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I went to see BlacKkKlansman today.

It was excellent. Powerful. Humorous. Spike Lee did a great job.

Just wanted to say...if you're on the fence about it, it's worth your time & money.

Trump Admin. has lifted ban on using bee-killing pesticides in wildlife areas...

where there is farming.


The world is perplexed about the disappearance of bees across the world. Humans need bees to pollinate plants. Some scientists think the widespread use of certain pesticides plays a big part in killing the bees.

There's no end to the ruin these people are leaving in their wake. No insect, no animal, no person, no economy is left unaffected and healthy, once they wave their wand over it.

The Nat'l Park Service is considering lifting ban on killing vulnerable predators like bear cubs...


I signed the petition embedded in that tweet.

This is horrible. The administration wants to expand hunting in wildlife protected areas. What kind of sport is it to shoot a sleeping bear cub?

Spike Lee has a new film. BlacKkKlansman, that he hopes sinks "Agent Orange."

He doesn't even say Trump's name in the film, instead referring to him as Agent Orange (which is PERFECT!).

Rolling Stone does a review. ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Review: Spike Lee Delivers a Hellraising Masterpiece

It opens this weekend. It's based on a true story, but...

The time is the 1970s, but the filmmaker is not content with dusting off the past. His incendiary movie uses the alt-right cry of “America first!” to rocket his film into the festering, rancid race hatred of the Trump era.

Lee also brings in Charlottesville, the movie The Birth of A Nation, the Holocaust. The whole ball o' wax. This should be powerful.

As for sinking Trump, I'm not so sure about that, since this movie is mainly preaching to the choir. No Trumpers on fences would go see it, I think. But if it's powerful, it might light a fire under some people to get out and vote. I'm going to see it this weekend...and believe it or not, it is supposed to be showing here...here in TrumpLand. I confess I got a little excited when I found out that Alec Baldwin has a part.

A burger joint...The Incredibles...the deep south...and the N word.

So my brother was at a small burger joint at night a couple of days ago. It's right off the highway about 20 minutes away, but he drives there occasionally because they have great burgers. You order at the counter, then go sit down at tables or booths.

My brother is sitting there eating his burger. He's 65, 6' 1", a big bear of a man. In walk two college-aged gals. Black. Wearing t-shirts that say "I Am Incredible" on the front (except there is an eye instead of the letter I), and on the back is "Don't Look Back." He sees there's a bus outside with a small group of people in it. He figures these gals are from that bus.

They are at the counter to order, when in walk a couple with a child under 10. White. The man is 6' 2" and big. He gets in line behind the gals at the counter. The counter is about 20 feet from my brother. The man turns to his wife and says sarcastically and loudly enough for my brother to hear, "I don't see anything incredible about these two N____s." The two gals turn and look at the man.

My bro looks up, disbelieving what he just heard. Then in walks a young black guy also wearing the same t-shirt & joins the girls. The girls speak quietly to the young man, who is much smaller than the white man. The young man turns to look at the man.

Meanwhile, my brother, who is not shy about voicing his opinion, decides to join the crowd, but it takes him a while to get up because he has a bad knee he can't put weight on. But he gets up and starts walking over to them.

Just then, the man turns to his wife and says loudly, "Let's get outta here before I do something I'll regret later." As my brother approaches, he says to the man, "Yeah...like spill your blood all over this floor, fella." The man and his family walk out & leave.

My brother then chatted with the young people. They were on their way back to Baton Rouge from some event in Houston. They just stopped for burgers. The t-shirts are about the latest The Incredibles movie. So maybe they had gone to see that movie. Not sure.

When my brother relayed this story to me, we were both like...WTH??? I mean, WTH???? My heart went out to those young people. There they are, having a good time with their friends, doing nothing wrong, minding their own business. And someone comes in and intentionally insults them and tries to ruin their day and tries to make them feel like nothingburgers. Ugly behavior for no reason.

He thinks the man left because he was afraid of the young black man, even though the black guy was much smaller & hadn't shown any intent to start anything. As my brother said, the man was just a big coward.

Paul Ryan finds out he's part Jewish on TV show


House Speaker Paul Ryan found out that he is part Jewish as part of the upcoming season of PBS' show "Finding Your Roots."

