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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,205

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A modest request: Please do your research

It’s not a new thing here but it seems to be more prevalent lately that people are throwing around terms and concepts that they’ve read about somewhere on the internet but haven’t taken the time to actually learn about. As a lawyer, I notice it more when it deals with legal issues, but it’s certainly broader than that.

For example, lately some folk are complaining about (and actually mocking) the Democrats’ “strongly worded letters,” not realizing they are a legal necessity and demanding that Congress exercise its “inherent contempt” authority to throw people in jail immediately, without understanding exactly how this authority works and that it doesn’t permit immediate arrest and jail.

Such misconceptions wouldn’t be a big deal ordinarily, but when people who DO understand these issues try to explain it to them, some folk double down, argue and even get snarky - all the while further demonstrating their lack of knowledge about or even a cursory effort to research the topic.

This discussion board is a great place to engage and learn from each other. I’m constantly learning here. But it’s not helpful if people refuse to make any effort to learn what they’re talking about before they start talking about it, spread misinformation, and then argue and attack when anyone who knows the topic tries to help them better understand it.

I know I’ll likely take some incoming for having the temerity to say this - probably from some of the same folk who are doing what I’m talking about - but I hope people will seriously consider it and take some time to learn more about what they’re discussing, either by researching it before they bring it up or jump into a discussion, or by showing more respect to DUers who have more knowledge about a topic than they do. We all have something to learn about something from someone else.

Even if the Dems started impeachment tomorrow, that wouldn't satisfy some people

They will be second-guess, harp, snipe, blame, and nsist they know better than the people who are actually doing th work.

So I'm glad Pelosi, Nadler and their colleagues aren't falling for the "just open impeachment hearings and all will be well and right with the world" bait.

Because some people will never be satisfied since their sniping has little or.nothing to do with achieving the ends they claim and everything to do with trying to tear down Nancy Pelosi.

(Psst. It ain't gonna work cause Nancy's not skeerdayu)

"I don't think it's smart to start impeachment proceedings right now. We have to lay the groundwork"


I'm not against impeachment. I think we should impeach him, but we have to make sure we're doing it right. That will take a little time.


I'm not fighting impeachment. I just don't think we should go into it unprepared. In the meantime, we're not sitting on our hands. We're doing plenty to build the case.


Plenty is happening.


Meanwhile, in the real world, subpoenas are being issued, judges are hearing cases and ordering unredacted documents released, hearings are taking place, additional testimony is being scheduled ...

(Sigh ... )

Alabama, Georgia and Ohio have some us a favor

For years the "pro-life" crowd has insisted that pro-choice Americans were overreacting, that we were mischaracterizing their motives, that they weren't trying to overturn Roe v. Wade but "just" wanted to apply "reasonable" restrictions.

Although we knew they were lying, many moderate Republicans, especially women, bought it and voted accordingly.

Now everyone can see they were full of crap and that they were lied to and played like fiddles.

This surely will have some impact in 2020. Certainly, many of these people will stick to their delusional attachment to the GOP,. but just as surely, some of them will recoil and peel off.


Like you, I'm sick of them saying they're "talking to people across the country " I keep thinking "When do you have time to talk to anyone? You spend 24-7 sitting in studios running your mouth. Who did you talk to? Your college roommate between interviews?"

The only people I hear saying Pelosi has taken impeachment "off the table" are pundits

and critics among the base.

Same goes for the claim that Democrats are reluctant to impeach out of fear we'll lose 2020. Not hearing any of this from Democratic leadership or Members - just from the press and naysayers within the party.

I've noticed several Members lately correcting interviewers when they premise their questions on these erroneous assertions.

I'm going to start referring to conservative women as "Serena Joys"

These are women working side by side with their men to achieve power at all costs and believe they're empowered, only to find that once they help their men achieve their goals, paramount among those goals is their own subjugation.

Gillibrand on MSNBC saying the way to respond to abortion bills is to "lift up women's voices"


She sounds like she's giving a filler answer to a question she hasn't thought very much about.

"Lifting up women's voices" is not an effective strategy for fighting this all-out assault. It can be one tactic in a larger, comprehensive effort, but she needs to please stop giving that as an answer as if "lifting up women's voices" is a plan. And if it IS the plan, what exactly does it mean and how are you going to implement it?

It sure is a good thing Hillary wasn't elected

Can you imagine what a mess the country would be in if she had been?

I can only imagine the divisiveness, the corruption, the investigations, the trampled rights, and all of the other elements in the parade of horrible that would have ensued.

Dodged THAT bullet, didn't we?

Black women are tired of explaining to white women why they should care about everyone's interest

not just what they think of as their own and then, after they ignore us for the unpteenth time and the people they put into office (even though we begged them not to) trample all over them (and us), we have to listen to them carry on about how victimized they are and how WE must all wake up and do something about it because OMG! LOOK at how it's affecting THEM (when the black WEs and plenty of our white female sisters have been working our asses off to do something about it all along).

When will these women finally get it through their heads that they must look beyond the narrow self-interests they think are enough to sustain and protect them and start caring about people other than themselves?

When will they start voting as if it matters to them that poor or minority or immigrant women aren't marginalized and abused by the people they keep supporting because tax cuts or property taxes or school vouchers or Hillary's emails or hair or ambition or something - only to find that those same people have no qualms about turning on THEM, too?

When will they start listening to and working with black women BEFORE they get smacked upside the head with the white male fundamentalist 2 x 4 they thought of other people were going to be subjected to?

Maybe now that they see what's happening in Alabama and Georgia and Ohio and elsewhere, they'll wake up and get with the program.

But I thought that every other time we've had a wave of this kind of anti-woman legislation. But every time, the minute the controversy dies down, my hopes are crushed as I watch these very same supposedly newly-woke women turn away and line right back up again with and stand behind the men who are doing this to us - and give them the votes they need to keep on doing it.

So, I don't have much hope - but I'll still keep trying because that's what we do.
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