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Timothy Hill: Hill For House 2012 v.2

Timothy Hill - the little brother of Republican TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill officially announced his candidacy for the 2012 Tennessee House of Representatives 3rd House District seat.

During 2009 and 2101 the Hill brothers obtained a $18,000 state grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development for training their employees at the Right Way Marketing, LLC political telemarketing call center in Johnson City.

Within weeks after the four training period was completed by Right Way Marketing employees in Johnson City, these newly trained employees were fired from their call center jobs and it was reported that Timothy Hill was relocating the Right Way Marketing operations within the Tennessee House District with a $10,000 forgivable loan from the taxpayer supported Sullivan County Industrial Board NETWORKS.

Has Timothy Hill, a co-owner of the Right Way Marketing political telemarketing company (along with both his brother --- TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill --- and his mother, Janet Hill --- wife of Tennessee Regulatory Authority Chairman Kenneth C. Hill) ever paid back that reported $10,000 "forgivable" loan with interest to the Sullivan County taxpayers via the Sullivan County Industrial Board "NETWORKS" headed up by the former Republican TNGA Rep. Richard Venable?

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill & HB3808 (2012): Sermon On The Mons

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill (R-7, Jonesborough), legislative sponsor of the Tennessee Life Defense Act of 2012, or HB3808, was defending his bill that would require all doctors who perform abortions to obtain admitting privileges at area hospitals before the Tennessee House Health and Human Service Committee and also originally requiring the state to publish records that would identify doctors performing abortions in Tennessee and compile a very broad demographic database about the women undergoing abortions in Tennessee.

Critics of Hill's HB3808 legislation cited the bill was a merely a legislative attempt to providing anti-legal abortion rights opponents with the information to identify, assault, and terrorize doctors and women seeking abortion services.

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill (R-7, Jonesborough)

Tennessee General Assembly - Bill Information for HB3808

Tennessee General Assembly - Bill Information for HB3808 - Bill Summary

HB 3808 by *Hill, Evans. (*SB 3323 by *Beavers.)
Abortion - As introduced, enacts the "Life Defense Act of 2012." - Amends TCA Title 37, Chapter 10, Part 3; Title 39, Chapter 15, Part 2 and Title 68.

Fiscal Summary

Bill Summary
This bill:

(1) Prohibits a physician from performing an abortion unless the physician has admitting privileges at a licensed hospital that is located in a county in which the abortion is performed or in a county adjacent to the county in which the abortion is performed. The physician must notify the patient of the location of the hospital at which the physician has privileges and where the patient may receive follow-up care by the physician if complications arise; and

(2) Rewrites the present law requirement that a physician performing an abortion keep a record of each operation and make a report to the commissioner of health with respect thereto at the time and in the form as the commissioner may reasonably prescribe. Under this amendment , a report of each abortion performed must be made to the department of health on forms prescribed by the commissioner of health. The report forms will not identify the individual patient by name and must include the following information:

(A) Identification of the physician who performed the abortion and the physician's office, clinic, hospital or other facility where the abortion was performed;
(B) The county and state in which the woman resides;
(C) The woman's age, race and marital status;
(D) The number of prior pregnancies and prior abortions of the woman;
(F) The gestational age in number of weeks of the unborn child at the time of the abortion;
(G) The type of procedure performed or prescribed and the date of the abortion; and
(H) Pre-existing medical conditions of the woman that would complicate pregnancy, if any, and, if known, any medical complication that resulted from the abortion itself.

The reports must be completed by the facility where the abortion was performed, signed by the physician who performed the abortion and transmitted to the department of health within 15 days after each reporting month. The commissioner of health must prepare a comprehensive annual statistical report for the general assembly based upon the data gathered. Such report must not lead to the disclosure of the identity of any person filing a report or about whom a report is filed. The report will be available for public inspection and copying and posted on the department's web site. In addition to whatever other information the commissioner of health includes in the annual report, the commissioner must include the number of abortions performed in each county of the state and the number of facilities in each county, as well as aggregate statistics based on the data gathered, including, but not limited to, abortion rates by age and race. Reports filed pursuant to this provision will be confidential in nature and not be accessible to the public, except that disclosure may be made to law enforcement officials upon an order of court after application showing good cause therefore. The court may condition disclosure of the information upon any appropriate safeguards it may impose.

Original copies of all reports filed under this provision will be available to the board of medical examiners and the board of osteopathic examination for use in the performance of their official duties. Any person who willfully discloses any information obtained from reports, other than that disclosure otherwise authorized by law, commits a misdemeanor. Any person required under this provision to file a report, keep any records or supply any information, who willfully fails to file such report, keep such records or supply such information at the time or times required by law or regulation is guilty of unprofessional conduct and the person's license for the practice of medicine and surgery will be subject to suspension or revocation.

