives will cave. They know that good people don't want to see the kids suffer for the sins of the "adults" and will continue to fill the gap.

This isn't sustainable and everyone suffers: kids, parents, teachers, those of us without kids still live in a world where they will be our next generation of leaders and it benefits us all to have them well prepared.

I know teachers will say that if they don't spend their own money, their classroom will suffer. But when I worked as a cashier - I didn't have to provide register tape and grocery bags, as a waitress I didn't have to buy silverware for my guests, I wouldn't expect nurses to use their own funds for bandages, needles, or gauze. When I worked for a nonprofit battered women's shelter I would make anonymous donations feminine supplies when we ran low but I wasn't expected to provide the bedding or office furniture. No other profession puts the onus on providing basics tools of the job on the employee like teaching does.

Teachers do it because they care, I get it. I 100% understand and know in my heart I would probably do the same. But the big picture developing from watching the coverage of teacher strikes is that now school boards and politicians are basically budgeting with the expectation that teachers will personally fill the gaps.

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