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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
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Tomorrow's FRIDAY!

Can't wait ...

Pottery Barn rules


Under Pottery Barn Rules - "You break it, you buy it" - Nancy & Chuck would be the proud new owners of Donald J. Trump. Because Pelosi & Schumer broke Trump yesterday. Broke his sorry ass bad.

@NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump #BrokeAssTrump

THIS is how you challenge your party constructively

One Of The Democratic Stars Of 2018 Sharply Rebuked Her Party In A Private Meeting


Ayanna Pressley, the Representative-elect from Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District, offered a sharp rebuke of the Democratic Party in front of the party’s biggest donors Tuesday, saying that she discovered a “mandate for hope” over the course her efforts to unseat an entrenched Democratic incumbent and campaigning for insurgent candidates around the country.

The Boston Democrat told donors gathered for a Democratic National Committee fundraising meeting in Washington that the 2018 election cycle had “altered the course of history,” and that Democrats need to ask themselves “if we are simply content with making history, or if want to commit ourselves to working together to make a lasting, transformative change.”

Pressley, who beat 10-term incumbent Democrat Rep. Michael Capuano in a September primary, told Democratic donors that the party needs to figure out how best to support women candidates of color, like herself and other newly elected members of Congress, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.
The address was perhaps the most poignant of any from a litany of Democratic speakers at the Tuesday meeting, several people who were in attendance said. Pressley, who is already making her presence felt on Capitol Hill, touched on the importance of having close proximity to marginalized and vulnerable communities and offered a vision of a party that puts the needs of those communities at the forefront of the agenda.
Pressley offered a concise vision for the future of the Democratic Party. She told donors that she had conducted a hearing on gun violence the previous evening and brought a message from a young person to the floor, one that the Democratic Party has grappled with for a generation: “Do black lives only matter in election years when our votes are at stake?”

One of best of many awesome aspects of Nancy's and Chuck's smackdown of Trump today:

Is that TRUMP is the one who set it up, thinking he was going to get them told on national TV only to have them make a complete fool of him in front of the world.

He pwned himself.

"Nancy! Nancy! Listen to me, Honey"


Except, unlike the White House man baby, this kid is adorable - and will grow up.

But how great would it have been if Nancy had given him a pow pow on his butt?

Does anyone at this moment have any doubt that Nancy Pelosi is the best person to be Speaker?


Portrait of a Badass who ate the president's lunch - and then walked away like a boss

Schumer goaded Trump into taking all the blame, in advance, for shutting down the government

Nicely played, Chuck.

No prosecutor worth his/her salt would ever say

"I'm going to go ahead and take this case to the grand jury right now and try to get an indictment even though the police haven't finished their investigation and there's no chance in hell a trial jury will convict based on the evidence I have so far but it's important to send a message."

House Leadership = Prosecutor
House = Grand Jury
Mueller/House Committees = Police
Senate = Trial Jury

Why is it an awesome idea for Biden to run, but Hillary not only shouldn't run, but must go away?

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