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DU Video | YouTube.com - Timothy Hill: House Speaker Beth Harwell Endorsement at Rocky Mount


Timothy Hill: Speaker Beth Harwell Endorsement at Rocky Mount


Fair-Use and criticism of the hillforhouse.com with images from campaign web site of Tennessee 3rd House District Republican candidate Timothy Hill.

Timothy "TimoChe" Hill is a candidate within the 2012 Tennessee General Assembly 3rd House District Republican Primary in Northeast Tennessee who is wanting to bring his Corporate-Socialist revolución to the Tennessee General Assembly in Nashville.

October 8, 2012 - Tennessee General Assembly (TNGA) House Speaker Beth Harwell traveled to Northeast Tennessee to give her endorsement of TNGA 3rd House District Timothy "TimoChe" Hill at several locations, including her appearance at the Rocky Mount Historical Site in Piney Flats, Tennessee.

Rocky Mount is the site of the 1790-1792 capitol of the U.S. Southwest Territory, and strangely enough, the Rocky Mountain Historical Site has a remarkable amount of Nazi German war memorabilia that is out of context with this state historical site that is being supported Tennessee taxpayers.
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