Any person who willfully delivers or discloses to the department of health any report, record or information known by the person to be false, commits a misdemeanor. In addition to the above penalties, any person, organization or facility who willfully violates the provisions requiring reporting will upon conviction thereof:

(A) For the first time, have its license suspended by any appropriate licensing board for a period of six months;
(B) For the second time, have its license suspended by any appropriate licensing board for a period of one year; and
(C) For the third time, have its license revoked by any appropriate licensing board.

TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill: "IUD? No, what's an IUD?"

Segments from a 2010 Tennessee General Assembly video wherein Rep. Matthew Hill (R-7, Jonesborough) - a graduate of East Tennessee State University - stated during questioning on the floor about his legislation (Hill was asked by Rep. Jeanne Richardson) as to if he knew about IUD's (and he didn't).

Hill later goes on to tell other members of the Tennessee House of Representatives that his then 22 month-old son Caleb would engage his father in an abortion discussion about "saving babies"...

How TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill scammed Tennessee taxpayers out of $18,000 TNECD grant money

Back during 2009 and 2010, TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill (R-7, Jonesborough) actively obtained $18,000 in Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development job training grants during 2009-2010 for training employees at his former Right Way Marketing, LLC political telemarketing call center in Johnson City (Washington County) that he co-owned with both his mother, Janet Hill, and his brother --- Tennessee 3rd State House District candidate --- Timothy Hill.

Rep. Matthew Hill was himself never publicly mentioned within local news reports --- or even on the Right Way Marketing web site itself --- as being a director of fledgling political telemarketing company, but this information is listed on the disclosure statements that the Jonesborough representative filed with the Tennessee Ethics Commission.

2011 Tennessee Statement of Disclosure of Interests - TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill

2011 Tennessee Statement of Disclosure of Interests (ss-8005) - TRA Chairman Kenneth C. Hill

State ss-8005 financial disclosure records on file with the Tennessee Ethics Commission also reveal that Right Way Marketing loaned the 2010 TNGA 3rd House District Timothy Hill candidate (not his campaign) an undisclosed amount money, for an undisclosed purpose, and originating on an unknown date --- although state records reveal that the Right Way Marketing loan to Timothy Hill occurred on or before May 1, 2010. Could the TNECD state grant money received by Timothy Hill actually been directly funneled into his own 2010 Tennessee Republican primary election campaign?:

2011 Tennessee Statement of Disclosure of Interests - TNGA 3rd District House candidate Timothy Hill

State records on file with the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development also reveal that Rep. Matthew Hill had spoken to a TNECD employee on August 18, 2009 about the disbursement of state ECD grant monies to Hill's Right Way Marketing for reimbursement of training at the former Johnson City location --- well before the Right Way Marketing, LLC contract for TNDECD training reimbursement grant money was even signed by RWM Director of Operations Jamie Aistrop on September 21, 2009.

The dates of the training periods conducted and claimed by the Hill brother's Right Way Marketing, LLC within state applications and contracts filed with the TNDECD state training reimbursement funds office occurred during the following dates:

First payment March 1, 2009 through July 15, 2009;
Second payment December 7, 2009 through December 31, 2009;
Third Payment February 22, 2010 through February 26, 2010, and;
Fourth Payment March 23, 2010 through April 2, 2010.

All TNECD training reimbursement grant payment information (amounts, voucher numbers, and transaction dates) to Right Way Marketing by the TNECD Automated Clearing House payment to banking institution provided by Right Way Marketing are as follows:

1) $10,500 V# 191 - 12-23-09
2) $1,800 V# 488 2-12-10
3) $2,100 V# 897 2-26-10
4) $3,600 V# 1254 6-4-10

TNGA State Representative and Corporate Socialist Matthew Hill (R-7, Jonesborough)

Rep. Hill is also a son of the appointed Tennessee Regulatory Authority Chairman Kenneth Hill, who had filed his own disclosure statement with the Ethics Commmision that indicated that his wife, Janet Hill, also held an interest in Right Way Marketing. A TNECD publication featured a blurb about Right Way Marketing creating 312 jobs and being capitalized at approximately $1,527,000 (News From Tennessee ECD Developments. Volume 1, Issue 2).

Kenneth C. Hill giving oath of office as Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director, 2009.

Business records also filed with the Tennessee Secretary of State listed Timothy Hill as the registered agent of Right Way Marketing, LLC and that the company headquarters were located at the Blountville "Taj MaHill" residence of TRA Chairman Hill.

