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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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Marco Rubio said that what the President did would not stop Sandy Hook. How does he know?

If certain types of firearms are less available and some folks cannot obtain guns then that creates a 'less' chance of murders happening. Rubio is mathematically challenged. If there is a massacre of 50 people and a regulation prevents one death or injury it is worth it. The status quo is what is killing people. Doing nothing is not the answer. What the President has done is a start. There will be more murders today in the USA. The next mass killing will be a definite nail in the coffin of the loons running the NRA and Gun Owners of America. Maybe they should join Glenn Beck in his Libertarian Utopia land.

Despicably greedy pieces of arrogant money ass wipers!

These pricks do not give one rats rear end about human beings. I don't give a crap if they have damn families to support they do not care about anything but money, their status in life and the enjoyment of looking down their noses at anyone beneath them. These are the types of vermin who need to be separated from society because they have created the very poverty that kills people through famine, disease and degradation. They make money from screwing people over and death. There is a direct connection between the hording world money mongers and the damage that has been done to human lives throughout the world. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan pay lobbyists and PR firms to spread the propaganda that what I and others are saying is the slippery slope to socialism or, God forbid, communism.

It's high time The United States moved out of the dark world of primitive tribal control of the masses and into the world of caring about the masses of human life involved. We are letting these greedy criminals get by with slaps on the wrist. They need to be brought to their knees. There are plenty of intelligent people who have empathy for human beings who are willing to take their place.

Just because a financial CEO and it's board have made money screwing people over for years and that's the norm, does not mean they can't be brought down, possibly prosecuted, jailed and replaced. There has to be a financial paradigm shift for that to happen.

Either that or the people need to rise up with an Uber-OWS that has leaders and consequences if there are no results. That would take courage. I think there is still courage in this country. That is one thing the greedy cretins cannot own.

Karl Rove thinks he is a psychologist and can outwit the ignorant right wingers he leads by the

nose. He is projecting. That is his modus ope randi. Of course Obama did not use voter suppression but the GOP damn did. Rove has been squawking that Obama used voter suppression knowing that right wingers do not follow MSNBC or any other left leaning source that has been reporting the Jim Crow like laws that have been past by the GOP. They have been touting these laws as preventing voter fraud and the wing nuts believed that. They never really heard the other side. Now that their political bubble has burst it cannot un burst so the cowardly Rove thinks he can spin out of this by projecting voter suppression onto the Democratic side.

I realize a lot of you already know this but it is such a subtle thing that the media, in general, is missing it. This is just one aspect of the fight we need to keep up. We cannot let Rove get away with making people think the Democrats suppressed votes. We need to win the mid terms and this is one brick in a wall of lies that needs to be removed. Eventually if we remove enough bricks the wall of lies will come down around Roves ears.

Rove is complicit in war crimes and should be in jail. He is not. We at least need to keep the pressure on this rat.

I think we are in dangerous times. The right wants to use the 2nd Amendment solution

and human history has proven mankind is capable of violence when it comes to political philosophy mixed with religion.
Because of utterly despicable propaganda, the crazies feel they are going to be crushed by socialism and Obama is setting up a new world order to be ruled by Muslims. The truth will set us free but telling the truth can sometimes get one killed and there is a long list of moral and ethical human beings who have sacrificed to make sure the poor and downtrodden of the world are not rolled over by the dictatorial powers of greed.

If Romney and his philosophical minions are successful I fear for us all. I do not care who thinks my statement is hyperbole or exaggeration. The is just too much hard evidence to the contrary.

Here we go again. The GOP are jumping all over Biden's the middle class has been buried comment.

They are insinuating that Obama buried the middle class. There is a strong argument to back up what Biden 'really' meant by his comment. The economic devastation that Bush and previous GOP policies have visited upon this country is so insidiously destructive that it will take more than four years to overcome. Also, the absolute blocking of every bill and appointment that Obama has made over the last four years is the reason there has not been a more positive economic turn around.

Laughing at Biden is politically naive and immature and will do nothing to hose down the obvious disdain Romney has for the 47% of Americans that do the hard work in this country. That comment by Willard was not some accident of words. It is truly how he feels about the people who have suffered under the greed and power mongering that Romney and Ryan's Ayn Rand philosophy represent.

Good could not exist without evil. The definition of good would disappear without evil.

Light does not exist without dark. Comparisons are in all definitions and concepts. Words and sounds would not exist without silence.
Religion and science come together in relativity. For every action there is a reaction. All of the previous being considered true. There is not an answer for every question.

This all occurred during the rise of communism in America which resulted in the

Communist scare that led to the Joe McCarthy era that devastated citizens and freedom. A lot of artists at that time were marginalized by the media as being sympathizers whether they were or not and vilified to the point of suicide. Most truly creative people tend to be of the socialist bent. The propaganda of fear that was used by the people in power in that day is being used today. Redistribution is what is done with taxes. It's Civics 101. But the right uses the propaganda of fear to control the simple minded easily led percentage of the populace who doesn't understand that there is more than one definition of most words in Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

Politics and political consulting magnifies all social issues. Both in different ways. The consultant loses nothing by making the candidate lie. It's just another job.

I think I know where the GOP will take the spin of the 'Obama sides with the protestors' meme.

They refuse to walk back the idea that 'Obama loves Ambassador killers' so they're going to bring up the speeches and quotes from the beginning of the Arab Spring when the Obama administration said positive things about the people protesting Mubarak and Qaddafi. The GOP will sacrifice the good will of the Arab people who ousted dictators for democracy to try to win the election.

Obama must be reelected. It would be a major setback in human relations around the world if the bigoted societal concepts of the GOP and right wingers are allowed to take hold. It would take longer to recover from that than a the financial mega disaster George W Bush left us with.

Organized religion has done their part in instilling the fear of death to control people for

the corporations that own our world. Theocratic corporate rule is the goal. Keep the people afraid and tell them a fable that will save them then propagandize the lie that we are told by God to consume the earth and you can keep the environmentalist at bay. Most Christian religions condemn environmentalism as "earth worship" and consider the people who do that as associating with witches and sorcerers. This has been perpetrated for so long on this earth that even intelligent people are deceived.

I am not an atheist. I think that spiritual aspects of life have become a tool of subjugation use by the powerful. The awe that I experience every day when I take a breath, see a beautiful sunset or hug my children tells me there is something more to life. We only know and feel within ourselves what we believe and religion to me is personal. When I die no one will come to me and say,"Hey, can I die with you?"

Religion throughout history attempted to explain the unexplainable until science explained it.

Their are still things that are unexplainable and religion, conspiracies and myth will fill the void that fear leaves.
Fear is a powerful weapon when authority needs to control the masses. It is also a convenient weapon considering the
percentage of human beings who believe in omnipresent beings and magic.
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