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Member since: Wed Apr 4, 2007, 04:11 AM
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Total amateur with too much free time and no particular focus but a love for learning new things. One-time vanity-pu--- I mean self-published author with exactly one book sold to anyone else. So far! Many kinds of geek.

Journal Archives

Conspiracy-nut-in-chief take down put together for the fam -

I may or may not have accidentally created a guerrilla pirate radio station to arm the more sensible fam, esp. some of the wives dealing with brothers or fathers-in-laws, that have been joining interventions with me (another story for another time, very hopeful one tho).

And just generally, you know, to flood the zone with better sourced information and not wing-ding dittohead stuff.

Anyways, it cracked us up here so I thought you all might enjoy a mornin' laugh as well (also permission to use verbatim, I don't need these words anywhere near as much as truth needs to be dropped on someone right now) -

Today, after coming together to put the enemy within, bigotry, down and behind us in a long journey yet to come, it is time to face the enemy without. And their agent-in-chief, Donald J Trump.

Whether the man has dementia or he truly knows what he is doing rather is an irrelevant point, when you see a 75 year-old man shoved to the ground and try to CYA by wiping profusely with a Russian-sourced intelligence product, You. Are. A. Traitor. To. America.


I swear to you, the one conspiracy theory he's avoided so far is saying the moon landing was faked, but if he somehow is re-elected I fully expect him to start up on that, too. Then he can satisfy his ego by trying to tell us no one thought of landing men (and women this time) on the moon until him and that it had never been done before. *facepalm*

Whenever you are confronted by this conspiratorial nonsense and the attempts to pit American against American, whether it comes from 45*'s own thumbs or a dittohead on the radio or Faux, the creator's of that content are Russian Intelligence, and the goal is to keep one portion of the populace enraged at the majority of the country, to keep us off-balance, to keep an incompetent administration in power, to keep the world stage open for bad actors. This is not just a fabrication - our senate has released a bipartisan, joint report on these activities:


The interference and use of propaganda managed to sway an election once without an active attack on any actual vote-casting mechanism, by getting three states within 75,000 votes of reduced turn-out from apathetic voters and deceiving one side with conspiracy after conspiracy after conspiracy about the first woman candidate. Playing into America's ingrained misogyny and inability to see a woman in a position of leadership, power or authority, regardless of her shortcomings. Russia loves doing this, because that woman happens to be the female Secretary of State who passively-aggressively trolled Vlad during unrest in Russia (2011-12):

"Ms Clinton was vocal in her concerns about the election.

"The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), for example, cites election day attempts to stuff ballot boxes, manipulate voter lists and other troubling practices," she said.

Mr Putin, refusing to admit his own popularity was under threat, said the US State Department and its secretary Ms Clinton were interfering in his affairs, stirring up protests against him.

"Our partners shake us from time to time so that we don't forget who owns this planet," he said.


And damn right. Damn right we used to shake Russia and not let her forget who the 800-lbs gorilla on the world stage is. Not some Italy-sized economy mono-resourced criminal oil oligarchy, that's for sure.

So when you see Donald J. Trump, right-wing news repeating whack conspiracies, when you see GOP senators and White House staff smile and pretend they don't see or hear the ridiculous tweets and stories out there, know this is what you are witnessing -


Constantly using foreign aligned, Russian agent employed information and propaganda, is not legally treason. We have no formal declaration of war. But it certainly violates a president's Oath to the U.S. Constitution. And a traitor by any other name...



Re: Family who have uttered "rifle dropper" or "surrender monkey"..

I humbly submit for your review, if you've ever heard a family member historically ignorantly refer to France with the terms: "rifle dropper" or "surrender monkeys", (or if you yourself have uttered these words...)* That [email protected]% is over after 45*'s presidency. No on has surrendered and retreated more than this man. Mostly just the past months accumulated examples:


This was just a quick list (*and calling out for else-wheres use) to make a point but would not mind adding to the collection. Peace!

(don't feel it really should be necessary here with the DU but I'll simply add that the Maginot Line and not getting high on your own supply of propaganda are highly relevant to the subject)

edit: the context just dawned on me after posting, as well that, the egregious moment that escalated this even further was him removing protestors from Lafayette Plaza. Just thought I'd add that.

edits for over a month ago suggestions and other things:

Trying to recall..

a poem or song that had some imagery to the effect of - " our dust will rise up & fill their noses " but it's escaping me where I heard it from since it has been many a year. Does that sound familiar to anyone? thanks!

Who the royal f

are these assholes https://www.facebook.com/groups/2033010196816091/

monitored not directly engaged

I'll leave this hear as a resource:

facebook search term: posse comitatus being a hoax

stumbled on them while i was trying to find text from Laws of Land Warfare in my own effort to prevent military family members from buying into all this nonsense, or helping their buddies figure it out with a sit down hear tto heart. hope it wasnt even necessary but.. who knows

I say things can be replaced...

