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I think the daughter had something to do with poison attack in England

Watching the Richard Engel on assignment piece...
Mentioned that that the man had lost his wife and son, he was kinda estranged from his daughter...who had remained in Russia while he moved to England.

Then just a month ago she comes to visit, they go to pay respects at the wife's grave, and then get sick?

The Russian guy who was familiar with the nerve agent said even if recovered, the person would remain in life support yet she is recovering well?

I can't say if she knowingly or unknowingly had a part in it, but I find the timing suspicious. Because everything in the news is out of some weird spy novel.
Or slapstick comedy
Or horror film.

Can I vent for just a few minutes?

So a little background info about me: I'm in my 40's, am a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse. I have seen therapists off and on since I was 8. For 15 yrs I was actively self-harming (I still struggle with urges and "relapsed" a few months back) and I have been diagnosed by licensed therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists with major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder and PTSD. For the last 10 yrs I have been unable to work because I basically had a breakdown and I am struggling every day with basic tasks of living.

I say this all so that I can convey that my mental health is a constant struggle ever since I was a child and I understand the stigma and difficulties such as access to affordable care, being believed, getting consistent treatment etc that come with mental illness.

I have a friend who is very wealthy - I say that only because it will be relevant in a second and also because I try to actively check myself from my bias "you are a millionaire-how are you struggling" ...I know mental illness does not see $$ and it's my own personal bias.

My friend is a few years older than me and college educated. But she throws out terms and diagnosis that, in my opinion minimize mental illnesses. Like when someone says they are OCD when they really are just a neat and organized person. She says this about PTSD..first she said she had PTSD about calling a doctor, at first I brushed it off exaggeration. But then she said it again, this time she has PTSD of abandonment because she has had to change doctors.

After internally screaming, I said...I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but that is not what PTSD is. She got defensive and said well I get sick to my stomach so what do you call it..I explained it sounded more like panic (but stating one isn't "better or worse" just treated differently) and attached in a text some explanations from medical websites.

A few days later she was talking about the medications she takes, the cost and that she has "survivor's guilt" that she can afford it. I bit back the urge to say no..that's privilege, survivors guilt is what some of the Parkland students are facing.

The thing is she states she has some serious mental health issues : PTSD, bipolar, bipolar depressive (which I don't think is it's own thing), and some others I have forgotten. But I don't think she has been diagnosed (at least not in the last 15yrs) by her own admission, she has a doctor that she just tells she has a specific diagnosis (never mentions symptoms) and gets some heavy medications that she sometimes takes. It sounds like her doctor is not very ethical..just one that passes out free samples and doesn't do any follow up.

She has been talking about going to a new doctor for medications (not talk therapy) and she needs to get straight all her diagnoses from the last 18 yrs so she can tell them what pills she needs.

I told her to focus on the symptoms of what she is feeling not labels (because it feels like she has a new thing every month). I explained that being on some of the hard core antipsychotic meds if you don't have the chemical imbalance that needs it to begin with, can make things worse.

We have never met in person, we met online in crafting group over 8 yrs ago, but talk nearly every other day via texts and long winded emails.

I am worried that because she doesn't have insurance and can just pay cash, she has had some unethical advice from her pill doctor over the past years. I am frustrated with how flippant she is tossing out diagnoses that she gets from whatever website she was on last because I feel like it minimizes the seriousness of something like PTSD (which I have and is no joke).

Sorry this is so long... I just really needed to vent. I want to be a supportive friend and not judge her.

The real victim here is Barron - that poor young man

I mean how gross - how gross to hear about your dad getting spanked by an adult film actress while your mom was pregnant with you (or had just had you), having an affair with a playmate, etc.

I mean Melania knew what she was getting into when she married the ickster.

But for a boy to hear about how awful his dad treated him mom, how little regard his dad had for him, to hear that his dad compared his sex partners to his half-sister (just eww) - and the world knows all of it.

But all trump cares about is how the interview makes him look to his fans -not the impact on his son. Does he even remember he has a young son? Could he pick him out of a line-up of several boys Barron's age?

On edit: I am talking about the sex scandal specifically, not the whole reign of orange terror. Obviously the ICE families torn apart are just one example of true victims.

I was just thinking that tonight all trump cares about is himself, while this poor kid has to hear all this gross stuff. And yes his mom was a nude model, etc etc. I can still feel that tonight the victim here is a kid.

I want Stormy Daniels to be the one to bring down Trump's presidency

There are so many things that should have ended this shit show a long time ago and the Mueller investigation is the most thoroughly investigated and is going to bring down a lot more indictments.

But when I think of all the shitty comments trump has made about women over the decades, the way he has treated the ones he has been married to, the creepy ass voyeurism of his pageants (bragging about going back stage while they are dressing), calling up newspapers & tabloids as John Barron or John Miller to "brag" about his nonexistent sexploits, how every famous beautiful woman would have wanted him (ick remember the stuff about Princess Di), his insults and attacks on women's appearances....just the whole disgusting bundle of how he treats women and how he sees himself as some kind of Casanova.

I want it to be a woman, a porn star no less...to be the one that exposes (eww pun intended) him for vile piece of shit he is. I mean we all know it, but I want him to have to read about (ooops have read to him) and see in tv just nasty humiliating details about his "prowess" and the lengths he has gone to shut women up.

Sex is something everyone understands...the Russian probe is complicated and seems unreal to many of his supporters. Getting spanked with a magazine with your face on it, golden showers, paying for sex and possible abortions - that's the stuff average Americans can focus in and get disgusted by.

I want him to go to jail for his treasonous attack on America. That probably won't happen. I'll settle for him going down in history as not only the worst president ever, but the only one (we know of) that got pissed on.

Sorry if this has been posted before - I just really needed a laugh


Nunberg has weird daddy issues

I mean I know there was a shit ton of "wtf" to unpack from yesterday's meltdown but what stood out to me was how many times he referred to Roger Stone as "like a father" to him. Ok fair enough...that was pretty consistent and many people have mentors that serve as parental figures.

But then on Erin Burnett's show on CNN, she asked why he was so angry at trump...why did he keep saying that trump treated him badly...and he said that Trump was like a father to him

Then someone posted a video of when Nunberg was 5 and was with his father when he first met Trump (so he did have an actual father in his life at some point).

Good lord, all Mueller needs to do to get info from Sam is call him Chamo or Sport, throw a baseball around a few times and give him a pat on the back....he can be his new father figure.

Whenever I see Richard Painter on TV expressing disgust

with the GOP (and yes I know he is a conservative, but he isn't an asshole) and his utter frustration with the lack of ethics in Congress all I can think of is this

but he is really thinking this

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