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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 7,423

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Remember when Trump said, prior to the election, that he would refuse to concede to HRC if he lost?

He plunged America into uncharted territory when he repeatedly made that claim in the months preceding Election Day.

Just like Mitch McConnell "knowing" that he could stall the Merrick Garland hearings because a GOP victory was being manipulated by the Russians (and his fellow Republicans)...

...was Trump asserting his own prescience that the Russians were going to help him steal the election...to the extent that, if he lost, something would had to have gone awry with the collusion and quid pro quo?

Something about that statement has always tasted bitter in my mouth. With the daily uncovering of more and more Russian influence in the election, it seems apparent that Trump and his big mouth may have been alluding to the Big Fix and his potential incredulousness if the hack was not to be successful.

You are Trump. You have just colluded with a hostile foreign power in the run-up to the election.

Your co-conspirators are Russian. They are the masters of propaganda, of disinformation, of deflection.

There are 3 institutions which will expose you and bring you down: 1) The intelligence community; 2) The Press; 3) The Judiciary.

You pre-emptively attack all of these pillars of American society, incessantly, for inexplicable reasons.

You already know that 35-40% of Americans are brainwashed by right wing media outlets. You can count on them to believe your assertions if those assertions are propounded and regurgitated by the great right wing propaganda machine.

That's how we got here. Trump has hand-picked the institutions to demonize in order to protect his ass from criminal and political prosecution. He has muddied the waters in order to induce everyone to question reality.

The question now is: are those pillars of American society sturdy enough to withstand a formidable attack by the Republican Party, its embedded media, the executive branch and hordes of zombified true believers?

If not, I'm afraid it's goodbye USA. Once these fascists gain a toehold, their malignancy will know no boundaries.

Calling all Constitutional lawyer wannabes: What IS the crime?

We know it's a matter of days before the first proof of Trump/Russia collusion is the subject of a NYT or WaPo piece. The wrong-wingers are already telegraphing their defense: sure he colluded, but what's the crime in that?

So which laws, what statutes, were breached if Trump did indeed collude with the Russians to throw our elections, in and of itself? What crime is committed when that act is coupled with a diplomatic quid pro quo...during the transition?

The mouthpieces at FOX have proffered that none of this is a crime. I vehemently believe that it is, a monumental one, but I'm not qualified to dissect and enlighten on this subject.

We never hear a word about Steve Bannon these days

Nor is he ever mentioned as a potential conspirator in the Trump Russia investigation.

Does this mean that he's probably not a target?

So when will potential witness Rosenstein recuse himself?

And how will he do it? A written statement to Sessions? Will Mueller direct him to do so? Is a WaPo report enough of an impetus to get this started?

Oh yes, the plot is thickening faster than Trump's torso.

Two things that DU'ers get wrong every time

1. Trump wouldn't fire Mueller because all hell would break loose.

2. There will come a tipping point in which Trump's baggage will outweigh his good and the Repulsicans will impeach.

No hell will break loose if Trump dismisses Mueller. The GOP has no conscience. Nor do their constituents. Even if Trump admitted colluding with the Russians, Republicans from east to west and north to south would dig in deeper. They do not intend to release their stranglehold, particularly after grabbing power so completely. They relish the fact that liberals are powerless in Congress to undermine them. With no fear of reprisal, Mueller's growing investigation will only embolden them. They won't buckle. They will continue what they're doing, thumb their noses at us, and challenge us to beat them in 2018 and 2020, which we may be able to do....except, of course, that the fix is already in for those elections too.

Tipping point? Won't happen. For that it would take FOX and Rush and all the gang to throw Trump under the bus, and why would they do that when they can simply continue to produce unsubstantiated garbage aka propaganda to counter the truth, and then establish a false equivalency? Bait the peanut gallery into believing in a deep state and exploit their knee jerk hatred of "liberals".

Our only hope remains with a relentless intelligence community and judiciary. And even that may not be enough.

I guess I need my fix of Rachel to return a bit of optimism into my perspective.

Democrats need to start their own GOP/Russia 'war room'

Hearing that Trump was in the process of establishing a 'war room' to combat allegations of his collusion with Russia, I thought it might be a very good idea for the Democrats to begin to set up their own version of a 'war room'. I imagine an organization staffed with dozens of true patriots, fending off disinformation and the outright lies that we know await us from the right, and setting the record straight before those lies gain traction.

We must NEVER allow Republicans to disavow or deny their connection and allegiance to Trump, from campaign through impeachment and imprisonment. They cannot claim that they never supported him; they cannot pass him off as a liberal or a Democrat. They own him. They need to be forever joined at the hip, indivisible, linked in shame.

And while they're at it, the Democratic 'war room' should also fend off any efforts by the Republican Party to repudiate the entire party's collusion with Mother Russia and reliance on her riches to line their coffers. This must be a talking point for time immemorial, to remind the American people of the treachery and subversion evidenced by fact and adjudicated in our most revered system of justice.

Never again. When the history books are written, this will be one of our darkest chapters. We can't allow 'them' to control the narrative and diminish their culpability and with it the overtly sinister nature of their behavior.

Follow the evidence. Follow the money.

Follow the Yellow Sick Toad.

Why should we care what the Republicans have to say about this?

We know they won't do anything.

We know they won't reference their prior statements about divulging classified information and label themselves hypocrites.

We know they'll whistle by the graveyard as they dodge, deflect and obfuscate.

What MATTERS is what Democrats have to say about this. And how many Democrats have something to say about this. And how frequently these Democrats have something to say about this.

Let's face it, those mongrels on the right sure know how to grab ahold of a shin, bury their teeth and dig in for months and years at a time.

Congressional Democrats, the ball is in your court.


Describe the carnage: what IF Trump went down?

More pointedly, how would America cope if criminal charges were brought against Trump, against Ivanka, against Uday, against Qusay, against Kushner, against his VP, his cabinet, his advisors, his attorney, his campaign aides, against several Congressmen and women, against Congressional staff, and beyond...and what if all of them were card-carrying members of the Republican Party?

Think of the millions of Americans who identify themselves as Republicans and their reaction to this criminal round-up. They're already conditioned to see American politics as an us versus them game. Many of them have been programmed to believe that all of this is a hoax, a scam, a political witch hunt arising out of Democrats' anger for losing the election. What would they do if indictments were laid down, arrest warrants issued? Could this country withstand the protests and obfuscations of millions upon millions of aggrieved Republicans...even if based on evidence corroborated by our intelligence agencies and other intelligence agencies around the world, even if tried in American courts of law with all due process?

Think of the FBI and the DOJ, gathering evidence of inconceivable breadth and reach, against federal level government officials. They must wonder what the end game of all of this will be. They must carry a burden that none of us could fathom, our delicate democracy teetering in the balance, countered by a duty to seek justice against those who would undermine the very fabric of our nation.

What would happen if EVERYONE who violated federal law was brought to justice? Would we survive?
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