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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 7,423

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One thing I never understand - When the Reps say this is a "Political Witchhunt"

And that the only reason the Dems are impeaching Trump is because we didn't like him from the get-go and we're trying to steal the White House when we couldn't win it fair and square in a national election...

...why don't we remind them that removal of Trump STILL LEAVES a Republican in the White House?

I'm growing tired of the mischaracterization and the lack of a spine with the media. Granted, these are permanent afflications.

Assuming there's enough proof, could Dems use RICO to take down GOP Senators

Who are complicit in this entire money laundering/obstruction of justice fiasco with Trump, his cabinet, and all the rest of the GOP, prior to the Senate impeachment trial?

Otherwise, it seems to allow them to cast judgment on the guilt or innocence of Trump when they are complicit in the same crime. That would be a major miscarriage of justice, a blight on our democracy, an affront on justice and the rule of law. To me, an impeachment that ends in Trump's acquittal based on the votes of co-conspirators in the crimes he is accused of cannot be allowed to advance. Surely the Dems in power see the same thing and feel the same way.

I can imagine a scenario where one Congressperson is brought to justice by his or her colleagues, but what if the cancer is so pervasive that it would ensnare a dozen or dozens of them? Could such a sweep be successfully tackled by the Dems, and prior to the Senate hearing at that?

Not asking this as a Democrat. Asking this as an American.

Why is Trump allowed to testify by tweet?

He is using an electronic media to give voice to his mendacious disinformation DURING AN IMPEACHMENT HEARING aimed directly at him!

The American people shouldn't hear a peep from him regarding his guilt or innocence, or the witnesses' credibility, or anything else even tangentially related to this hearing unless he is under oath and being interrogated by Congress. We govern there.

So come on, Donald. Whatever you have to say, say it in the People's House.

Popcorn time! Mueller's sentencing recommendations in Manafort's DC case are expected TODAY

Per Rachel, this report will be narrative in nature and may turn out to be a bombshell in advance of the expected full Mueller report.

Since Mueller seems to be telling his story through his court pleadings, we may soon be privy to some extraordinary information. Something tells me Trump is about to have a very bad weekend.

If Manafort or Stone was pardoned and then compelled to testify

What would prevent them from continuing to lie under oath to protect Trump? A perjury count? Isn't the max sentence 5 years for that? Compared to the prison time they're facing, that would seem to be a sweetheart deal they'd make with Putin/Trump in advance of a pardon.

Do you remember a favorite cereal that they no longer produce?

Do you think they would taste the same to you now as they did then?

I miss Puffa Puffa Rice something fierce. It's been over 45 years, but I still think I remember the flavor and crackle like it was yesterday.


Then there's Buc Wheats. This was my father's favorite cereal at the time. Why this is no longer a thing is a mystery to me.

And this one was absolutely craven. I'd pay good money to bring this cereal back for one month.

If you could resurrect one favorite cereal from your past, which would it be?

Since this is the GOP norm for candidate character

Seems it's YOUR party, Lindsey, that needs to be taught.

What kind of chicanery will we be facing in November?

We know the Republican Party, in cahoots with Vlad Putin, attacked our 2016 elections from multiple fronts.

We know nothing has been done in the meantime to even attempt to stem future attacks. In fact, the Russians here and abroad may have even upped their game. Their techniques may be more sophisticated and perhaps less obvious.

If the new polls are to be believed, the Dems are opening quite a margin against the GOP across the board. We are all cautiously optimistic. We expected that type of result two years ago, though. The micro-targeting of voters in vital areas of 3 swing states, in conjunction with Comey's disastrous announcement and media complicity, were only part of the reason the expected results did not come to fruition.

With voting day a little over 54 days away, what should we be looking for? What new tricks do you expect the national crime syndicate a/k/a the Republican party will unleash on us? I'm a firm believer in GOTV, and have been rallying whomever I can to do the same. But at the same time, in parallel, what can we do, what can we warn others of, in order to mitigate the damage that we know will be coming?

Trump's entire Russia strategy seems to be to chum the waters. Will it be effective?

What happens when the rule of law runs head-on into a population that's been brainwashed to believe that the justice system is infested by partisans that want to pull the rug out from under them?

What will this look like when it finally materializes?

Does law and order stand a chance?

Regardless of all the evidence that's been presented to us - representing less than the tip of the iceberg, no doubt - I know that each and every one of you has had this thought cross your mind.

A showdown is inevitable. Are politics more powerful than criminal justice?

We're witnessing an epic war between due process and unchecked corruption

A war in which time is of the essence.

Sure, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but surely and exceedingly fine.

That offers no comfort, though, when it feels like this Russia thing is a foot race, and the bad guys have the inside track and a constitutionally-protected array of weapons at their immediate disposal.

Meanwhile, due process quietly and invisibly toils away, and it's a sobering thought that those wheels can't spin any faster.

Mr. Mueller, you may well be the only check or balance left to protect us in the coming months. Godspeed to you sir.
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