The Right Way Marekting web page once even featured an image file of the former National College Republican Committee President T.J. Maloney, listed as as the Right Way Marketing "Political Director" --- not a typical executive job title for your run of the mill call center, but perhaps a reasonable job title for an executive associated with a business entity that was seemingly set up to provide telephonic services for partisan (read here, Republican) caandidates for elected office.

Internet Wayback Machine - Right Way Marketing April 20, 2010

Rep. Matthew Hill and his brother, Timothy Hill (then the "public face" manager of Right Way Marketing and a 2010 Republican Primary candidate within the Tennessee 3rd House District election in a district covering both Johnson County and Sullivan County) had closed the Johnson City business operations of Right Way Marketing within three weeks of completing in the last employee training period in order to obtain additional Tennessee Economic & Community Development job training grant money, and then simply transferred the Right Way Marketing business operations to the 3rd House District near Blountville --- sans the Right Way Marketing employees from the Johnson City that had been trained with thousands of state tax dollars.

Approximately $18,000 of your Tennessee tax dollars...

In effect, Tennessee tax dollars were funneled from TNECD, subsidizing the Right Way Marketing political telemarketing operations for the benefit of not only Tennessee Republican politicians/owners Timothy Hill and TNGA Rep. Matthew Hill, but other noteable members of the Tennessee General Assembly including the 2010 Tennessee Republican gubernatorial primary candidate and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, Reps. Glen Casada and Debra Maggart, and others as partisan political customers of Right Way Marketing.

The Hill brothers also received an additional $10,000 "forgivable loan" during April 2010 from the Sullivan County Industrial Board "NETWORKS" headed up by former TNGA House Rep. Richard Veneable for Right Way Marketing by "creating new jobs in Sullivan County" --- and effectively killing Right Way Marketing jobs located in Johnson City (all of that being call center employes training subsized with a generous supply of Tennessee tax dollars) --- with their transferring Right Way Marketing operations to Blountville.

"Right Way Marketing relocated to old Carolina Pottery site, expects to hire 50 more workers"

Timothy Hill later announced the September 2010 layoff of the newer Blountville employees at Right Way Marketing, reportedly insisting the second round of Right Way Marketing employee layoffs (at the Blountville location) "was necessary after a client suspended its calling center needs" --- this axing of the hired help occured following both his own doomed 3rd House District primary election campaign for the Tennessee House of Representatives and the overwhelming state wide voters' rejection of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey's failed 2010 Tennessee Republican gubernatorial primary election campaign.

"Development officials not giving up on Right Way yet"

The news media in northeast Tennessee has been strangely silent as to if the two 2012 Tennessee 3rd and 7th House District candidates (i.e.: Rep. Matthew Hill and his brother Timothy Hill) actually bothered to pay back the $10,000 dollar loan plus interest to the Sullivan County taxpayers.

The Amended 2010 3rd Quarter for Timothy Hill report later submitted to the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance on January 25, 2011 shows that the campaign treasury of Tennessee 3rd House District candidate had already received a $1,500 self-endorsed loan from Timothy Hill and had an outstanding itemized obiligation of $14,000 under date of July 30, 2010 to Majority Strategies of Ponte Verda Beach, Florida.

The 2010 4th Quarter for Timothy Hill report filed by candidate Timothy Hill (also submitted on January 25, 2011) shows a beginning campaign account balance of $865.33, both of Hill's campaign account with an additional $14,000 self-endorsed loan under date of November 1, 2010 from Timothy Hill (for a total of $15,500 debt that the candidate's campaign owed to Timothy Hill) and the retirement of the outstanding itemized campaign obiligation of $14,000 to Majority Strategies.

Additionally, the Amended 2012 Early Year End Supplemental (2011) for Timothy Hill report (submitted by the candidate later on February 1, 2012) is particularly informative shows a beginning campaign account balance of $865.33, a flurry of campaign donations to Timothy Hill's campaign during November and December of 2011 as Hill received only one earlier 2011 campaign donation and that amount of $50.00 dollars is dated October 18, 2011 (bringing his period total receipts of $17,956.00), and an ending balance of $18,821.33 --- all without removing the $15,500 Timothy Hill campaign debt owed to Timothy Hill himself.

Amended 2010 3rd Quarter for TIMOTHY HILL submitted on 01/25/2011

2010 4th Quarter for TIMOTHY HILL submitted on 01/25/2011

Amended 2012 Early Year End Supplemental (2011) for TIMOTHY HILL submitted on 02/01/2012

Timothy Hill lost his 2010 Republican Primary election to the now TNGA House 3rd Distric Rep. Scotty Campbell of Mountain City. The 3rd House District was formerly represented within the Tennessee General Assembly by Jason Mumpower and now covers areas of Sullivan, Johnson, and Carter Counties in Northeast Tennessee.

Reverse Coal! 100 Coal Plants Retired

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