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Lint Head

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Member since: Sun Jan 14, 2007, 04:52 AM
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I love tacos but.....

Have you notice how the same propaganda that's being used against Mexico is being used used against the U.S. by the Trump campaign?

The propaganda: Mexico is a crime ridden country.

Same propaganda: The US is a crime ridden country.

Also the same message that He is the Savior. By making America great again and saving Mexico from itself by building the new Berlin Wall. (Hmmmm. Does Russia really have some influence on Trump?)

That was the main message this surrogate for 'His Majesty of Orangeness' tried to communicate before he mentioned taco trucks on every corner.
I think Tacos will mean curtains for Don the Con.

There could be very few to ruin anything if the "Down Ticket" loses. Trump is absolutely destroying

the GOP. The smart ones will either head to the hills or head out to support GOP candidates who are losing in the polls.
The Orange Burgermeister could cause a schism in the Republican party resulting in an offshoot party with current GOP
leaders creating a different kind of GOP. It's happened before. In a slightly different way. The Whigs and Tories thing.
The Lincoln Republican party that was essentially the current Democratic party in their beliefs. Even the Democratic party
went through a redemption when the Civil rights laws were passed in the 60's. That's why I say, 'You show me a racist and I'll show you a Republican.' That doesn't mean all Republicans are racist. It's just that I know of no Democrats who are racist. There could be, but, considering the KKK feel redeemed because they are accepted by the leader of the Republican party for President, I don't think so.

The Trump trope I hear from talking news heads that

'Trump is tapping into the anger of the people' is very deceptive or downright wrong. I call it the "You know? (fill in the blank) syndrome. For example. You know? Mexicans are stealing our jobs and raping our women. You know? Politicians in Washington are stupid. You know? You know? I think that is why Trump can be equated with Hitler, Mussolini and many other dictators throughout history who rose to power. They cause people, who do very little real "thinking" or are "lazy thinkers" or do not contemplate or think at all, to believe anything. It's simply a tool used to create a foundation and avenue to power. You can call it fear mongering, which it is, but I think it's different than that. In the hands of a narcissistic sociopath it's downright dangerous.

Trump is using the questions we all have about society and twisting them in a way that make the "less decerning" believe what he wants them to believe. He justifies his ends using any means. The Talking News Heads need to start telling the truth. Saying that Trump is creating anger. Not tapping into it. Hitler convinced the German populace that Jews were the cause of all their problems. Financially and socially. It's sad that so many can be led to the edge of anger. I fear many will actually take the dark leap into destruction.

Representative William Lacy Clay, Democrat 1st district

St Louis, Missouri is the only person speaking the truth at the Flint water hearings on the hill today. I'm watching C-SPAN 3 and Republicans are being sarcastic and hypocritical with their questions. Of course I would expect nothing less. Mr. Clay's questions and statements should be broadcast all over the country on every Network. He quoted Donald Trump and Ted Cruz regarding their statements about eliminating the EPA. During the hearing Republicans say the EPA should have done more yet they call for less regulation and are calling for their the EPA's elimination. I'm apoplectic. This is incredible. Thank you Representative Clay! [IMG][/IMG]

Fuck it! I'm sick of pro gun arguments and advocates.

Gun rights advocates have had their say and their way. I know there are those who do ask, Well what would you specifically do? Here is one specific. Current gun laws have been shot full of holes by the gun manufacturer's lobby called the NRA that they should be a classification of Swiss cheese. There should be penalties for a seller who does not perform a background check. Cars are registered and so should guns be registered so that private sales would have to include a trip to the county clerk to gain a new title to the gun. Teeth. Sharp teeth in gun laws are needed. We are not protecting ourselves from our own government by owning weapons. The 2nd Amendment was written so everyone would have a musket available to protect them from a "foreign" invasion during the 1700s. This is 2015.

Some say only criminals will have guns if we pass new gun laws. I say it is criminal what is accepted as gun laws in our country. Too bad you cannot ask the dead what they think.

Has anyone seen this article in USA Today that contains a interview with Charles Koch?

I happened to read this while at my local union office this afternoon. It made my damn blood boil. What an arrogant asshole! I don't care what his damn politics are. One rich prick should not decide the direction of the country. The direction of the country should be decided by individuals coming together and voting for the truth. Not what some dried up curmudgeon who hates the spotlight wants. His vote should be ONE. As in one of the 300 million or so souls in this country. Not multiplied by how many dollars he has. Citizens United is the modern Jim Crow law turned upside down. I call it Koch Crow because. As in he needs to eat his. He wants to suppress the middle class and poor by saying they have no voice and the only voice that matters is his. If he is receiving threats of some kind from extremists he has brought it on himself.