The show's host, Henry Louis Gates Jr., shared the Wisconsin Republican's reaction to discovering his roots during a panel on Tuesday.
"You could have knocked him over with a feather and then he was very proud of it," Gates, who also serves as an executive producer on the show, said during the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

"We don't know who that Jewish person was, but we know it was on his mother's German line, which makes sense," Gates continued. "So somebody who was a Christian German slept with a Jewish German person and that's where that came from."


Ryan likes to play up his Irish Catholic roots, St. Patrick's Day and all that, so this throws a kink into that. I'm sure he's fine with it, but I'm thinking that this is one more thing that Trumpers, some of whom are white so-called nationaiists, will hold against him.

Finding Your Roots is a good show, though. Very interesting. I can't imagine all the things that have to be done, and how much time is spent, on tracing roots back that far.

Republican 'racism' spurs GOP official to become Democrat

In Oregon:

After 40 years as a Republican, Lori Stegmann has had a change of heart – and political party.

Stegmann, elected a Multnomah County commissioner in 2016, has changed her affiliation to Democrat, she said in an interview Tuesday.

Stegmann, 58, said she can sum up the reason for the change with one word: Trump. She added that she "cannot condone the misogyny, the racism, and the unethical and immoral behavior of the current administration."

Stegmann represents District 4 on the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners. That district includes Gresham, Troutdale, Corbett and other small east county communities.

She said she is a political moderate, owing in part to her experience growing up in her district, as a businesswoman working in insurance and as a Republican who admired party greats like Sen. Mark Hatfield and Gov. Tom McCall.


I am hoping this is a trend, and that moderate Republicans will not just abstain from voting, but will cross the line at least for the mid-terms, to flush Congress of some of the Trumper politicians.

My guess on the plan. What's wrong with this as the Trump strategy?

I'm thinking the plan is...

Mueller issues his report this fall.

Trump's team has a lawsuit filed against it immediately, and asks for fast tracking.

Judge fast tracks it, and upholds Mueller's authority to investigate, OR denies it, and the defender appeals.

Kavanaugh gets confirmed and seated in the S.Ct. (Kavanaugh believes that only Congress should investigate a President, if a President is investigated at all, and does not believe a President can be criminally indicted.)

The case is referred to the S.Ct., timed to get on the docket for when the court convenes in October.

Kavanaugh...new to the S.Ct., wanting to be very loyal to the man who just placed him there, and believing in authoritarianism as he does (and groomed for years for this very position)....will rule as expected. Whether the other 4 Republicans follow suit is unknown. (But these are the Republicans who gave us Citizens United, to help their party out.)

I think this is a strategy that Trump's team has in mind and is working with McConnell on it, at least for the Kavanaugh part.

What do you think? Doable by them? They're dreaming, if they think this will work?

The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors is shot and killed during a robbery

Source: CNN

A shooting in February scarred Elama Ali. Another this month took her father's life.

When an armed teen burst into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, moving through the school and mowing down students and teachers, Elama took cover. Seventeen people were killed, but she -- and her brother -- survived the Valentine's Day massacre in Parkland, Florida.

This week, the violence that turned Elama and her friends into activists for gun reform visited again. And this time, it claimed her father.
Ayub Ali was shot and killed Tuesday in a robbery at his convenience store.

Ayub Ali was 61 when he died. He came to the United States from Bangladesh in the late 1990s, and moved to Parkland just last year -- the same year it was named Florida's safest city.

"The reason we moved to Parkland was because he liked the school," Elama told CNN on Friday. "I didn't want to move here. But he told us, 'We are only moving because the school is amazing.'"

Ali was the owner of Aunt Molly's Food Store, tucked in between several other shops in North Lauderdale -- about 10 miles from his house.
Tuesday afternoon, a man entered the store, held Ali at gunpoint, took money from the cash register and left. But shortly afterward, deputies say, the gunman returned and fatally shot him.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/20/health/father-parkland-survivors-shot-and-killed-trnd/index.html

OMG. Such tragedy in that family, for those kids.

"Sidestep" song& dance - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Seems appropriate these days. Charles Durning as the Governor.

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