OP: "You say Lives Cannot!

maybe a thought..?



ON edit:

I've since had time to sleep on it and realized that I had just gotten so fed up, and was trying to do something by pointing the blindingly obvious and it ended up not being helpful. I'm deeply sorry and appreciative of the result, whatever the situation and intentions. I've added some clarification now that I've cooled my heels.


Since I'm the new poster here, if I were to summarize my political beliefs briefly without getting into affiliations, the words I would choose are fanatic egalitarian extreme empathaticist. Ok, so I made one of them up. So I get that to someone of a more conservative bent, I'm basically a super hippie. I'd accept the appellation proudly.

I've had a bit of a chance to discuss this with a fellow DU'er and would just clarify - I meant to call out demonizing justifiably angry, suffering people and not distinguishing between the few of them and the larger number - the ones who are there to destroy someone else's community, that I do have outrage with. That factor is the large share of what I am getting at, and I am not advocating aggravating things with this behavior. If I lead you to believe I'm not utterly disgusted with the fact people from outside the communities affected are taking advantage and escalating things, I apologize. I'm not please with the rest of it, either.

But I can relate to the others without agreeing with their choices. I can try to feel the pain that would lead to it. And sharing in the playbook of amplifying the outrage at all of it as a distraction without that sense of hearing it is not a tactic I enjoy. As this is going on, tens of millions of Americans are unemployed, over 100,000 Americans are have died, and George Floyd is dead with two of his killers at large, and the people stealing TVs or clothes or widgets aren't making things better but they aren't making it as worse as some. They aren't making it as bad as the president who is trying to use the unrest to distract and seem like a tough guy and get his damn poll numbers raised, which will fail miserably. Focusing on the stealing and burning is also a reaction I understand, however, especially from anyone whose gone through earlier periods like this.

I stand with Joe on this, as posted elsewhere, and the other things:
"I canít breathe. I canít breathe. George Floydís last words, but they didnít die with him. Theyíre still being heard, echoing all across this nation. They speak to a nation where too often just the color of your skin puts your life at risk. They speak to a nation where more than 100,000 people have lost their lives to virus, and 40 million have filed for unemployment, with a disproportionate number of those deaths and job losses concentrated in black and brown communities. And they speak to a nation where every day, millions of people, millions, not at the moment of losing their life, but in the course of living their life are saying to themselves, ďI canít breathe.Ē Weíre not going to allow any president to quiet our voice. We wonít let those who see this as an opportunity to sow chaos, throw up a smokescreen to distract us from the very real, legitimate grievances at the heart of these protests. We canít, we canít leave this moment, canít leave this moment thinking that we can once again turn away and do nothing."

It's likely we all agree here more than we disagree and have different levels of hunger for change, given varying amounts of time spent living through not enough change. Part of my intensity may be I'm still a mostly young hot-head and haven't had the time to see things not change for as long.

Solutions, not problems. I may be new to posting, but I have put some effort into not overstepping lines, to get caught up in the divisive sort of things that have happened before. I, too, wonder about post counts and what not when someone sounds fishy. If you're on guard against brand new accounts, and quite old accounts, that must be a stressful defensive crouch to deal with when meeting new posters. I'll try to be even more aware of that.

I did have a post count I raced to, I'll own that. It was ten so I could reach out and find support here on a personal issue. So while for a moment it may have felt like it was a mistake to stay engaged after doing so, I know it wasn't.

Let me give you a new poster perspective though, that if others were to allow being appropriately security-minded stray too far into being dismissive or personal, rather than responding to reason with reason, that might feel like crossing a line that feels like the Dark Times *cue spooky music*. I feel bad even invoking them, it's like literary tropes of 'whom shall not be named'.

I'll try not to take it as personal as I did initially which I was ken to, which is the larger share of why I waited to say what I had to say. I'll just say.. I wont waste time with the difference between someone losing their [email protected]% being morally outraged to the point of needing to be heard and find refuge in an overwhelmingly supportive community; and a sleeper account. Especially not with what I've been advised not to take too seriously without knowing more, cause it triggers a sorta smells like a couple dirty socks feeling. Those who make an effort to get to know me I believe will see me for who I am, and those who don't aren't my problem. I understand vigilance is necessary. I practice it also. I've made my point with my OP and until there is something constructive to do don't see any further comment to my attempt at promoting an empathetic mindset in this challenging way. It's always possible people feel it but aren't remembering to clarify they do to when reacting to specific situations.


not wholly my idea: discussing civil unrest and refusing to discuss the root causes is like trying to put a fire out pointing the fire extinguisher in the sky. You point it at the base of the fire where the fuel is burning, not the flickering distraction at the surface.

edit: additional non-kicking clarifying thoughts.

Why Covid-19 Recovery and Reparations are the best BOGO opportunity in all of history.

I mean, it's obvious.
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