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Total amateur with too much free time and no particular focus but a love for learning new things. One-time vanity-pu--- I mean self-published author with exactly one book sold to anyone else. So far! Many kinds of geek.

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I just don't understand thinking like this and its in my own family

My dad is a cancer survivor who is on /that/ side.

I really wanted to post this train of thought I had interrupted to social media after an argument with my father that he ended abruptly. Was wisely advised that was a bad, bad idea, so here I am.

I had heard from other family that, unlike the seriousness he was treating things with initially, that he was now downplaying everything and said such as "God didn't let me die to my cancer, he won't let me die to this". Ignore the fact that doctors and access to medicaid played a major factor... I wont get into the talking points I heard when trying to get through to him, suffice to say they were easily recognizable and involved tracking chips. Though, oddly in the tests not the vaccine.

Of course, it turns out he is still protecting himself but not once did he stop me to point that out to calm or reassure me. I realize of course it's one thing to espouse foolish beliefs, it's another to broadcast them while staying at home or still keeping to protective measures you've been practicing right along. Oh well.

I apologize if this is the wrong place, long-time over-the-shoulder lurker. This thought was designed to make a point within my family about what we're all dealing with, I don't wish it to start an argument here or offend. Just needed a like-minded and supportive environment to get it out of my head, mostly.

Here goes the unpolished thought-chain I got cut off on now turned-venting and maybe someone else will feel like making something helpful of it:

There are 2555 days in seven years. Right now, around 1400 Americans have been dying on average daily during the pandemic, even under some amount of stay-at-home and isolation orders meant, where-so ordered, to save as many lives as possible. The virus has gone exactly nowhere, and reopening where not based on advisable conditions has begun increasing numbers in previously less affected areas. 6.5 million divided by 2555 works out to 2544 daily deaths. That is math. That is not opinion, belief or feeling. That is quantitatively comparable. The deaths are dispropriatently affecting the poor, the disabled, minorities and the elderely. Also mathematically demonstrated, not opinion, belief or feeling. That is qualitatively comparable. The pace has and will accelerate by the end, large numbers have been pressed into unsafe work conditions before some share of them dying, and in the worst areas, what to do with the remains is its own scale of horror, which wont dissuade the obvious counterpoints but there it is. If you do not understand my reference to 6.5 million, or 7 years, you have apparently forgotten.

We. Were. Supposed. To. Never. Forget.

(negligence, if believable, is not a defense, my understanding is it only affects the charges. or perhaps sentencing)

P.S. If you have thought that 1400 average number increasing by a thousand is unlikely, kindly remember only one out of three people that have died have died in the U.S., where the outcome is so far the worst of any nation on earth and the denial is amongst the most dangerous, Brazil not-withstanding.

For some solace or hope I would recommend Matthew 18:20 and suggest any distance is not a limiting factor.
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