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I can't wait to watch Lyin' Sarah try to spin this

Must See TV.

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but every black person I know is thrilled about Meghan & Harry


Anita Hill is not Biden's only problem. Some of us remember his abysmal record on desegregation

He got a pass on this when he was Obama's VP. But if he runs, those of us who do remember the damage he did won't be so forgiving.

"{in 1975} Biden sided with conservatives and sponsored a major anti-busing amendment. The fierce debate that followed not only fractured the Senate’s bloc of liberals, it also signified a more wide-ranging political phenomenon: As white voters around the country—especially in the North—objected to sweeping desegregation plans then coming into practice, liberal leaders retreated from robust integration policies.

"Biden was at the forefront of this retreat: He had expressed support for integration and—more specifically—busing during his Senate campaign in 1972, but once elected, he discovered just how bitterly his white constituents opposed the method. In 1973 and 1974, Biden began voting for many of the Senate’s anti-busing bills, claiming that he favored school desegregation, but just objected to “forced busing.”

"Then, as a court-ordered integration plan loomed over Wilmington, Delaware, in 1974, Biden’s constituents transformed their resistance to busing into an organized—and angry—opposition. So Biden transformed, too. That year, Joe Biden morphed into a leading anti-busing crusader—all the while continuing to insist that he supported the goal of school desegregation, he only opposed busing as the means to achieve that end."


"Mr. Biden, who strongly believed in integration and equal education, was torn. White parents cursed him at public meetings. Nervous black civil rights leaders looked to him to find a way to integrate the schools without forcing inner-city students to travel miles into hostile suburban turf ... Mr. Biden tried to salve both sides by introducing legislation to outlaw certain types of court-ordered busing while retaining the court’s power to end segregation when it had been deliberately imposed by school districts. His position put him in league with some Southern segregationists in the Senate and left him at odds with African-American leaders."


What in the hell was Donna Brazile thinking?

Is this score settling, book shilling, or truthtelling?
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