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Adsos Letter

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The hill behind Artesa winery.

The hill behind Artesa Winery:


Looking out toward Mt. Tamalpais from Artesa Winery:

Posted by Adsos Letter | Wed Mar 2, 2016, 05:07 PM (8 replies)

Chariots of Fur...

Thompson's Corner, Cordelia, California

Thompson's Corner, Cordelia, California


I've been noticing spots on some of my images. They show up depending on contrast, etc., of the photo. The lenses look clean, and I'm wondering if these are oil spots on the sensor. If so, how is the best way to clean them?

Country Road

In Gordon Valley, California


California countryside, just about 40 minutes northeast of San Francisco.

Suisun Creek Watershed

You're entering it.


15 FT 4 IN


Darlene's Antenna


Reading Pfanz's trilogy on the battle of Gettysburg.

Last time I tried wading my way through these I got lost in the incredible amount of detail Pfanz includes in his writing. More, and more detailed, maps would have helped.

This time I'm keeping Google Earth open as I read. It really helps with the mental picture Pfanz tries to create, even though the battlefield has changed some since 1863 (primarily in the amount of trees, orchards, undergrowth, and fence lines).

Some of the most useful assistance rendered by Google Earth comes in being able to use the 'ruler' function to get a bird's eye view of the distances (yards and miles) in Pfanz's account.

Rain today in Rockville, California






They're everywhere around here.


A CSX Quality Auto Rack

That's what they tell me.



Plus, a couple from the Benicia Arsenal:



And a couple more of the Benicia Docks:



Edited to add A Black Cadillac that was ahead of us on the way to dinner on Valentine's Day:


Red Top Dairy from the Car

Red Top Dairy from the Car

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