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My latest attempt at verse. Please share your thoughts

I don't post much on DU, though I lurk regularly. Wasn't aware until just now that a writing group existed. I've tried to organize my thoughts about the political season thusly. I welcome your comments.

Poem For Phil Ochs
(Written by Russell D. Brown, 10/11/12)

As the Mayans have said, the old ways will be dead
It’s a new day that will be a-breaking
Will it be one that’s bright to dispel selfish night?
Or will those with the most still be taking?
We stop the one-percent, or it’s most evident
It’s democracy we’ll be forsaking
One way or another, we are living the revolution

Certain folks, they see, you’re a commodity
Just a cog in a wheel, you mean nothing
So easy to replace if you fall on your face
Worry not, we’ve got a million of ‘em
Your blood, tears and toil, they don’t matter at all
But a corporation is a person
One way or another, we are living the revolution

To me it is clear the new fascism’s here
“Gier uber alles” seems the motto
And they’ll lie, cheat and steal ‘till their slanders seem real
So that we, being frightened, will follow
We’ll shrug while Atlas roars, we’re not scared anymore
For their dreams are a thing much too shallow
One way or another, we are living the revolution

Facing dire admonitions from crepe-paper Christians
“Taking their country back”, so they’ll tell you
That “their country” died in 1865
Is a fact they can't seem to admit to
Would heaven be filled with such self-righteous shills
Makes me wonder, what would Jesus do?
One way or another, we are living the revolution

All those who fought before, these same battles, this same war
They look to us now to see whether
We can take up the fight: decent wage, equal rights,
Shoulder-to-shoulder, making it better
‘Till my brother stands free, there’s no freedom for me
So, ‘till then, we shall all stand together
One way or another, we are living the revolution

First Tuesday in November may we all remember
The terror they feel at our power
Show them we’ll never quit, we ninety-nine-percent,
We will fight, no matter the hour
All their billions will pale, all their dark schemes will fail
For the one thing they can’t buy is honor
One way or another, we are winning the revolution
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