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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Linthead left this world today. Thank you for providing a forum.

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It's time to get serious.

I've posted my share of Trump jokes and silly videos and pics. Political cartoons are a central form of expression in our democratic republic.
But something has has changed. There is true danger in the air. Red states are passing laws to outlaw protests. To even run over protestors with their cars without consequences. The Trump administration wants to shut down and shut up a free press and eliminate freedom and assembly an expression.

I think an attitude shift is needed. I am no longer going to make light of our countries domestic threats. I will still use parody and sarcasm when conversing with right wingnuts. But trump is not a clown. He is embodiment of tyranny. The Tea Baggers falsely believe that the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from a tyrannical government takeover. Well. That cuts both ways.
I am not calling for an armed rebellion but things are getting dangerously close to that very thing. There are extremists on both sides and the worm can turn quickly.

We need to peacefully protest until we can no longer do so. Until we are banned from peacefully assembly that the Constitution demands all sides have. At that point we must be willing to stand for something or fall. Steve Bannon is not just a political consultant. He is the enemy. The enemy of all the rights I listed. The People's enemy.

I have a family. Children. Their lives will be forever changed if these cretins are allowed to prevail. Americans have died on foreign soil for us. Are we really willing to go that far. To die "in" our country "for" our country? People in the Civil Rights movement were willing to. But somehow this is different. We have entered uncharted waters. The press has already been suppressed. The king is dealing with despots and criminal governments. The next step could be the last step for us all.

Godwin's rule is out the window with Trump and his crime family. Some think Joesph Goebbels

never existed or was irrelevant. That there is no or ever can be an equivalent.

Recall history in the 1930's when there was no internet or social media other that the radio and newspapers. The Nazis took over all media and printed and broadcast only pro Nazi propaganda. I believe that it proves propaganda works. Particularly when it covers every piece of public media or communications. So, those saying the election was not determined by propaganda should think again. That is what Trump wants. Hitler hated criticism and so does Trump. Trump is closely associated with mobsters. Particularly those in construction. Cement is mentioned often in regard to Trump's criminal friends.
Ever heard the old term, "Cement Shoes"? My opinion only. He admires mobsters, Putin and has even praised Hitler. I don't think Trump is above putting out a contract on the life of an enemy. Just wait till he has control of drones.

Unless something is done soon, I mean anything, we are going to witness the worst times our country has ever seen. I see death and devastation. Sorry to be Danny downer but hope is something we have for only the next two weeks.

Godwin's rule is out the window for the 2016 election.

The rule says when an argument or discussion goes on long enough eventually a Hitler analogy will be used.

Nazi news outlets and right wing hate groups used steady efforts to spread propaganda over many years to come to and maintain power.
Hate wing interest groups here today are using Trump to do the things they have drooled over for decades. He is a willing idiot. Do you think the bull he spouts comes from his own mind? I don't.
I'm not convinced he has an original thought in his head. Putin saw an opportunity, as did the hate wingers, when Trump came along. They then had their willing fool. An instrument.
Trump would get the accolades and pseudo power his blankly narcissistic psychotic mind desired and the hate wingers get control.
The unwitting and easily convinced populace followed television and social media right down the hate wing party's rabbit hole.
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