"We are doing all of this to make more money?" Koch said of charges that his drive to limit government's power will increase his bottom line. "I mean, that is so ludicrous."
"I don't know how they can say that with a straight face," he said. "We oppose as many or more things that would benefit us than would hurt us," he said, ticking off potential losses at his Minnesota oil refinery if the Keystone XL pipeline he supports is constructed and his opposition to the Export-Import Bank, whose subsidies aiding U.S. companies he has decried as corporate welfare.......Charles Koch said this week that only about a third of that will be spent on electoral politics. The political network he and his brother oversee also is considering wading into the Republican presidential primary for the first time and providing financial support to as many as five candidates who have a "positive message" and the ability to prevail in the 2016 general election. That move could drive the Republican field closer to the Kochs and their libertarian positions, which often sit at odds with GOP's business-friendly and socially conservative wings.


Who decides "how" we should think?

Not "what" we should think. What we think or what we should think could be rebellious against the accepted norm. The corporations and the Mensa Maniacals who promote "how" we should think promote the degradation of societies they deem sub-human because it generates profits and satisfies their ego's and superior attitudes and feelings of entitlement. We do not need a world run by idiots but as inhabitants of the Earth we do need to rethink what is acceptable in today's society as human beings who long ago evolved past the Pre CroMagnon period.

That we currently know of. This may sound strange to some. I believe existence has always existed.

I do not say that in a spiritual or metaphysical sense. My theory comes from the idea that for something to be created, either by nature or mankind, there has to be a substance from which that creation arises. Be it energy, carbon or whatever. Dark matter and dark energy are still mysteries even though we known it is there. We know it is there and it's called "dark" because we do not known exactly what it consists of.
I believe in the Big Bang but I think there had to be a combination interaction that was a catalyst to cause something the size of a pea to expand into the known universe. Multi-universes is a good theory but I think there is more to it. If there are multi-universes layered on top or all around ours then they are possibly being created all the time and have been created forever and always.

A mathematical concept cannot exist without zero. "Nothing from nothing is nothing." I known that is a song and a philosophical idea but I think the idea of "nothing" is incorrect if one believes that there is dark matter. I believe there is always "something". Even if it is defined as "zero". Zero is something. Minus zero and less is something.

Note that I am saying I "believe". Belief can lead to a theory, then scientific proof or not, but it can also lead to spiritual pie in the sky magic. Which does not exist.

Georgia? Really? Who would have guessed.

The State of Georgia has created a situation where the next mass murder will probably be committed there. Some pissed off gun nut will take his or her frustration out on innocent people and we will have another debate that will result in nothing. The NRA has a GUN to the heads of us all. And if we don't do what the NRA says one of their members or non dues paying followers will use a gun to "Keep the 2nd Amendment safe!" Because we have no other "real" Amendments or Rights. They are all being slowly destroyed by the same right wing creeps who want to just keep the 2nd and dispose of the rest. The Kochs, the NRA and the Tea Party are destroying Free Speech, Privacy, the Right to Pursue Happiness, no matter what that happiness is, Equal Rights in the fairness of race and the fairness that we "should have" when it comes participating in the economy. The only ones who make "real" money are the rich. Investing requires minimums. A rule that was put in place by corporate lobbyists. If the minimum wage isn't raised no one will have the money to invest in a small french fry much less a stock or a small business. The corporate conglomerates are taking over every aspect of our lives. Even our private and personal lives. It's economical and political rape and they want us to just "lay back and enjoy it".

It's endemic in the upper crust of our society. It's called "old money".

Of course there are wealthy and powerful people who are progressive and accepting of all cultures and races. But it seems the majority are bigoted and racist and can easily hide it and keep it to themselves within the small groups and families they associate with. Myself. As a person who has to negotiate through that society, when looking for financing or help with my next creative project, it's a bigoted mind field.
The tip of the iceberg shows through when rats like Don Sterling accidentally stick their necks out of the money hole. Then others around him who agree with him have to distance themselves or run the risk of losing their wealth and power. Big money can hide big societal tumors. And green is the color that can make anything invisible in more ways than one.
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